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Justice Must be Served! By Gage Metz.

The American dream,

something millions of people in the
world grind to achieve. So called
Business men offer jobs to
foreigners looking to achieve this
dream. What do they have to lose?
Going from a third world country
travesty (mostly) to an occupation
in the United States of America? Of
course they will accept this offer!
After these foreigners get here,
there is a sick and twisted catch.
These people will be exposed and
used as slaves and drag through a
horrible life. Even with all of these
Stomach Twisting events, millions
still suffer from trafficking at little
to no justice.
How Many are Involved?
According to, 21-36 million
people live in-slaved today. This
number is also only rising and even
the most secure countries are not
safe, such as America, Canada, and
may European countries. The
countries with the most enslaves
people are China, India, and
Pakistan. India occupies
13,000,000 to 14,000,000 of

modern slaves alone. (New

Estimate: 30 Million Modern
Slaves Exploited Worldwide). This
is no surprise because China and
India are the most populated
countries in the world, but this kind
of crime is happening in America?
How Much Profit?

Justice Must be Served! By Gage Metz.

The savages who control
these slaves are only striving for 2
rewards: money and mass profit.
According to
David Pegg,
33 million is
made yearly
off slavery.
foreigners are promised a shot at
the American dream, but when
they get here, they are forced to do
illegal activities such as prostitution
and drug dealing (Modern
Slavery On the Rise in VA.). You
can buy a pretty young woman for
10k and make your money back in
one week (Fainburg). Wow! Thats
extremely quick! To People who are
desperate for money and up for
anything, that kind of profit that
quick might appeal to them, and
they could become involved in the
disguising business of human

What do Slaves do?

Justice Must be Served! By Gage Metz.

Slavery isnt just limited to
prostitution, Modern slavery can
involve using children in the

military, whether as combatants,

porters, cooks, or for other jobs.
The chains of modern slavery
arent always physical. Sometimes
escalating debts, intimidation,
deception, isolation, fear, or even a
marriage that is forced on a
young woman or girl can be used
to hold a person against his or her
will without the need for locks or
chains. (New Estimate: 30 Million
Modern Slaves Exploited
Worldwide). In China, even the
government, the people who
citizens put their faith in, use their
people as slaves for profit.
Disgusting! The citizens are forced
to work in coalmines and brick kilns
solely for government profit
(Russia, China Continue to Allow
Human Trafficking). Cant the
Chinese find some other way to
make money? Exposing there own
people is just gut wrenching.
How do They Live?
The conditions in which these
slaves live in are absolutely
horrific. Most of the time,
prostitutes often lack sleep and

give their services in the same bed

that they sleep in, often resulting in
STDS or some other kind of germs.
(Wickham). Also, these prostitutes
never wear a condom, which
results in pregnancy and again,
STDS. These STDS can be as
serious as AIDS and HIV. Prostitutes
also get pregnant often and have
to deliver or abort babies
(Wickham). Yikes! If a lot of babies
are aborted then there would be a
ton of wasted lives and kids that
are born probably get dragged into
slavery as well or are sent off to
orphanages, to live a life with no
biological parents. Horrible!
What are the Effects?
People who suffer through
slavery have to fight mental fears
and problems for the rest of their
lives. According to Leah Wickham,
people who are part of sex trade
have depression, schizophrenia,
mood disorders, short tempers, and
distrust of others. Peoples social
lives would be greatly affected by
this because since they cant trust
people they might have a hard
time making friends or being able
to rely on others in fear of being
tricked. People involved in the sex
trade also go to a lot of parties
where they can be exposed to
alcohol and drugs and could
become addicts for life. Exactly
what the slaves need on top of
other complications, and endless
war with addiction. Children also
have a lot of nightmares, and can

Justice Must be Served! By Gage Metz.

struggle with thoughts of suicide
Whats Being done?

There is a wide variety of

how human trafficking felons are
punished across America. In some
countries, such as Chin and Russia,
there are very few laws that
prevent human trafficking and each
of their government support this
kind of action for profit (Russia,
China continue to allow human
trafficking). But in countries like
the United States and Canada,
there are laws and it is an illegal
action to traffic humans.
Trafficking people is a maximum
penalty of 14 years in prison. If it
involves kidnapping, assault, or
death, the maximum penalty is life
in prison. (Legislation
Government Of Canada).
Receiving a financial or other
material benefit for the purpose of
committing or facilitating
trafficking of persons: Punishable
by a maximum of 10 years in
prison. (Legislation Government
of Canada).
According to Ryan J. Dalton,
Tennessee is one of the worst
states in America for human

trafficking. Since 2011, 19 laws

have been created to try and stop
this crime. Even though America
and Canada are some of the safest
countries in the world, and one
country if known as the land of the
free, horrific crimes like this still go
on. Canada defiantly has the best
laws because it is enforced through
out the whole country.
Different states in the United
States have different laws. In
California, sentences for human
trafficking are less than that of
rape or kidnap, according to
Current Laws Against Human
Trafficking. Where as in Tennessee,
human trafficking is on the same
level as those crimes punishment
wise, according to Ryan J. Dalton.
The United States needs to make a
law that applies to all states, and it
needs to be on the same level as
kidnap or rape.
Occupations as simple as a
farmer, a cashier, and a store clerk
can be forced to work without pay,
and no one expects that, do they?
(Wickham). These vulgar actions be
stopped, people must stop
suffering, and more must be done.

Justice Must be Served! By Gage Metz.

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