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NDP Agriculture Policy

The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound New Democratic Party, will if elected to Ottawa will:

Push the federal government to contribute to the risk management program for Ontario
farmers. It looks as though trade agreements signed by the current government
(especially the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement with Europe) will increase
farmers’ level of risk—especially in the beef and dairy industries.
Push for federal financial assistance to extend high speed Internet into rural Ontario. That
same service would also assist in the development of a regional economy.
Work for the preservation of agricultural land, including protection from invasive species
such as phragmites.
Work for quality post-secondary education on farming and farm management in the
Grey-Bruce area. Georgian College is committed to building a ‘centre of expertise’ for
the marine industry. It should also look at doing something similar for the agricultural
industry. Guelph University is closing down its Kemptville agriculture campus. The
university needs to be encouraged to look at this region for its ‘hands-on’ campus.

From the NDP Policy Book (2013 Policy Convention)
g Maintaining supply managed dairy, eggs, and
New Democrats believe in ...
a Increasing support for the agricultural sector
to produce quality products, ensuring long-term
income for farmers, protecting small producers,
promoting diversification, and ensuring fair prices
for Canadian products internationally.
b Working with the provinces to provide easily
accessible and cost-efficient business risk
management programs for Canadian farmers.
c Encouraging young people to take up farming
by providing enhanced skills training and
mentorship programs, and ensuring that arable land
is more widely available.
d Encouraging ecologically-sustainable practices
by supporting organic practices and crop diversity,
reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides,
banning terminator seeds, improving the collection
and disposal of waste materials, and conserving
wooded buffer zones.
e Restoring the Canadian Wheat Board as the
single desk marketer for wheat and barley.
f Improving grain transportation through the
Canadian Wheat Board with the involvement of
prairie farmers.

poultry, and the farm incomes they support.
h Working to ensure that in any new trade
agreement, our successful system of supply
management is upheld.
And …
A comprehensive policy on food security and
food sovereignty, in accordance with the following
• Food is a fundamental human right, not
a commodity like any other.
• All Canadians should have access to
adequate amounts of high-quality,
healthy food.
• Farmers should be empowered to earn
a decent living producing quality food
for Canadians.
• A stable and sustainable agriculture
sector is essential to Canada’s national