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USAP Club Code of Conduct

All USAP Clubs, gyms or registered businesses are expected to demonstrate
through their actions an understanding of the philosophy of Parkour (“Be strong
to be useful”), to create a safe environment for all participants, to approach
training with a positive attitude and open mind, to follow all safety protocol and
precautions as outlined in the USAP curriculum and elsewhere. Participants shall
be encouraged to know their current physical limits and act accordingly, to
pursue their personal progression while also helping others with theirs, and to
discourage reckless behavior both within the gym environment and beyond.
College Clubs
In addition to complying with all USAP standards, College teams shall comply
with all regulations of their respective college/university, respect all local, state
and federal laws and refrain from trespassing on or causing damage to private
property. It is expressly understood that WFPF “sanctions” only those activities
conducted in a closed and controlled environment, such as a gym, a designated
parkour park, or a USAP pre-approved closed course for a jam or competition.
However, an affiliate team’s overall behavior outside of these sanctioned
activities shall be considered when reviewing ongoing compliance with USAP
standards. Member teams must NEVER practice on a campus rooftop unless
given explicit permission in writing from campus police, building managers, and
any other necessary authority. Reckless or illegal activities of any kind will
result in termination of the team’s USAP status, either temporarily or
permanently, depending on the seriousness of the violation.
Hazing is strictly prohibited. Hazing shall be defined as any conduct which
subjects another person, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or
psychologically, to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade, or intimidate
the person as a condition of association with a group or organization, regardless
of the person's consent or lack of consent.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

USAP does not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnicity, national origin,
religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, age or disability, and will not
tolerate instances of such discrimination by any club or affiliate team.
Statement of Free Speech and Expression
Except where it would violate the Code of Conduct or Statement of NonDiscrimination, all members are assured of their right to free speech and
Sexual or Physical Abuse
USAP has a zero tolerance policy regarding all forms of physical or sexual abuse.
Physical abuse includes any physical contact with a participant that intentionally
causes or is likely to cause the participant to sustain bodily harm or personal
injury, including without limitation, striking, hitting, kicking, biting, shaking,
shoving, forcing an athlete to train or compete when seriously injured or
mandating excessive exercise as a form of punishment. Sexual abuse includes
any form of sexual contact or inappropriate touching, unwanted physical contact,
unwelcome advances, “grooming” or requests for sexual favors. It is incumbent
upon each member club or affiliate team to take immediate steps to halt such
abuse if discovered or suspected and immediately report suspicions of such
abuse to the appropriate authorities.
Release of liability
Participants at USAP registered clubs and members of WFPF affiliate teams are
aware that participation in the disciplines of parkour/freerunning involves risks of
serious injury or death and understand the importance of following instructions
regarding techniques, training and other rules for reasons of safety. Member
teams and individual athletes assume all associated risks and agree to hold
harmless USA Parkour, World Freerunning Parkour Federation, their employees,
agents or assignees from any and all liability, causes of action, debts, claims or
demands of any nature whatsoever which may arise in connection with their
Revocation of Membership
Any club or member team that violates the Code of Conduct or endangers
themselves or others through unsafe behavior or presents a negative
representation of the discipline of parkour/freerunning or of USAP or their
college/university may have their status as a USAP Club or WFPF College Affiliate
Team revoked by the WFPF board of directors.



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