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Alberto Verme Media Studies A2 Coursework

Released USA 23 November 2014
Director: Adam Stephen Kelly
Certificate: Short Drama Horror 8minutes
When analyzing the short film that was directed and written by
Adam Stephen Kelly it is important to consider the toughness of this
task as the short film production only covers view scenes that cover
the minimal longevity of eight minutes. This means that this film
was made with the aim of not giving away too much information to
the audience in order for them to follow the plot as the film
continues in its progression.
The plot of the film is an individual who is male played by Guy Henry
the individual is followed during the course of him writing his own
suicide note that states that life is meaningless and that there is no
real purpose or meaning in life. This is due to the sad and grieving
effects that have occurred in his attitude since the passing of his
late wife. The narration of the writing of the note really adds value
to the writing of the note due to the soothing, warming and almost
harmonious tone that adds to the sorrow in his heart over the
passing of his wife. Despite this there is a slight twist in the tale
that adds to the viewers experience as it changes their perception
and perceptive of the film. Although, it is evident and very apparent
that the thought of his wife haunts him on a daily basis, that adds to
the professionalism of the portrayal of the short films message.
The director Adam Stephen Kelly beautifully, creatively and
professionally films this short film with a particularly unique style.
This director is really one to keep and eye on and I am sure that he
will win and gain many prestigious prizes in the future. There also
has to be significant credit given to Dark Arts Films for their
production of the film and they are a production firm to keep an eye
on as well during the next few years. When one has time go check
out the film you will not be disappointed.
Directed by: Adam Stephen Kelly
Produced by: S.J. Evans and Sousila Pillay
Screenplay: Adam Stephen Kelly
Music: Irman Armad
Editor: Jonathan Nicol

Production Companies: Dark Art Films