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Gangster Fancy Dress Costumes

Gangster Fancy Dress Costumes

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Published by: Christine.S on Jan 25, 2010
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Gangster Fancy Dress Costumes Every couple of years or so, Hollywood dips back into the old gangster days

and brings one back to life. And, every time that Hollywood does, there is resurgence in gangster fancy dress costumes for fancy dress, Halloween or themed parties. The most recent of these gangsters to get their Hollywood revisiting was John Dillinger brought to life by none other than the handsome, Johnny Depp. Whether you are a man looking to snarl and scowl your way through a party or a woman who wants to vamp it up as a gun moll or even a female gangster, the costume is simple but elegant and the accessories are the thing that brings it altogether. Alright men: let’s start with you. Your gangster fancy dress costume is going to start with a pin striped suit. Make sure that you have a silky tie of virtually any color. Slick your hair back to complete the look and you will be all set. Tote around a toy machine gun and give yourself a good gangster name as well. A good suggestion is “Tony No Drinks” if you are the designated driver for the evening. (Of course, you might end up being Tony So Sick if you drink far too much) Women can wear the same look as the men with a pin striped skirt and blazer that accentuates their curvy figure. Make sure that your accessories are right by adding a simple strand of pearls. Tote around your own dainty gun and make sure that you have a “goon” at your side. If you would prefer to be a little sexier, your gangster fancy dress costume can be that of a gun moll- show plenty of cleavage and legs and draw a fake fur stole around your shoulders. Fish nets are virtually a must for this look. Ladies, your hair is going to depend on the look you choose. The female gangster can mock the man’s by being slicked back and simple while the gun moll’s should be big and over the top. Regardless of which you choose, bright red lipstick should be considered. Make sure that the evening gets off to the right start by playing games- even a name the gangster contest or a Hollywood gangster trivia game. Hand out prizes like the movie on DVD or movie posters. Let your imagination run wild and everyone will have a great time until the G-Men show up!

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