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Why Children?

Maurice Smith

What Types Of Jobs?

It is estimated that 300,000 children boys
and girls under the age of 18 are today
involved in more than 30 conflicts
worldwide (“Factsheet on child soldiers”).
Hundreds of children ranging from all ages
under 18 are abducted each year to become
soldiers. Boys and girls are forced to do the
jobs that were given to them and they have
no say about them. Girl soldiers are often
raped and sexually abused by the
commander or even the other soldiers. Using
children as soldiers should be put to an end.
Children are more likely to become soldiers
they just come and recruit them or if they’re
separated from their loved ones or are just
lonely with nothing to lose.

weapons in hot heat and have the ability to
carry the weapons without a problem. They
were more likely to be sent out in war first.
Robert L. who fought with Lurd for one year
had two months of training in Bomi County.
“There we learned to fire, to take cover and
how to kill. We were made to crawl under
barbed wire while they were shooting at us,
we were forced to advance towards the gun
fire. This was to make us brave. I was
assigned around the Iron Gate area.
Sometimes we were made to man
checkpoints. Other times we would go out
on the front. During the fighting, I was very
afraid. I killed many people, I saw friends
dying all around me, and it was terrible.”

Boys vs. Girls.
Males are used more than females. But
about half of the soldiers are female. They
are recruited by force with no say. Girls
experience almost the same amount of
violence as the boys but the girls experience
more personal issues like rape and a ton of
sexual abuse. Women are usually cooks,
servants, messengers or forced sex slaves.
Girl child soldiers are often thought of only
as “sex slaves” an only to be used as sex
toys. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s
harder to rehabilitate the girl soldiers
because of all the violence and the sexual
abuse. Attitudes toward women may vary
across militias. Some say women aren’t as
capable as males but that’s not always the
case. But females mostly got the less
important jobs. But male jobs were a lot
different from the women. Their physical
training can last weeks or even months at a
time. The physical training consist of
teaching them how to run out with their

Why Not Adults?

Children are used because they’re more
obedient, do not question orders, and are
easier to manipulate than adult soldiers
(“Children at both ends of the gun”).
Children are easier to control than adults and
they usually don't demand for pay or
anything in return. Child soldiers are a

Maurice Smith

problem created by adults, to be eradicated
by adults. “Children are dropping out of
childhood,” commented Devaki Jain of
India, one of (“Ms. Machel's Eminent
Persons' Group of advisers”). “We must
envision a society free of conflict where
children can grow up as children, not
weapons of war.” Children are more easily
armed and able to use weapons because they
are lighter and more improved than before.
Age Purpose.
Children under 15 years of age are known to
be serving in government. You are a child if
you’re under the age of 18 but that’s not

Child soldiers are not ok in any country. War
is for adults with a bigger mind set then just
fighting. Children should never have to enter
war especially when they don’t want to enter
anyway. No one should be forced to do
something they don’t want to do, but yet this
is still happening in other places in the
world. Children as soldiers who would’ve

how some countries see it. Child soldiers are
practically invisible as governments and
armed opposition groups deny or downplay
their role. The Convention on the Rights of
the Child says that you’re a child if you’re
younger than 18. But now age 15 is the
minimum age to be recruited into the army.
Many children under 10 have been recruited
into armies all around the world without a
say so about it. Their parents can’t do
anything it’s just how things are. In Liberia,
children under the age of 10 are forced to
fight and found in combat. About 20 percent
of children ranging 10-14 were found
wounded. There are less adults wounded
than children.

thought that this was even a thing probably
no one. What is the desire to use children in
the war zone? It’s a pretty sick and twisted
thing. Some adults can’t even handle war, so
what makes them think that children can? If
they’re in need for soldiers that bad, then
they shouldn’t even have an army or
military force.

Maurice Smith
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