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Deepti - 1309
Bindiya -1319
Asma -1329
Sweta P-1348
Sweta T- 1354

Dabur Honey

Attitude Form

Honey with water makes you look young, beautiful
and fit

Everyone appreciates when you look young and
fit. Liking is generated towards you

Buying Dabur honey in order to look fit , beautiful
and young

Target Audience

Age : 20-45

Gender : Females

Belief: Stay Fit, Feel Young and Beautiful

Lifestyle: Healthy lifestyle

Attribution in the Ad
Honey retains its natural properties and
pure honey comes with the promise of good
health and fitness.
Core benefit of this ad is that every
morning if Honey is taken with warm water
then you will remain fit n feel better
Looking at the glow after following it, It will
lead others to follow you