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Slavery is Back in

by Laisa Cano

What Is Human
Human Trafficking is not
very common in America, but it
has increased over the years. It is
in some states in the United
States. Young kids are part of
this. More likely females, young
females. Human trafficking is
horrifying and sad.
Modern Day Slavery is in
America. It is in Tennessee, New
Orleans, Dallas, and now in
Shreveport. Human trafficking
and modern day slavery are more
likely in foreign countries, not in
America. People are shocked
because human trafficking is not
likely in the United States. A
quote to support this is “In fact,
in my home state, the Tennessee

Bureau of investigation
concluded a study in 2011 that
found that 49 percent of incidents
occurred in rural Tennessee
counties” (“Fox News”).
Lots of people get snatched
or tricked away from their
hometown. Females and young
kids are more likely to get human
trafficked. “They’re likely 55
percent of all the victims are
women or girls. They are just 1214 years old” (Haltiwanger).
There is lots of money
made from human trafficking but
there are different prices
depending on what country you
are in. “In America it’s usually
$150 billion dollars in the
industry” (Haltiwanger).

Stop Human
Human trafficking and
modern day slavery needs to be
stopped. Some organizations are
trying to help around their
hometown to help stop it. “The
Vatican released Francis’
message during a press
conference partly headlined by
several women religious from
across the world who have been
working against human
trafficking”(“World Day of
peace”). They communities are
building organizations to talk
about human trafficking and
modern day slavery, to help.
“Rally to put an end to modernday slavery” (“Human
Trafficking Awareness”).

About Human
Trafficking and Modern
Day Slavery
Human trafficking is
spreading around America, but in
the smallest towns you could
ever think of. “The questionnaire
emerged from research that
included interviews with 180
women in California, Colorado,
New York, Texas, and
Washington, which found that 53
percent were trafficking victims”
(US Sex-Trafficking). There are
lots of forms of human
trafficking all around the world
and the U.S. “The big reason that
girls do this is because they don’t
have an education or money, they
only have their body” (“The
Shame Called International
Prostitution”). Many parents sell
their kids to get money or
because the trafficker says they
will get food if they sell their

kids. “Victims of sex trafficking
are predominantly female, and
third are minors” (US SexTrafficking). Guys are not very
common to be in human
trafficking, it’s common for girls.
“In this great land of the free we call
it human trafficking. And so long as
we don’t partake in the luxury,
ignoring slavery is of no consequence.
It is much easier to look away and
ignore the victims. The person who

ignores slavery justifies it by quickly
deducting the victim is a willing

participant hampered by misfortune”

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