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Papermaking with Plants

Tutor: Jonathan Korejko

Learn how to use plant materials to make decorative, colourful and unique papers. Well make
paper using the petals, leaves, fibres, seeds, perfumes and dyes from marigold, dahlia, tagetes,
sunflower, lavender, clematis, and horse radish.
Making beautiful papers from plants is very satisfying and combines many interests; plants and
gardening, an appreciation for colour and texture, and enjoyment of working with and on paper.
We will use things that grow in the tutors studio garden along with many plants from the venue
as well as things from your own garden. You will be given plenty of information on learning
more about the subject and on how to start your own papermaking unit at home.
Skills/Techniques Covered

forming, processing and drying multiple sheets of paper

using recycled and coloured pulps

embossing plant texture into handmade paper

making paper with flowers and seed heads

embedding flowers, leaves, and grasses in paper

learning about perfume and dyes in flowers leaves and skins

preparing and using plant fibres to make plant paper

Using unique papermaking equipment made and designed by the tutor to create individual
pieces of paper to your design

Tuesday 7 Friday
10 April 2015
Dillington House
Ilminster Somerset
TA19 9DT
Tel: 01460 258 648

Saturday 25th April 2015 to Sunday 26th April 2015

Ardington School of Crafts Ltd.
School Road, Ardington,OxfordshireOX12 8PN
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