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March 3rd, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
As a professor in the College of Education at James Madison University I have the daily
privilege of working with excellent pre-service teachers. Without hesitation, I rank Megan Wiles
among the top students in her cohort. Miss Wiles is a tireless student and community member
who, over the course of our program, has become an outstanding elementary educator. I give
Miss Wiles my highest recommendation for this position.
As a student, Miss Wiles went above and beyond my expectations for every assignment she
submitted. These efforts were self-motivated. She approached each assignment by relying on her
passion, commitment, and curiosity to guide her. Her work met the outlined expectations but it
also led her to new ways of thinking about herself as an educator and the needs of her students.
For example, in her capstone graduate inquiry project Megan explored the complex topic of
family engagement through developing, implementing, and writing a complex qualitative
research study. The insights she gained during this project led her to reflect deeply on the roles of
schools, teachers, and families in building a network of care of each student. She identified
approaches to engaging families that will undoubtedly enhance her performance in the induction
years of her teaching career. Her careful attention to the wellbeing of her participants highlighted
her humane and dignified approach to working with her students and their families. Additionally,
this project revealed to me Miss Wiles’s exceptional leadership qualities. She is highly
organized, timely, direct, and proactive in her approach to all of her work. Her level of
professionalism is far beyond her years. In the two years I have known Megan, she has displayed
a fearless passion for learning, and a genuine commitment to grow as a teacher and as a human
Despite all of the accomplishments and accolades Miss Wiles has amassed during her James
Madison career, she remains a genuine, kind, and caring human being. Megan has thrived in her
elementary practica and student teaching placements. In each context she has committed herself
to the daily academic and social needs of her students. She has approached these placements as a
willing student, open to learning and growing, but with an awareness of the heavy responsibility
she has to her students and their families. Megan’s commitment to becoming a great educator
seems to emanate from a place of genuine care for children. Megan embodies all of the qualities
of a teacher leader. She recognizes that by building her community and supporting her
colleagues’ growth, she is indirectly supporting the growth of children she many never meet.
It is clear Miss Wiles has prepared herself for the challenges and rewards of a long and
illustrious career in elementary education. She is wholly deserving of the honor and
responsibility one accepts when she or he becomes a teacher.

I give Miss Wiles my highest recommendation. To underscore this recommendation I can state
without hesitation that I hope my elementary-aged daughter will one day have the privilege of
working with an educator as committed, talented, intelligent, and professional as Megan Wiles.
I would be happy to provide more information about my impressions of Miss Wiles should this
become necessary. I can be reached by telephone at 540-568-5536 or by email at

Aaron Thomas Bodle, PhD
M.S. International and Comparative Education
Ph.D. Curriculum, Teaching, and Education Policy
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
James Madison University

Department of Early, Elementary &
Reading Education
MSC 6909
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone: 540-568-6255
FAX: 540-568-4849