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Josh Hartt

Lesson 2
CTE Pathway
Survey Results Reflection
What is your ideal study setting? Using the Learning Styles Survey results, fill in the chart
below using the analysis of your report. Under survey results write what preferences you have
based on the survey. For example, for sound, if your results stated that you prefer sound, then
under survey results write prefer sound. Read the explanation of the results to accurately fill in
the information. Then, evaluate your learning style by answering the questions below the chart.

Survey Results

Preference Type

Survey Results


Prefer Sound


Prefers Bright Light


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference

Late Morning:

Prefers Late Morning


Prefers Mobility


Prefers Cool


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference

Several Ways:

No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference


No Preference

Teacher Motivated

No Preference

Please answer the following questions in COMPLETE sentences:

1. Which parts of the survey do you agree with and why?
I agree with the survey in the areas of sound, design, light, mobility, temperature, and late
morning. The reason why I feel this way is because that they do describe my most desirable
learning environment. Being at Audeo has given me some of my ideal learning environment
setting preferences.

Josh Hartt
Lesson 2
CTE Pathway

Which parts of the survey do you disagree with and why?

I disagree with the survey in the areas of responsibility, motivation, visual, persistence, authority,
PM/AM, and afternoon. The reason I feel this way is because these parts of me that the survey
says I have, no preference is wrong since these things are me, they make up who I am, and
how I feel. That is why this part of the survey I personally disagree with.


How do the survey results differ from your actual habits?

The survey results differ from my actual habits because certain things I do have a preference
over when it says I dont, such as responsibility. I am told that I am very responsible, especially
when it comes to devotion, trust, and admitting my mistakes. Also, I like to work on my stuff in
the afternoon hours rather than the morning. The biggest thing that I disagree with from the
results and is how it says I have no preference to my parents and teacher motivation when I do.
They are always there to support me and I appreciate it because it helps with my personal low


What are the circumstances that you can control when you study?
Circumstances I can control when I study are the times I work, how long I work, when I take a
break, the noise volume, and the lighting. By personally controlling these things it helps me get
into my ideal study environment which helps my over all production and accuracy of work.


What circumstances do you have no control over?

Circumstances I have no control over when I study are the weather, helping around the house,
how much homework Im given, electronic failures, and sickness.


According to the results, how should you study best? (Desk? Chair? Computer? TV?)
I personally study best on bed with my computer and music. According to the survey results I
study best in a sound environment, which has bright lights, late in the morning, that has a cool
temperature, and I dont mind being mobile.


What changes can you make now to improve your studying?

A change I can make now to improve my studying is spend less time on one question and stop
being such a perfectionist. Also, I could spend less time caring about the music I listen to and
focus more on the actual work. Along with that, I could make an effort to get more sleep than I
already do. All these things I think can help not only in my studies but with boosting my low selfmotivation.