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The evil of human

trafficking is shocking.
Written by: Laurance Haddad

Victims of trafficking types:

Human Trafficking means to
recruit, abduct, transport or transfer or
harbor persons for the purpose of subjecting
to forced labor or service, prostitution,
enslavement or removal of body organs
(Penalties for Sex Trafficking). According
to the research of Alyssa Ruderman and
articles penalties for Sex traffickers and
labor trafficking in the U.S (Polaris)
combating human trafficking and modernday slaverythe 3 types of trafficking are
sex, labor, and organ. Sex trafficking is
when a commercial sex act is induced if it
be by force, fraud or trickery and is the
largest branch.Labor trafficking are
kidnapped and forced to do manual labor.
Finally organ trafficking is when a person is
kidnapped so the captors can take internal
organs from the body to sell on the black
market. Really selling the organs of other
people but what is probably worse is that
other people want to buy them.
The type of person that is most likely
to be targeted are people who are poor,
runaways, homeless or victims of other
more serious crimes like sexual assault.
Whether men or woman are more in
demand depends of the type of trafficking,
sex trafficking targets mostly woman
because they are generally less empowered

in society and often excluded from social

structures like employment for example and
a third of them are minors. How much does
that disgust you? Men are targeted by labor
traffickers because men are seen as the
stronger gender in society. Organ traffickers
have no gender preference they would target
healthy people (Guarino, Ruderman, 21st
Century sex slaves documentary(human
trafficking), Bagenal, labor trafficking in
the U.S (Polaris) combating human
trafficking and modern-day slavery).

Avoid or bring justice:

There are a few methods to avoiding
human trafficking or spotting signs of the
victims. To prevent it from happening in the
first place according to the research of
BernagetteGemmell is by the would be
victim having a job on which the can sustain
a decent livelihood because traffickers
usually target the poor which is a big
problem because there is a big poverty
problem in many places so it will be difficult
if not impossible to stop trafficking at all.
What would happen to the traffickers
who get caught depends on the country
according to the article Penalties for Sex
Trafficking Poland has a sentence of 1-15
years Nicaragua and Colombia also have
similar sentences while Poland, the U.S and
other similar countries have life sentences
and the U.S has an additional $50,000 fine.
The sad thing is, because of the massive
amount of trafficking there is, the threat of
being caught is not enough to make
traffickers hesitate or stop.

How prominent is trafficking?

Human trafficking is very active

according to Alyssa Rudermanand 21st
Century sex slaves documentary (human
trafficking) trafficking is very rampant as
600,000 to 800,000 every year and in
countries like Bangkok a woman or child are
trafficked every minute. Thats crazy
amount of people are trafficked a year just
imagine waking up and a giant chunk of
your city populace is gone.
Trafficking happens everywhere
even in countries as developed as the United
States and it even has the FBI looking for it
and 3 of their top targets are in California
but it is worse in other countries like India
and Thailand who have much larger
This was written to tell you about an
overlooked topic of human rights. People
usually think of other things like LGBT for
human rights violation and while it is still a
big subject trafficking is bigger than most
realize. Just remember the signs of a
trafficking victim so you can help out the
victims. The real question is how will you?

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