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To: Tina Rolen, Knoxville Zoo

From: Will Fowler

Date: February 21, 2015
Subject: Proposed Gorilla Pregnancy Social Media Campaign
This memo describes a drafted social media campaign that includes strategies for
how the Knoxville Zoo can maximize its social media capabilities by using a gorilla
pregnancy campaign that extends from this months pregnancy announcement
until the babies birth. The memo provides details on potential strategy objectives,
target audiences, tactics and messages that will support the efforts of creating
engaging social media content for the proposed campaign.

Local residents/community members

Zoo members
Local Knoxville media
Knoxville influencer organizations and leaders (Visit Knoxville, Mayor Rogero)

1. To increase first-time visitors by X% during 2015
2. To increase first-time memberships registration by X% during 2015
a. Increase membership renewal by X% during 2015
3. To increase awareness and positive perceptions of the Knoxville Zoo by
December 2015
a. Increase in support and awareness of conservation efforts
4. Increase financial support for zoological funding by X% by December 2015.
Grand Strategy
The grand social media strategy seeks to extend our efforts in obtaining media
coverage and Knoxville Zoo attendance by providing original content on our
conservation efforts, with a focus on the pregnant gorillas. Our social media content
will provide Knoxville Zoo fans and the Knoxville community exclusive access to the
gorilla pregnancy and birth via entertaining, heartfelt and informative stories. The
strategies we will use to achieve the grand strategy are listed next.

Leverage video on Facebook and Twitter to increase interactivity

Humanize the Knoxville Zoo and the gorilla caretaker team and engage
directly with our fans/supporters/members
Engage traditional medias and Knoxville leaders social channels in order to
reach people unfamiliar with the Knoxville Zoo
Leverage on social our partnership with Knox county and surrounding schools
to provide field trips and school assemblies focused on the gorillas

Use brand journalism to tell stories about the Knoxville Zoo team, gorilla
caretakers, and experts on zoo conservation efforts

Following are proposed tactics we would use to carry out the strategy.

Weekly video updates covering gorilla pregnancy milestones

o Milestones will include initial announcement, ultrasounds, and medical
Stories on zookeepers and caretaking team
Develop a hashtag to use throughout the campaign
o Current suggested hashtag: #KnoxGorillaWatch
Develop inviting messages to local community to see the gorillas
Host a baby naming contest
o Mayor Rogero will pick winner to come feed the babies
Live Q&A with zoo-keeper as s/he answers supporters questions
Retweet photos from fans, media, influencers about visiting the zoo, coming
to see gorillas

For example, I have included below sample Facebook and Twitter posts we can
use to announce the pregnancy on social. I used the press release we wrote for
the sample content. We could also develop a video to accompany the
1. Were expecting! #KnoxGorillaWatch
Accompany text with high quality photo of choice (all with Knoxville Zoo
a. Two larger (real) bananas laying together along with a baby banana
b. Two gorilla hands holding three bananas, one baby banana
c. Knoxville Zoo keepers holding up two baby bananas
2. Machi and Hope will make history this summer. Theres never been a gorilla
born in #Knoxville. #KnoxGorillaWatch
3. Our gorillas Machi and Hope are on the critically endangered species list.
Read more about our conservation efforts: (link)
4. Watch as Hope and Machi receive their first ultrasound in this weeks update.
#KnoxGorillaWatch (link)
5. Submit baby names for our new gorillas using the hashtag
#KnoxGorillaWatch. @MayorRogero will choose two winners who will get to
feed the babies!
1. BREAKING NEWS! Two of our gorillas who are on the critically endangered
species list are EXPECTANT MOTHERS! Hope and Machi will be the first
gorillas to give birth in Knoxville, Tennessee. [link to full website

announcement] Accompany annoucement with same the same chosen

2. Were hosting a baby naming contest! Our pregnant gorillas Hope, who is due
in May, and Machi, due in June, need help naming their babies. Let us know in
the comments what you think the babies names should be. Knoxville Mayor
@Madeline Rogero will choose two winners to feed the baby gorillas.
3. Next Monday gorilla caretaker Jane Doe will answer all your questions about
our pregnant gorillas Hope and machi. Leave your questions in the
comments, and we hope to see your question in the video!

Thank you for reviewing our drafted strategy and campaign details for how the
Knoxville Zoo can leverage its Facebook and Twitter channels to communicate
about its pregnant gorillas. Our strategies reflect what industry leaders describe
as best practices for public relations. For example, writing stories, looking for
milestones and writing for social media are among the top 10 best writing
practices according to Bill Miltenburg of PR News. Popular industry leader David
Scott has written chapters on the importance of PR professionals need to
humanize the organizations and involve thought leaders on conversations. We
have included these strategies in the proposed campaign. We look forward to
your feedback and updating the plan accordingly.