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The Horrible stories

of forced child
Written by: Brittany Perry

When, where?
How are the girls treated when they
get married? Well let’s start with how
many countries.
There is 11 countries that allow child
marriage. The girls get treated pretty
badly. When they are old enough to
marry, their parents make them leave
and get Married to somebody they
don’t even know. Some of the
countries that are doing this is Niger,
Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Uganda, and
ECT( Nordland and Rubin).
Force Child Marriage is not optional.
The only option they have is who they
want to merry. But they don’t like that
they have to get married. “It becomes
a choice that many times no one
wants to make” (Nordland and Rubin).
Child marriage is hard. Their parents
just kick them out and make them get
married. That’s not right the kids
shouldn’t have to get married.
Girl are treated bad. “That girl ran
away she needs to be punished. Every
time they could, they found an excuse
to beat me. My brother-in-law, my
sister-in-law, my husband all of them
beat me… wear a head-to-toe
covering called a burqa in public”
(Nordland and Rubin). The girl didn’t
want to be married so she ran away.
They get married by the age of 8
years old.
Children have to give up their freedom
when they are married, they also have

to take care of their self, and find a job
so they can pay for bills. They don’t
have any more schooling so they
aren’t really smart. They don’t have a
life to their selves anymore.

Stop child marriage
The girls that are married get treated
really badly. “Leaders sometimes
condone marriage for girls as young as
8. Marriage usually spells the end of
the child’s education or career
prospects”(Nordland and Rubin). But
they also got beat badly. So it’s not
only school is live to. “Every time they
could, they found an excuse to beat
me. My brother-in-law, my sister-inlaw, my husband all of them beat me”
(Nordland and Rubin). But women also
had to quit their jobs. The girls were
not allowed to go to school. They had
to quit school.
You can change child marriage it might
be hard but we can stop it. The
countries are trying to figure out how
they can stop this. According to
ICRW’s we can change and stop it
ourselves. By letting other know about
the problem, spread the word (“Child
Who is effected by this? Some people
think it’s just the children but it’s not
only them. 34million girls are effected.
“Most police don’t understand what’s
in the law, or they’re just against it”
(Nordland and Rubin). A family could
also be effected. Because some moms
aren’t brave enough to let their 8 or 9
year old leave home and get married.
“A family might feel pressured to
respond” (Nordland and Rubin). It’s
most common in poor, rural
communities. The children suffer
health risks associated with early
sexual activity and childbearing. ‘My

parents sat me down and told me I
was no longer their responsibility. They
wanted me to move out and start a life
of my own” (“The Zambian children
forced marriage”).

Effects/ education
Kids above the age 8 get married. If
their parents want them to leave they
have to. They are practically on their
own. They don’t have a right to
choose what to do. According to recent
UNICEF study that 43 percent of
afghan women marry before the age

According to Rod Nordland and Alissa
Rubin, there are a lot of reasons why
the parents make their kids get
married. 1st reason is because the girls
may owe their parents money. The
second reason is because their father
owes somebody else money. Or the
third reason is the family is already
poor and they don’t have the money
for food.

“That’s the case for 15-year-old
Sakhina. She was sold into marriage to
pay off her father’s debts at age 12 or
13… that’s the only income from
which they can survive as a family”
(Nordland and Rubin).

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