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Learning on demand

UNITROL® 1000 E-Learning computer-based training.
It is your decision where and when you learn

You want to learn more about UNITROL® 1000 and do it when it best
suits you?
Then what you need is our interactive E-Learning program!
Now available on CD.

The interactive elements of the program enable you to carry out realistic exercises on a virtual UNITROL 1000 unit.With interactive E-Learning program for UNITROL® 1000 Automatic Voltage Regulator you decide where and when you learn. which can be consulted anytime. This program introduces you step-by-step to the various applications of UNITROL in countrysection “Switzerland”.abb. It includes the fundamentals database with necessary background information on UNITROL 1000 and excitation systems in general. A practical questionnaire at the end of each chapter helps you to monitor the learning progress. Content • Excitation system fundamentals database • Applications of UNITROL 1000 • How to connect UNITROL 1000 • How to operate UNITROL 1000 using the key pad • How to use the CMT 1000 software • Step-by-step commissioning of the UNITROL 1000 • Maintenance and troubleshooting The E-Learning program is a perfect preparation for the J130 UNITROL 1000 course held at the training center of ABB University Switzerland. . 3BHT 490 446 R0101 ABB Switzerland Ltd ABB University Switzerland CH-5300 Turgi / Switzerland Telephone: +41 58 589 38 50 Fax: +41 58 589 30 00 Internet: During this course you can apply the knowledge gained with E-Learning program to simulators and demo units and acquire practical experience necessary for the commissioning of UNITROL /unitrol © Copyright 2004-2006 ABB. Specifications subject to change without notice. More information about this course can be found on our website www. All rights reserved.