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Activity- The students will warm up and rehearse as a class, then will complete a
SmartMusic assessment at the end of class
Grade/subject- 9-12th mastery band class
Goals- Students will show their understanding of the piece Gavotte by George Fredric
Handel by:
a) Working through the practice courses using smart music
b) Correctly completing the assessment for the day with a 90% accuracy or above
Curriculum standardMHSMB.2 - Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of
a) Perform with a characteristic tone quality utilizing proper embouchure, playing
position, posture, breathing techniques, enunciation, vibrato, and percussion
implement stroke in the appropriate level music.
b) Demonstrate proper warm-up techniques through the use of long-tone, lip slurs,
chorales, and technical exercises.
c) Demonstrate the following ensemble skills through performance of musical
literature: rehearsal etiquette, dynamic expression, style, blend and balance,
steady tempo, rhythmic accuracy, and intonation.
d) Demonstrate a clear understanding of the rhythms, meters, and ornamentation
through the literature, which are stylistically representative of the period or genre
of the music being studied.

MHSMB.3-Reading and notating music
a) Demonstrate a clear understanding of counting systems, vocabulary, theory, and
the conventions necessary to read and notate music at the mastery level.
b) Incorporate standard notations and non-traditional symbols for pitch, rhythm,
dynamics, tempo, articulation, and expression through individual and ensemble
NETS standard-Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues
Technology tools- SmartMusic

Lesson Plan
Introduction: The class will start by performing a simple warm up
including scales and a few exercises from a technique book. Then the
class will rehearse as a whole. After 30 minutes of rehearsing as a
group, individuals will go into a practice room to work on the piece for
5-10 minutes each then they will complete their individual
assessments using SmartMusic.
Main Activity: The students will be using SmartMusic to practice playing
their individual parts. They should spend about 5-10 minutes doing so.
During this individual time the students can practice sections from the
piece we are working on in class. Depending on how confident the
student feels with that specific piece of music, they can select small
sections to work on. Once they select what they are going to practice
they can they choose to practice with the metronome on or off. After
they complete their individual practice they will be instructed to
complete their assignment. The assignment consists of the students
playing the piece all the way through or only through a specific spot
depending on what is assigned. Once the student plays they are
graded on accuracy; if the students are not satisfied with the grade
they receive then they can redo the assignment until they are. After
they get the score they are happy with they can submit it for their final
Guidance: During class I will work with the students through rehearsal.
I will give the students clear instructions on how they are supposed to
complete the smart music assignment. If it is the first time the
students are using smart music I will show them step by step how to do
it. If it is not I will make sure I am available during this time incase
students have question about their assignment.
Assessment: The students will complete a smart music assignment
individually. The piece they will be assessed on is the one performed at
the beginning of class and the one they were practicing during their
practice period with SmartMusic. I will want to see the students made a
90% accuracy on every assignment to ensure they fully comprehend
and know how to play all the rhythms and notes correctly.
Technological Resources: The technology allows students to get
creative with how they spend their practice time. They aren’t forced to
sit and practice one specific way; there are many factors they could
change. Using SmartMusic allows the students the freedom to get
creative and spend their time most effectively for themselves. This tool
also increases students’ interest in music, which will encourage them
to explore more pieces of music using the tool SmartMusic.

Part Five
I really liked this project because I know how important it will be to
have my time and my attention towards the student is already drawn
out for the week or day. If I didn’t schedule my plans for the class I
wouldn’t feel prepared. I think my final lesson planned worked out
exactly how I planned it to be. I liked being able to choose our own
topics for our lesson plan. This made it more interesting because I was
able to be more creative in developing my plan. It was a little bit of a
challenge to find lesson plans for music. I asked my band director from
high school if he had any lesson plans I could look at; this was very
helpful. I think this lesson plan could work successfully in a classroom. I
would only need to alter the timing of the activity based on how long
the class period is. I feel like I could still learn more about including
technology into classroom activities. I would like to know more about
how to make technology more accessible for all students in the school.