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the people take religion seriously there, so if

Time for a change

you’re an LGBT person you can get into

Written by: Dionna Brown

some serious trouble and you can get
LGBT people are just like us, why they

“arrested and charged with pornography,

should be treated differently just because of

prostitution, or debauchery” (Living in fear).

who they love? LGBT people have been

Two men got married in Egypt and it got

struggling with civil/human rights for long,

recorded on video. The “gay wedding”

since it’s now 2015 it’s time for a change.

spread across the Egyptian social media, and

It’s time for LGBT to get their human rights.

the two men got arrested and eventually
were arrested and were sentenced to 3 years
in prison for distributing pornographic


material.( Living in fear) This is ridiculous
Everyone deserves the right to get

how were the two men “distributing

married, unfortunately LGBT people can’t

pornographic material”, they did nothing

get married mostly due to people’s religion.

wrong all they wanted to do was get

In Christianity their book the bible says that


homosexuality is wrong and that having
sexual intercourse without reproduction is


wrong, which is considered an abomination
to god therefore making some Christians
oppose same-sex marriage. In Islam their
book the Quran is similar to the bible
because it bans homosexuality. It’s seen as
an abomination to their god Allah. In Egypt

Non- discrimination

Gays and Lesbians are not obtaining

in Mississippi, and Texas were the ones that

access to certain priorities such as:

scored a zero (Cities ‘way ahead’ of the

Employment, housing, health service,

states on equality). To score a 100, HRC has

custody of children. In California they

requirements such as: “A city prohibits

adopted a law which gives LGBT people the

employment and pay discrimination, offers

access to health care. Also President Barack

domestic partner benefits, provides

Obama passed a non-discrimination law

transgender inclusive health care benefits,

which states that nobody can be denied

and protects LGBT students from school

housing, employment, and health service

bullying because of the person’s sexual

due to race, gender, or sexuality. (About

orientation”. (Cities way ahead’ of the states

LGBT Human Rights).

on equality). This is an incredible
organization because they can make sure
laws are passed to help the LGBT people to
make sure they’re safe from homophobes
and hate crimes.


Human Rights Campaign (HRC) are
testing to see which cities are the most
LGBT friendly. The cities are ranged from
0-100. According to their evaluation the
cities that were at the top of the list were
Tucson, Boston, and Kansas City. The cities,


In conclusion,

“About LGBT Human Rights.” Amnesty

just give LGBT people the right to marry.

International USA, Amnesty International

There’s nothing wrong with them they’re

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normal. If you don’t like the idea of gay
marriage, then here’s an idea don’t get one.
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