Book Blog Rubric for Students

what you have read.

Level 3
what you have read.

Level 2
You show some understanding of what you have read.

Level 1
You tried, but it is difficult to tell from what you wrote that you understand the story.

Level 0
You typed nothing on your blog.

You show a complete You show a good Answered understanding of understanding of Prompt/Question


You get all the facts You get major facts from the story right. from the story right.

You may have made some mistakes about what you have read.

You made a big What you typed had mistake about what nothing to do with happened to the the story. story.


You go beyond the You tell more than You use examples You copied the You copied from the story to connect it to just the story and from the story that part of the story story to just fill the what you have can match it with connect to what that answered the comment. learned and/or something that is you already know question. explain why you not in the story. or have seen but agree or disagree are limited or with the story. incomplete. You use examples You use examples and can tell how it from the story, matches things you some of your own know about and what experiences and you think about the other things you story is written. have read or seen. You typed things You did not type in that had nothing to English. do with the story.



Punctuations, Punctuation, Punctuation, You tried your best You typed that you grammar, and grammar and grammar and to include correct would not do the spelling are correct. spelling are mostly spelling have a few punctuation, task. correct. mistakes. grammar, and spelling correctly.

______________ out of 20 points possible

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