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“Marriage – A Book of which the first chapter is written in Poetry and the remaining chapters are written in Prose“ Who ever says what !!! A fresh new day, happy beginnings and it is ours a day of

Each hour, each day, each year We grow as two, yet as one, We grow apart, yet together Forming an eternal love Life can be beautiful, shared by two . . . A world filled with love, ever old, ever new . . . Life can be beautiful, shared with each other Two happy people who love one another! As petal to flower, as wing to eagle as sunrise to morning, so you are to us ... On this auspiciuos occasion of Our Marriage , We cordially invite you to have your gracious presence to greet, wish and bless us with your great hearts. Yours, Sowmya & Ramadas

Venue :
KSR Kalyana Mantapam, Devuni Kadapa Road, Kadapa

Reception :
30th August 2007, Thursday 7PM

Musical Event :& Dinner:
30th August, Thursday 7:45 PM onwards

Muhurtam :
31st August 2007, 9:27 AM, TulaLagnam

Lunch :
12PM onwards.

Please Contact :
SOWMYA CVN / C V NAGARAJA RAO : +91 9989033341 / +91 9985590630 RAMADAS KAIPA / K A MADHUSUDAN : +91 9866779207

Thank you
See you At Our Wedding !

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