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edTPA Lesson Plan Day 2

Task 1
Chelsea Keeney
Central Focus:
Finding the main point and supporting details in a text and
summarizing using that information
Group of 6 fourth grade students will code a familiar text using sticky
notes to find the main facts, interesting facts, and any questions they
might have. Once they have coded the text, students will use a graphic
organizer to write full
Common Core State Standard:
Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details;
summarize the text.
 Main Point/Summarizing Worksheet
 Leveled non-fiction text
 Sticky Notes
 Writing Utensil
 White Board

Gather small group and show familiar non-fiction text from previous
week. (Original focus lesson with text was different than this one)
Give each student a graphic organizer (Main Point and 4 supporting
details) and a few sticky notes.
We are going to go through this text and try to summarize it. We’ve
had practice finding important details and writing an extremely
short summary. Now I want to try writing a slightly longer one but
only with very important details for each sentence.
Remind students about how to code the text (!, ?, and star). Instead
of marking the text have students write codes on sticky notes and
stick them in the books at the appropriate places.
Have students share ideas that they think are the most important
parts of the information found in the text, list them in the graphic
Then, have students individually write a summary on the back of
their graphic organizer using the information they gathered.