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By Mireia

Her name is Dolors.

She is 66 years old.

She has 3 brothers.

This is one of them, and this is my grandma.

She got married in 1970.

Her family had a farm.

They went to school Terra Nostra.

She played jump the rope.

She started to work when she was 12 years old.

She was her fathers assistant.

This is her

She went there with a donkey from 8 oclock to 11 oclock.

They lived in a farm.

She didnt have a TV, lights or a telephone

In Olost there was a cinema, a doctor and a few shops.

At the weekends they worked, she didnt play.

She didnt go on holidays.

They didnt have hobbies.

In their free time they did homework.

She had a hard life compared with myself.