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Peete ees Sending Church PS raat conta March 2015 Dear Praying Friends and Family, It's hard to believe that we have been in Brazil for almost two weeks now! It is amazing to /ook back atthe last four years of deputation: the places we've been, the people we've met and grown to love, and to think that we are finally here. tis certainly only by the grace of God that has brought us here, And we are so thankful for those whom God has used to do so, forall of you who have prayed and sacrificed in giving to get us here. ‘After our flight was postponed on the 17th, we left from Greensboro, NC an the 18th and arrived in ‘Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 19th. Since then we have been settling in and adjusting to the differences in culture {and language. Pastor Heberson and the BMM missionaries here in Sao Paulo have been helping us with the various errands that need to be done. As we were out and about getting our CPFS last week (CPF is the Brazil- ian equivalent of a Social Security Number), we leamed that having a baby is a good thing —it helps the pro- ‘cess move along much faster. Elderly folks and people with babies get moved to the front ofthe line! Need less to say, Chioe will be going with us wherever we go! ‘We have had the opportunity to drive out to Moraes Prado, the neighborhood in which we will be ministering long-term, and spend the past two weekends with them. That has been very stretching, as only a few folks in the church speak English, but it has also been very good, It has gotten us thinking in Portuguese and motivated us to pick up the language very quickly. Already Brandon had the opportunity to preach {through a translator) and on the 15th Emily will be giving her testimony to a ladies group. Safety is something that we think about a lat here, but not something we were too worried about in the States. Last week God reminded us that we are all only as safe as He allows, no matter where we are. After being here for only a few days, we got word that the location at which we have been storing our belongings (which are still waiting to be shipped out in a container, which is another story) had been broken into, Thank- fully they do not appear to have taken anything - at the most, a tote of baby clothes. (How disappointed he must have been when he opened that!) Though itis only stuff, we praise the Lord for keeping our belongings safe and for the reminder of His protection. Coming up over the next couple of weeks we hope to buy a car, find somewhere to live while we are in language school, and complete the other various necessary tasks . In a couple of weeks we will be flying to Iguacu Falls (on the comer of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay) for the BM Brazil family conference, There we will be the newbies! We look forward to meeting missionaries who have been serving in Brazil for many years. Praise the Lord that: We are finally here! ~ God has protected both us and our belongings. God has given opportunities to serve and build relationships with people here ~ After a somewhat rough fist week of adjustment, Chloe seems to be her happy self again! Please pray that: We would pick up Portuguese quickly and be perceptive of cultural differences. We hope to begin formal language studies in Apri ‘God would continue to provide protection. The driving is muito loco (very crazy) here! ~ We willbe able to complete al ofthe pressing tasks ahead of us. We are so thankful forall the folks here who have been such a huge help! ~ God would give and we would see opportunities to serve and be a witness for Christ even as we are learn- ing the language and culture. Please remember to check out our blog, wwwwteambraziLorg, We have been posting a lot of videos and pic tures of the new sights and sounds. In christ,