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Davoud Tohidy
Prepared for the Government of
Ontario - Ontario Climate Change
March 2015



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Davoud Tohidy

Table of Contents
Executive Summary:................................................................................................................................ 4
Introduction ............................................................................................................................................. 7
MAFIA in Canadian Politics .................................................................................................................... 7
Club of Rome behind global warming fraud.......................................................................................... 7
Club of Rome behind depopulation agenda .......................................................................................... 8
Maurice Strong / global warming conspiracy ....................................................................................... 8
Honorable Ms. Ann Bressington exposes UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Maurice Strong and Global
warming ................................................................................................................................................... 10
NASA confirms Sun has entered into hibernation .......................................................................... 15

Return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 29% in a year ..................................................................... 17

Arctic sea ice volume up 50% ............................................................................................................. 17

17-year pause in global temperature rises ........................................................................................ 21

CO2 and Global Warming .................................................................................................................. 22

Adverse effects caused by lower levels of Carbon Dioxide ........................................................... 25

Global Warming Petition Project ....................................................................................................... 26

NASA Scientists Invalidate the Global Warming Hypothesis ...................................................... 27

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Davoud Tohidy
John Casey Ice Age 2030 2031.......................................................................................................... 29

John Casey assessment of IPCCs 5th Assessment Report .............................................................. 31

International Researches predict solar Hibernation ........................................................................ 40

Anthony Watts on Global warming .................................................................................................. 41

Climate change reconsidered II (Non-Governmental Panel on Climate Change)...................... 41

One Page Summary of Climate Change Reconsidered II ............................................................... 44

The Global Warming Crisis Is Over (One Page Summary of Climate Change Reconsidered II) .. 44

Quotes from Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts (NIPCC, Climate Change
Reconsidered II:Biological impacts) .................................................................................................. 46
Transcript of John Casey exposes global warming fraud (Excerpts): (Casey, John Casey
Exposes Global Warming Fraud): ...................................................................................................... 49
The Truth about manmade global warming .................................................................................... 52

Formal Expert Testimonies before US Senate, UK Parliament and other Committees ............. 77

Canadian Senate Hearing on Manmade Global Warming and CO2 .......................................... 130
Bibliography ............................................................................................................................................ 139

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Davoud Tohidy

Executive Summary:
Sun controls the climate on earth (100+ Peer Reviewed Papers Sun Drives Climate).
Sun has gone into hibernation and this has been confirmed by NASA. According to the
NASAs sun hibernation chart, sunspot counts are getting to minimum level as we approach
to the year 2020 and therefore only this evidence proves that we are heading to an ice age
through natural cycle and that we are in global cooling era at this time NOT global
There is a worldwide conspiracy to depopulate the planet earth. As part of the
depopulation agenda criminals have come up with the fake and non-existent problem of
Carbon Dioxide and man-made global warming in order to speed up the process of the
depopulation by helping the early arrival of the upcoming natural ice age in order to
cause extinction of human and other species on earth.
NASA and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been
tampering with temperature data according to Dr. Don Easterbrook in his US Congress
testimony and according to US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in order to show
warming trend on earths climate contrary to the cooling trend.
A US investigation on tampering climate data by NASA and a US congressional
hearing on this matter are next to come soon (Republicans To Investigate Climate Data
Tampering By NASA).
THE UN's climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year
pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain's Met Office. IPCCs
assumptions are based on fraudulent science and manipulated data.

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Davoud Tohidy

Former white house space program adviser, consultant to NASAs headquarter and
shuttle engineer Mr. John Casey has confirmed that global warming has ended in 1998 and
has predicted that we are heading to an ice age with the peak in 2030 -2031.
According to the study of PhilipponBerthier et al, colder, drier conditions plus
lower levels of carbon dioxide will result in 39% less terrestrial photosynthesis, 60%
less forest cover, 30% less leaf area, 17% less grassland area, 69% less boreal forests and
286% more polar deserts.
Not only Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant but also it is the vital part
of the earths ecosystem. Without CO2 there will NOT be a terrestrial life on earth. To put
it in simple words, Human inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and plants inhale
carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen!
This evidence based article uses formal testimonies of well-known NASA scientists
and professors including US, Canadian and Australian experts and professors as well as
other sources and proves that Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System and is the most
dominant greenhouse gas with the highest effect (95%) on greenhouse effect NOT carbon
Dioxide and that Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant, Man-made global warming is the
biggest FRAUD in the history and that Carbon dioxide is NOT the cause of global
warming nor it can be the cause of global cooling.
Therefore implementation of policies to impose Carbon Dioxide tax and Cap and
trade system and to mitigate the non-existent global warming effects via chemtrails and
Geoengineering are all based on fraudulent science and must be stopped immediately
and all the necessary precautions must be taken in order to deal with the upcoming ice
age immediately.

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Davoud Tohidy

For more information other than this article please see my recent criminal lawsuit
(via private prosecution) file number 14-13157 at the Superior Court of Justice (Criminal)
in Ottawa which is in regards to depopulation agenda via Arial spraying of toxic chemicals
and metals through chemtrails, geoengineering, HAARP as well as GMO, Fluoride,
Aspartame, Vaccines, Carbon Dioxide and global warming fraud at the Ottawa courthouse
located at 161 Elgin Street.
Davoud Tohidy
March 2015

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Davoud Tohidy

My name is Davoud Tohidy. I am a concerned Canadian citizen. I am the former EIT
member of professional Engineers of Ontario. I hold a certificate in Interactive Multimedia
Web Development program from Algonquin College in Ottawa. I also hold a diploma as a
distinguished graduate in Honors Business Administration program from Willis College in
Ottawa with an average mark of 98%.
Since 2011, I have been conducting research on chemtrails, Geoengineering, aerosol,
Carbon dioxide, man-made global warming, global warming and conspiracies that our
people and our planet is facing.

MAFIA in Canadian Politics

According to Mr. Ben Soave RCMPs former chief of anti-mafia operations: Mafia
groups have a wide swath of influence from political figures, to law enforcement, to
people in the criminal justice system and the manufacturing industries. (Mafia group
top threat in GTA, RCMP says). These criminals are behind man made global warming and
CO2 Fraud and are taking all measures to prevent the government officials from accessing
the real raw and untouched evidence which prove man made global warming is nonexistent.

Club of Rome behind global warming fraud

The following quote has been made by Club of Rome on page 75 of the book The
first global revolution

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that
pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the
like would fit the bill.
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Davoud Tohidy

Al Gore and Maurice Strong are both member of the Club of Rome and both are the main
individuals in promoting global warming and man-made global warming. (The Club of
Rome and CACOR) (The First Global Revolution)

Club of Rome behind depopulation agenda

The following quote has been made by Club of Rome on page 191 of the book titled
Limits to Growth (Limits to Growth)

We are further convinced that demographic pressure in the world has

already attained such a high level, and is moreover so unequally distributed,
that this alone must compel mankind to seek a state of equilibrium on
our planet.

Maurice Strong / global warming conspiracy

James George Janos (Jesse Ventura) is the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to
2003. He has a group of investigators and runs the Conspiracy Theory show. Jesse
Venturas deep investigation uncovers evidence that could point to one man the
Canadian Maurice Strong and promoter of One World Government being behind an
entire global-warming conspiracy. The following is a highlight of his show Conspiracy
Theory with Jesse Ventura Global Warming" (Jesse Ventura Global Warming Maurice
Strong) :
a. 0:08 - Narrator: The global warming conspiracy a plot to use the hot
button issue to control nations, your love life and ultimately the world,

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Davoud Tohidy

Jesse Venturas investigation has led to one man Maurice Strong, a UN

official ...
b. 0:57 - Jesse Ventura: It's not truly really about saving the planet from
carbon dioxide. It's about making money at international level
c. 1:13 - George Washington Hunt (Former US naval officer): Yes we're
talking about a powerful immense aristocracy that is that has the
intention of using the fear of the environment deteriorating, they're going
to use it to take over the world.
d. 1:33 - Narrator: George Hunt was an official at the World wilderness
congress when he met Maurice Strong in 1987. The congress's international
forum for discussing the environment but Maurice Strong showed up to
introduce a new player financier Edmond de Rothschild the Rothschild
banking dynasty and the proposal to create something called a World
Conservation bank.
e. 1:58 - A recording by Maurice Strong at the 4th World wilderness congress
Denver 1987 introduces Edmond de Rothschild.
f. 2:27 - George Washington Hunt: Maurice Strong was in charge of the
conservation movement but he was also Edmond de Rothschilds righthand man. You have money and the environment in one person Edmond de
Rothschild. Now Maurice Strong I found out during the conference was the
point man the one that was making the decisions.
g. 2:52 - George Washington Hunt: Their aims are to create an anxiety about
global warming.

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Davoud Tohidy

h. 3:30 - Jesse Ventura: so this is really about like an all-world government is

what you're talking about.

3:32 - George Washington Hunt: It is part of the One World Order


6:24 Robin (Jesse Venturas member of Investigation team): he [Maurice

Strong] has been really working as an advisor for the Chinese
government and helping them make money off global warming. He is
helping china sell and trade carbon credits.

k. 7:47 - Jesse Ventura: we've discovered that hundreds of thousands of

the experts can't even agree on global warming but like I said I'm no
scientist, the conspiracy here's a scare tactic to control people, make
billions even trillions in profit and the evidence we've uncovered makes
it pretty clear money is at the root of this movement.
Honorable Ms. Ann Bressington exposes UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Maurice

Strong and Global warming

Honorable Ms. Ann Bressington (hereafter Ms. Bressington), an Independent Member of
the Legislative Council, South Australia spoke at the Lord Monckton Launch on Feb 2, 2013
at the Adelaide Convention Center exposing UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Maurice
Strong. The video of her speech is located at:
The following are some quotes from her speech (Ann Bressington Exposes Club of Rome,
Maurice Strong, UN Agenda 21 and New World Order):
a. 4:34 - Ladies and gentlemen the origins of the environmental movement as
we see it began back in 1968 when the Club of Rome was formed. The Club

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Davoud Tohidy

of Rome has been described as a crisis think tank which specializes in

crisis creation. The main purposes of this think tank, was to formulate a
crisis that would unite the world and condition us to the idea of global
solutions to local problems.
She then after pointing out the Club of Romes quote in regards to pollution
and global warming threat states:
b. 5:39 - That's the origin of global warming ladies and gentlemen.
c. 7:17- In1992, former President of the United States George Bush Sr. Said
The effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation
of human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced. A major
shift in priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented
redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a
concern for the environmental consequences of every human action will be
integrated into individual and collective decision making at every level.
d. 8:20 - in1992 Maurice Strong secretary general of UN earth Summit and a
member of Club of Rome said, It is clear that the current lifestyles and
consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving a high meat
intake, consumption of a large amount of frozen convenience foods, use of
fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles, small electrical appliances, home
and work air conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.
Then Ms. Bressington states: Put those statements together with the previous
one it must become clear that Agenda 21 is about controlling every aspect of
our lives, how we ate, what we ate, how much we ate, hoe we move around,

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Davoud Tohidy

food production, the amount of food and where we even live.[This is part of
the NWO Socialist agenda]
e. 9:13 - Dixie Ray former Washington State governor and Assistant Secretary
for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affair stated:
Agenda 21 seeks to establish a mechanism for transferring the wealth from
citizens to the third world. Fear of environmental crisis would be used to
create a world government and UN central direction.
f. 10:49 - J. Gary Lawrence, adviser to president Clinton's Council on
Sustainable Development, Participating in a UN advocated planning process
would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy fixated groups and
individuals in our society. This segment of our society who fear one world
government and UN invasion through which our individual freedoms
will be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official
who joined the conspiracy by undertaking Agenda 21 so we will call our
process something else. We will call it comprehensive planning or
growth management or SMART growth. We ended up with sustainable
g. 12:21 - We see big projects spending that does not fit the message that we
are in financial crisis but we the people have to tighten our belts while the
government seems absolutely unaware and unconcerned of the amount of
debt that is accumulating. This in turn means taxes and levies, fines and other
penalties increase as well as cost of living rising exponentially and ordinary

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Davoud Tohidy

citizens ability to exist well is compromised with almost with every law that
we pass.
h. 13:44 - The intrusions into our propertywill roll out into the suburbs and
into the city because they have the authority to do that.

14:34 - This government has been working overtime to take over our
rights under common law through many pieces of legislation. Common
law is what guaranties us an ability to correct injustices. This coming year I
promise you, you will also hear the debate over a number of pieces of
legislation that will further erode our common law rights and you have
to get behind me on this ladies and gentlemen to stop this from going


15:00 - As Agenda 21 became more and more apparent to me I began using

the line in the Parliament, The government was now declaring war on its
own citizens and that goes back far as 2008. This of course led me to be
labeled as conspiracy theorist but here we are now openly talking about
Agenda 21and the ramifications we will see in a short period of time if this
is not stopped in its tracks.

k. 17:02 In 1972 the club of Rome published the alarmist limits to

growth document warning worldwide over population, the need for
sustainable development. This was the beginning of the slow process of
social engineering and programming people to accept that the planet is
struggling to sustain life.

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Davoud Tohidy


17:19 On the 8th of October 1973 New York times reported a quote from
Ted Turner also Club of Rome: The social experiment in China under
Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful
in human history.

m. 17:42 - In 1997 Gorbachev also a member of Club of Rome, said We are

moving toward a New World Order, the world of Communism, and we shall
never turn off that road. He also quoted in 1996 Monetary and Economic
Review on Page 5: The environmental crisis will be the international
disaster that will unlock the New World Order, one world government.
n. 18:09 - In1992 came the Earth Summit which produced the Earth Charter,
this document was co-written by Maurice Strong long time globalist the
latest member of Club of Rome and Mikhail Gorbachev. Both Gorbachev
and Strong stated that: It was hoped that this document would be adopted
as the new 10 commandments with environmentalism as the new one
world religion. Out of this summit came Agenda 21.
o. 18:44 - Ted Turner who was also a member of Club of Rome was quoted as
saying in 1996 The total population of 250 300 million people is ideal.
That means a reduction of 95% from present levels would be even more
ideal. Anyone who abhors the China one child policy is simply a dumb
p. 19:08 In 1998 the Baltimore Sun reported on July the 7th, Most of Ted

Turners first donation to the UN of 22 million went to programs that seek

to stall population. Another goal of the depopulation process is for the

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Davoud Tohidy

upcoming generation to submit to sterilization to save Mother Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen everything Ive said here tonight can be verified by
document searches and it is now time for soul to take off our blinkers and
encourage your neighbors to take off their blinkers and also time for you
to demand that every person you elect fully understands this policy that is
being rolled out by local, state and federal government at a concerning
rate. We are not talking about decades we are talking about only years
before this is fully implemented.
q. 20:12 So the question that Lord Monkton asks Carbon TAX, Climate

Change and Agenda 21, Can democracy survive all three? needs to be
answered and answered now.
NASA confirms Sun has entered into hibernation
According to NASA sun has entered into hibernation and as we can see from the
chart on the next page as we approach to 2020, sunspot counts is at its minimum level. This
proves we are in a global cooling era and that we are heading to an ice age. (NASA Sun
Hibernation Chart: Cycle 24 sunspot number prediction (2015/01))

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 1 NASA's Sunspot Count Chart

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Davoud Tohidy

Return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 29% in a year

A chilly Arctic summer has left 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with
ice than at the same time last year an increase of 29 per cent.
days before the annual autumn re-freeze is due to begin, an unbroken ice sheet
more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russias
northern shores. (And now it's global COOLING!)

Figure 2 NASA's Satellite Arctic Comparison Images

Arctic sea ice volume up 50%

According to a report by CBC News on December 16, 2013, the volume of sea ice in
the Arctic is 50 per cent higher than it was last fall, satellite measurements show.
In October 2013, the European Space Agency satellite CryoSat measured 9,000 cubic
kilometres of sea ice on the Arctic Ocean, said an ESA news release Monday. At the same

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Davoud Tohidy

time of year in 2012, it measured just 6,000 cubic kilometers a record low. For more
information compare the following charts from 2010 to 2013. (Arctic sea ice volume up

Figure 3 Arctic Ice Volume October 2010

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 4 Arctic Ice Volume October 2011

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 5 Arctic Ice Volume October 2012

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 6 Arctic Ice Volume October 2013

17-year pause in global temperature rises

THE UN's climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year
pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain's Met Office (Nothing offlimits in Climate Debate)

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 7 UN IPPC' Chief acknowledges Global Warming Pause for 17 years

CO2 and Global Warming

Pollution is one of the false flag threats mentioned by Club of Rome as stated above.

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Davoud Tohidy

So they have come up with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) {It is Carbon Dioxide not Carbon}
as the problem while not only CO2 is NOT a problem but also CO2 is the vital part of our

To put it in simple words human inhale oxygen and exhale CO2

and Plants inhale CO2 and exhale Oxygen. Without CO2 there will NOT be
a terrestrial life on earth! CO2 is NOT a pollutant!!

Table 1 below, which was used by Dr. Tim Ball Canadian Professor of Climatology in
one of his lectures, shows the role of atmospheric greenhouse gasses, man-made and
natural, as a percentage of relative contribution to the greenhouse effect. If we look at it in
more in details we will soon find out that CO2 is responsible for only 3.618% of greenhouse
effect and that Water vapor is the most dominant element in causing greenhouse effect!
and is responsible for 95% of the greenhouse effect! (Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse

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Davoud Tohidy
Table 1 Role of atmospheric greenhouse gasses

Man-made contribution to the greenhouse effect expressed as percentage of total in the

Table 2 below which was also used by Dr. Tim Ball in his presentation. Table 2 shows manmade contribution to the greenhouse effect by all gases including water vapor in
total is only 0.28%! Therefore CO2 is NOT the cause of fictitious global warming!

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Davoud Tohidy
Table 2 Anthropogenic contribution to the greenhouse effect

Adverse effects caused by lower levels of Carbon Dioxide

As demonstrated above we are in a cooling era and we are heading towards an ice
age. This is the result of study made by Philippon-Berthier et al (Philippon-Berthier):

Colder, drier conditions plus lower levels of carbon dioxide equals

with 39% less terrestrial photosynthesis, 60% less forest cover, 30% less
leaf area, 17% less grassland area, 69% less Boreal forests and 286% more
polar deserts.

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Davoud Tohidy

Global Warming Petition Project

More than 31000 American scientists and engineers including more than 9000 have
PhDs have signed a Petition opposing Global Warming and calling to the US Government to
reject the Global Warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997.
The following are the statements made in this Petition (Global Warming Petition Project):
a. The proposed limits on greenhouse gasses would harm the environment,
hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and
welfare of mankind.
b. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of Carbon

Dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the

foreseeable future cause catastrophic heating of the earths atmosphere and
disruption of the earths climate.
c. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in carbon

dioxide produces many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal
environments of the earth.

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 8 Global Warming Petition Project

NASA Scientists Invalidate the Global Warming Hypothesis

Retired NASA Scientists Leighton Stewart - Geologist; Tom Wsymuller
Meteorologist; Dr. Hal Doiron, Rocket Scientist and Walter Cunningham Astronaut
participated at International Conference on Climate change In July 2014 invalidated the
Global Warming Hypothesis.
Dr. Hal Doiron represented a team of 25 scientists. According to Dr. Hal Doiron:

"CO2 Trend for the next century [in the atmosphere] is 600 ppm
where 8000 ppm CO2 concentration is allowed for submarines and 5000
ppm is allowed for NASA Space Station.

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 9 NASA Scientist Dr. Hal Doiron CO2 level in Atmosphere In Perspective

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Davoud Tohidy

Figure 10 NASA Scientist Dr. Hal Doiron CO2 trends in Atmosphere

Their website (The right Climate Stuff):

Watch the video here (NASA Scientists Invalidate the Global Warming Hypothesis):
John Casey Ice Age 2030 2031
Mr. John L. Casey, hereafter Mr. Casey, is the former White House space program
advisor, former consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer, Chairman /
CEO of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEPVC) and author of
the book Cold Sun. Mr. Casey in his Earths Geophysical and Climate Future for 2012 and
Beyond presentation (see the transcripts at the end of this document) demonstrates the
following (John Casey Exposes Global Warming Fraud):

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Davoud Tohidy

a. Global warming has ended

b. An upcoming disastrous cold era with the peak of 2030-2031 has already
c. Manmade global warming is NOT caused by CO2 and claiming so is a fraud
and must be discarded. (Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma agrees with him)
d. Data proves that CO2 is rising however Global Temperatures are dropping. UN
uses the same data to produce fraudulent reports.
e. Scientific methods have a rule that is fundamental. That is the matching of the
field tests to the theory. With the UN it never matches up. Therefore the
IPCCs 5th report must be discarded.
f. The Climategate scandal has shown that scientific data in the UN-IPCC
reports was manipulated to fit the climate model.
g. Sun is going into hibernation and this has been confirmed by several authorities
including NASA and National Solar Observatory in the US Air Force.
h. Sea levels are dropping and will continue to drop. It is being covered up. It is
being covered up because it did not fit the UNs climate model.
i. Provides quotes made by Dr. Stephen Schneider, Mr. Al Gore, Tim Wright and
honorable Christine Stewart, former Minister of the Environment Canada and
Richard Benedict and discusses the underlying issues such as deception and
phony science.
j. Provides a quote from Mr. Strong about the collapse of industrial civilization
and states Mr. Strong has his own devious evil agenda and that he has been
involved in international financial fraud now living in China.

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Davoud Tohidy

k. Provides the Global Warming and Global Cooling Cycle from 1895 to 2040
showing that we have entered into the Global Cooling era since 2008 which
will continue until 2040.
l. Provides Hadcrut4 30, 20 and 10 year trend analysis for the global temperatures
and proves that global temperatures are dropping and that from 1998 until
2012 there has been 14 years of declining in the world temperatures and states
that the earth has gotten colder and no global warming exists anymore.
m. Oceans temperatures have been dropping.
n. The pacific and Atlantic will be the coldest in 200 years and it will last for 40

years, starting 2008.

John Casey assessment of IPCCs 5th Assessment Report
Mr. Casey has made an assessment (Casey, Assessment of the Working Group 1,
IPCC Fifth Assessment Report) of the Working Group 1, IPCC's 5th Assessment Report,
Climate Change 2013, hereafter AR5, : The Physical Science Basis Summary for
Policymakers Report, hereafter Summary and has rendered this report as "fraudulent" .
The following are excerpts from Mr. Caseys assessment:

The UN-IPCC in this Summary report has flagrantly and intentionally:

i. failed to explain its twenty three year long track record of proven inability
to accurately predict climate change
ii. Not publicly and fully disclosed inherent flaws in its methodology,
iii. Kept silent on other climate theories and models that are far superior to
those used by the UN-IPCC

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Davoud Tohidy

iv. Ignored or covered-up critical facts pertaining to the true status of the
Earth's climate
v. Dismissed or hid what the most likely future of the Earth's climate will be,
i.e. decades of record cold weather,
vi. Failed to alert the world community and help it prepare for the imminent
danger of the coming cold climate period. In taking these last two
actions, the UN and its UN-IPCC has put a large portion of the
world's citizens at risk from the ill-effects a rising from this next
climate change.
b. This Summary and future portions of ARS based on the science contained in this
Summary, should be discarded.
c. Given the host of significant errors, flaws in judgment, and simply bad science
found in the Summary, it should not be considered as a worthwhile scientific
document for any policymaker interested in understanding the full range of causes
and effects of climate change and what the next climate era will be like.
d. The Summary also provides sufficient evidence to conclude that there may
have been serious scientific misconduct and breach of professional ethics by
the UN-IPCC and the Summary's authors.
e. Selected Specific Concerns:
i. Global warming, the primary threat of mankind's alleged influence on the
climate has ended. Yet, the UN-IPCC has completely ignored this major,
historic, climate event.

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Davoud Tohidy

1. All global temperature indices from the primary US government

and UN sources of global temperature data and trends show that
there has been no effective growth in the Earth's temperatures for
sixteen years.
2. Additionally, two global climate parameters; atmospheric and
oceanic temperatures, have been in steep decline for seven and ten
years, respectively. Yet, they are discussed li ttle to not at all in the
3. The Summary's attempt to account for these astounding revelations
in direct contravention of the UN's primary alleged cause of
climate change (Le. mankind's CO2 emissions), are shockingly
4. It should be noted that under the physical science and predictions
stated to be 95% accurate in prior UN-I pce climate reports, this
extended lack of global warming much less actual global cooling is
an impossibility given the unaltered growth in global CO2 during
the same period!
5. To now brush aside this climatic '800 Ib gorilla in the room' as a
random case of "decadal and interannual variability" represents
transparently bad science and gross misconduct on the part of
the UN -IPCC. This example of manifest deception, goes to the
heart of this organization's long established inability to
produce trustworthy science, devoid of bias.

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Davoud Tohidy

ii. The UN-IPCC, in an example of unqualified, scientific incompetence

and misconduct has covered-up the beginning of a new potentially
dangerous cold climate period.
1. The era of relatively continuous growth in global temperatures
since the 1830's, has ended with the start of a new global cooling
era that likely began during the 2:003-2:007, time frame. This
significant new development in the Earth's climate history,
unbelievably, goes unmentioned in the Summary. The UN-IPCC
Summary covers up this critical and all important measurement of
the status of the Earth's climate.
2. According to many climate researchers, internationally recognized
climate prediction experts and science organizations, this new cold
climate may cause substantial global crop losses, social
upheaval and extended suffering to the world's citizens. The
Summary fails to mention even the prospect for this new climate
change much less the actual the advent of this new climate.
3. The Summary makes no attempt to alert the world's people of the
need to prepare for the possibility of a new difficult cold period
and in so doing commits one of the most serious violations of
professional scientific conduct in the history of the United Nations,
if not the world. This is another major breach of ethical scientific
behavior on the pa lt of the UN-IPCC, demonstrating a lack of

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Davoud Tohidy

even minimal levels of scientific reliability and ethical conduct

required by any professional science entity!
4. Even if the predicted cold era does not arrive exactly when and to
the degree expected, the wealth of evidence is overwhelming based
on proven, very high reliability climate models, (found outside the
UN), that the new cold era has already begun. This is backed up by
at least ten years of declining global temperatures and other solid
indicators of ongoing global cooling.
5. Out of a sense of reasonable precaution and hllmanitarian concerns
alone, this situation mandates that the UN-IPCC 'come clean' about
this phenomena and explain how it will closely monitor these
developments. Yet, incredulously, the Summary completely hides
this possibly calamitous next change in the Earth's climate from
governments and the world's citizens.
iii. The magnitude of these glaring failures described in a. and b. [I and II in
this document] above cannot be overstated. They are sufficient to classify
the ARS Summary for Policymakers and following ARS reports as being
highly unreliable and without scientific merit at the outset. Further, the
egregious nature of these failings in the Summary may constitute a gross
breach of scientific ethics warranting sanctions against the UN-IPCC and
the authors of the Summary.
f. The ARS Summary fails to account for the fact that this Summary and all
previous UN IPCC reports and associated global climate models (GCM) have

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Davoud Tohidy

failed by a wide margin to accurately predict climate change and are de facto
g. The Summary adds to past UN-IPCC scientific deception by making use of false
extrapolation of past temperature trends to justify un realistic future climate
h. The Summary for Policymakers ignores the more important role of the Sun and
solar activity forcing in climate variation.
i. Like previous UN reports, the AR5 Summary reinforces the UN's past
deception on climate understanding by once more refusing to consider the
overwhelming rol e the Sun has in dominating climate change on Earth.
ii. This is one of the most recognized corruptions of the entire UN's
climate change research since the UN-IPCC began in 1988.
iii. In order to elevate the minor role of mankind's miniscule contribution to
climate change, the UN at the outset had to cover-up and diminish the
incredibly powerful solar forcing factors in climate change. This report
continues this sad legacy.
iv. To the point, the SSRC [Space and Science Research Center] has shown
through extensive solar cycle analysis backed up by a series of highly
accurate major climate change predictions, that the current climate
reversal underway that is taking the Earth's climate from the past
global warming to the new global cooling era is being driven by a 206
year repeating solar cycle. This is a time frame far outside of the normal
ranges considered by the UN-IPCC. The UN-IPCC, effectively has its

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Davoud Tohidy

'blinders on' and so by not understanding how these long cycles are the
dominant drivers of climate change, cannot therefore appreciate the full
set of climate influencing factors.
v. The UN-IPCC thus demonstrates once more in this Summary, that they are
either fundamentally ignorant of the most powerful forces behind climate
change or they have intentionally chosen to ignore them.
i. The Summary makes a host of claims and predictions about the Earth's climate
and its future that are either in dispute, contradicted by other research, highly
unlikely, or cannot be sufficiently validated with available science.
i. Though citing some positive, selected, science research to back up most of
its claims, the UN Summary once more plays loose with the facts in a
scientific 'shell game' of data and research. For example, the report
surprisingly attempts to resurrect the myth of an imminent threat of
Antarctica melting implying the threat of global sea level rise is still with
us. This assertion in the Summary flies in the face of the widely known
truth and most recent data about the Antarctic. Namely, it is still on a
thirty-plus year, long term trend of ever colder temperatures and is still
setting all -time records for sea ice extent.
ii. This Summary's conclusion of Antarctic melting is even in conflict
with its last report AR4 from 2007, wherein the UN predicted ", .. the
Antarctic ice sheet will remain too cold for widespread surface melting
and is expected to gain in mass due to increased snowfall."

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Davoud Tohidy

iii. The Summary's predictions for Arctic sea ice decline and Greenland ice
shelf melting also fail to consider well known natural cycles and the
periodic variation for these areas. Similarly, the Summary and the UN
once again fail to consider the now validated reversals of major ocean
temperature trends for the Arctic and Greenland and the entire North
Atlantic that afford these areas potentially decades of sea ice and ice shelf
growth in the immediate future.
iv. On the issue of sea level measurement, the report also fails to address the
transparent and unresolved wide discrepancy that exists between satellite
and ocean based tidal gauge measurements, which depending on which
standard is used, substantially changes the current sea level status and
future sea level growth predictions.
v. The Summary's allegation that the sea level measurements between tidal
gauges and satellite are "consistent' is still hotly contested.
vi. Moreover, the sea level predictions in this Summary cannot be relied
upon since they are based on the UN's global temperature predictions
from their GCM which have consistently been shown to be
substantially unreliable.
j. The SSRC evaluated the nineteen highlighted claims or climate predictions found
within the Summary and classified them according to the following criteria:
i. Misleading, Incomplete or Inaccurate, noted as "M."
ii. Patently False or Highly Unlikely, noted as "F."
iii. Accurate or likely Accurate, noted as "A."

38 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

k. Of the nineteen major claims about the causes and effects of climate change or
predictions of our next important climate events, the SSRC assessed them as
i. "M" Category Claims: Five
ii. "F '' Category Claims: Fourteen
iii. "A" Category Claims: None
l. This remarkably poor performance represents a profound indictment of the
Summary and warrants it being categorized as a completely unusable reference
for climate science and totally unacceptable as a suitable document for
m. Geoengineering
i. The mere mention in the Summary of "proposed" geoengineering
approaches to "counter climate change," is deeply disconcerting. The UNIPCC has shown through over twenty years of research, that it is
essentially ineffective, unreliable, and potentially untrustworthy. Any
attempts, therefore, by the UN or any other government program
using UN-IPCC science to mitigate global climate change direction,
should be immediately terminated.
ii. The SSRC believes using UN-IPCC methods and GHG science as basis
for deciding how and when to conduct climate manipulation may result
in significant harmful consequences to humans and the environment
on a global scale. Such efforts may also result in an unacceptably

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Davoud Tohidy

large waste of resources even for small climate modifications on a

regional basis.
iii. Regardless, any organization like the UN-IPCC with a historically
proven lack of understanding as to how the climate operates now, has
operated in the past, and will operate in the future, should be the last
organization anyone should seek out for advise on climate alternation
much less be allowed to actually conduct such.
International Researches predict solar Hibernation
Researchers who have predicted a long term solar minimum or solar hibernation
and/or a new climate change to a period of long lasting cold weather based upon solar
activity (Casey, Cold Climate forecasters)
a. Dr. Habibullo I. Abdussamatov: Russian Academy of Scientists. Head of space
research at the Pulkova Observatory, St. Petersburg.
b. David Archibald. Summa Development Limited. (Australia).
c. Dr. O.G.Badalyan, and Dr.V.N. Obridko, Institute of Terrestrial Magnestism.
Russia, Dr.J.Sykora. Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Slovak Republic.
d. Dr. B. P. Bonev, Dr. Kaloyan M. Penev, Dr. Stefano Sello.
e. John L. Casey, President, Space and Science Research Corporation. Orlando,
f. Dr. Peter Harris. Engineer, retired, Queensland, Australia.
g. Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera. Researcher at the National Autonomous
University of Mexico.

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Davoud Tohidy

h. Drs. Y.T.Hong, H.B. Jiang, T.S. Liu, L.P.Zhou, J.Beer, H.D. Li, X.T.Leng,
B.Hong, and X.G. Qin.
i. Dr. Boris Komitov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Astronomy, and
Dr. Vladimir Kaftan: Central Research Institute of Geodesy, Moscow.
j. Dr. Theodor Landscheidt (1927- 2004), Schroeter Institiute for Research in
Cycles of Solar Activity, Canada)
k. Dr. Tim Patterson: Dept. of Earth Sciences, Carleton Univ., Canada.
l. Drs. Ken K. Schatten and W.K.Tobiska. (In other works D.Hoyt)
m. Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin. Merited Scientist of Russia and Fellow of the Russian
Academy of Natural Sciences and researcher at the Oceanology Institute.
n. Drs. Ian Wilson, Bob Carter, and I.A. Waite
o. Drs. Lin Zhen-Shan and Sun Xian. Nanjing Normal University, China

Anthony Watts on Global warming

Mr. Anthony Watts (hereafter Mr. Watts ) is the former AMS certified (Seal 676
retired) / TV Certified Broadcast Meteorologists (List of AMS Television Seal Holders) who
spent 25 years on the air and who also operates a weather technology and content
business, as well as continues daily forecasting on radio. Weather measurement and
weather presentation technology is his specialty. He also provides weather stations and
custom weather monitoring solutions via
The following are quotes from an article published on April 29, 2013 by Mr. Watts
quoting from Radio Voice of Russia titled Russian Scientists say period of global
cooling ahead due to changes in the sun (Russias Pulkovo Observatory: we could be in
for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years):

41 of 141

Davoud Tohidy
a. Yuri Nagovitsyn of the Pulkovo Observatory, says: Evidently, solar activity is

on the decrease. The 11-year cycle doesnt bring about considerable climate
change only 1-2%. The impact of the 200-year cycle is greater up to 50%. In
this respect, we could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years. The
period of low solar activity could start in 2030-2040 but it wont be as
pervasive as in the late 17th century.
b. Global warming which has been the subject of so many discussions in recent

years, may give way to global cooling. According to scientists from the Pulkovo
Observatory in St. Petersburg, solar activity is waning, so the average yearly
temperature will begin to decline as well.
Climate change reconsidered II (Non-Governmental Panel on Climate Change)
Dr. Fred Singer, an atmospheric and space physicist, founded the Science and
Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and the Nongovernmental International Panel on
Climate Change (NIPCC). He served as professor of environmental sciences at the
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (197194); distinguished research professor at
the Institute for Space Science and Technology, Gainesville, FL (198994); chief scientist,
U.S. Department of Transportation (1987 89); vice chairman of the National Advisory
Committee for Oceans and Atmosphere (NACOA) (198186); deputy assistant
administrator for policy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (197071); deputy
assistant secretary for water quality and research, U.S. Department of the Interior (1967
70); founding dean of the School of Environmental and Planetary Sciences, University of
Miami (196467); first director of the National Weather Satellite Service (196264); and
director of the Center for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Maryland (1953

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Davoud Tohidy

62). Dr. Singer did his undergraduate work in electrical engineering at Ohio State
University and holds a Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University.
Dr. Singer has published more than 200 technical papers in peer-reviewed scientific
journals, including EOS: Transactions of the AGU, Journal of Meteorology and Atmospheric
Physics, Science, Nature, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Geophysical
Research Letters, and International Journal of Climatology. His editorial essays and articles
have appeared in Cosmos, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New Republic,
Newsweek, Journal of Commerce, Washington Times, Washington Post, and many other
publications. His accomplishments have been featured in front-cover stories appearing in
Time, Life, and U.S. News & World Report.
Dr. Singer is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of
Science (AAAS), American Geophysical Union, American Physical Society, and American
Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was elected to the AAAS Council and served
on the Committee on Council Affairs, and as Section Secretary. In 1997, NASA presented Dr.
Singer with a commendation and cash award for important contributions to space
research. (Dr. Fred Singer Bio)
NIPCC is what its name suggests: an international panel of nongovernment
scientists and scholars who have come together to understand the causes and
consequences of climate change. Because we are not predisposed to believe climate
change is caused by human greenhouse gas emissions, we are able to look at evidence
the IPCC ignores. Because we do not work for any governments, we are not biased
toward the assumption that greater government activity is necessary. (Climate
Change Reconsidered 2011 Interim Report)

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Davoud Tohidy

One Page Summary of Climate Change Reconsidered II

The Global Warming Crisis Is Over (One Page Summary of Climate Change
Reconsidered II)

Two major multi-volume reports on global warming were released in 2013 and so
far in 2014,one by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and
one by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). NIPCC is an
international network of some 50 independent scientists from 15 countries, many of them
distinguished and with no financial stake in the debate. Their new report consists of two
volumes, each approximately 1,000 pages long, together citing nearly 6,000 peer-reviewed
Here is what the scientists found:

There is no scientific consensus on the human role in climate change.

Future warming due to human greenhouse gases will likely be much less than
IPCC forecasts.
Carbon dioxide has not caused weather to become more extreme, polar
ice and sea ice to melt, or sea level rise to accelerate. These were all false
The likely benefits of man-made global warming exceed the likely costs.
Here is what this means for public policy:

Global warming is not a crisis. The threat was exaggerated.

There is no need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and no point in
attempting to do so. Its time to repeal unnecessary and expensive policies.

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Davoud Tohidy

Future policies should aim at fostering economic growth to adapt to natural

climate change.
What about those who still say global warming is a crisis?
The UNs new report walks back nearly a dozen earlier claims, contains
more than a dozen errors, and tries to cover up new discoveries that
contradict its earlier claims.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) relies heavily on the UNs
reports for its finding that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. That finding is now
Environmental groups refuse to admit they were wrong. It was never about
the science for them.
For more information, visit or
The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) is a project of
the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, the Science and
Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), and The Heartland Institute.

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Davoud Tohidy

Quotes from Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts (NIPCC, Climate
Change Reconsidered II:Biological impacts)
Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts describes thousands of peerreviewed scientific journal articles that do not support, and often flatly contradict, IPCCs
pessimistic narrative of death, injury, and disrupted livelihoods. The impact of rising
temperatures and higher atmospheric CO2 levels in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries
has not been anything like what IPCC would have us believe, and its forecasts differ wildly from
those sound science would suggest.
In sharp contrast to IPCCs pessimistic forecast of declining food production,
NIPCCs authors say a future warming of the climate coupled with rising atmospheric
CO2 levels will boost global agricultural production and help meet the food needs of
the planets growing population. They find the positive direct effects of CO2 on crop
yields tend to overcome any negative effects associated with changed weather conditions.
Journalists, policymakers, and the interested public should demand to know why
IPCC either hides or is silent about these truths.
The human impact on global climate is small, and any warming that may occur as
a result of human carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions is likely to
have little effect on global temperatures, the cryosphere (ice-covered areas),
hydrosphere (oceans, lakes, and rivers), or weather.
A phase of temperature stasis or cooling has succeeded the mild warming of the
twentieth century. Similar periods of warming and cooling due to natural variability are
certain to occur in the future irrespective of human emissions of greenhouse gases.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

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Davoud Tohidy

The ongoing rise in the airs CO2 content is causing a great greening of the Earth.
There is little or no risk of increasing food insecurity due to global warming or
rising atmospheric CO2 levels.
Terrestrial ecosystems have thrived throughout the world as a result of warming
temperatures and rising levels of atmospheric CO2.
Rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels do not pose a significant
threat to aquatic life.
A modest warming of the planet will result in a net reduction of human mortality
from temperature-related events.
Carbon dioxide is the basis of nearly all life on Earth. It is the primary raw
material utilized by most plants to produce the organic matter from which they construct
their tissues. Not surprisingly, thousands of laboratory and field experiments
conducted over the past 200 years demonstrate that plant productivity and growth
both rise as the CO2 concentration of the air increases.
The thawing of permafrost caused by increases in air temperature will likely not
transform peatlands from carbon sinks to carbon sources. Instead, rapid terrestrialization
likely will act to intensify carbon-sink conditions.
IPCCs forecast of future species extinction relies on a narrow view of the literature
that is highly selective and based almost entirely on model projections as opposed to realworld observations; the latter often contradict the former.
Numerous shortcomings are inherent in the models utilized in predicting the impact
of climate on the health and distributions of animal species. Assumptions and limitations
make them unreliable.

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Davoud Tohidy

Multiple lines of evidence indicate animal species are adapting, and in some
cases evolving, to cope with climate change of the modern era, as expected by Darwinian
evolution and well established ecological concepts.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is invisible, odorless, nontoxic, and does not seriously
affect human health until the CO2 content of the air reaches approximately 15,000
ppm, more than 37 times greater than the current concentration of atmospheric
CO2 (Luft et al., 1974). There is no reason to be concerned about any direct
adverse human health consequences of the ongoing rise in the airs CO2
content now or in the future, as even extreme model projections do not indicate
anthropogenic activities will raise the airs CO2 concentration above 1,000 to 2,000

The natural variability of oceanic pH is often much greater than the change in pH
levels forecast by IPCC.
Warmer temperatures lead to a decrease in temperature-related mortality,
including deaths associated with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and strokes.
The evidence of this benefit comes from research conducted in every major country of the
Cold-related deaths are far more numerous than heat-related deaths in the
United States, Europe, and almost all countries outside the tropics. Coronary and cerebral
thrombosis account for about half of all cold-related mortality.

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Davoud Tohidy

The ongoing rise in the airs CO2 content is not only raising the productivity of
Earths common food plants but also significantly increasing the quantity and potency of
the many health promoting substances found in their tissues, which are the ultimate
sources of sustenance for essentially all animals and humans.
Atmospheric CO2 enrichment positively impacts the production of numerous healthpromoting substances found in medicinal or health food plants, and this phenomenon
may have contributed to the increase in human life span that has occurred over the
past century or so.
Transcript of John Casey exposes global warming fraud (Excerpts): (Casey, John
Casey Exposes Global Warming Fraud):
Note by Davoud Tohidy: Some of the charts have been downloaded from the Internet to increase the
readability. Mr. John Caseys charts cover until 2013 however the new ones here cover until 2014 or 2015
and that:

There is a conspiracy to show that the earths temperatures are rising. This
fraudulent increase in temperature (the green line) is apparent in the right side of
the updated Hadcrut4 20 year and 10 year Trend Analysis charts for the years
2014-2015 in this transcript.

Start of Transcripts:


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Davoud Tohidy
We're going to talk about this dangerous loophole where that's coming. We're also going to talk about
fraud of man-made Global Warming.


The truth is we have been misled by the United Nations and our own Government [US
government], Republican and Democratic administrations about the truth of our climate.


On Screen: Excerpt from the Book Cold Sun Author John Casey:

A historic reduction in the energy output of the sun has begun. The most likely outcome from this
solar hibernation will be widespread global loss of life and social, economic, and political
disruption. You must prepare for this life altering event now! Cold sun Page 1


First off the sun has gone to state of hibernation. My research showed five years ago when I first
detected cycle that every two hundred and six years the Sun does this. When it goes into hibernation

It cuts back its energy output, it makes the earth cold.


Last time when we heard this in the period of roughly 1820 and according to historian John D. Post

it was the world's greatest subsidence crisis because this cold era, this cold phenomena destroyed much of
the planets crops. Many people starved and froze to death including here in the US.


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Davoud Tohidy
In the page 7 of my book [Cold Sun] you will see another important statement that says: When these
cold eras come we will also have the worst ever earthquake and volcano eruptions.


In fact we have been we have been denied the truth of climate change. One cannot go to the mainstream
media and find the truth. It's simply is not there. What you will find is lies, deceptions smoke-and-mirrors

all in an attempt to force the agenda 21 and sustainable development program throughout the world. It is
not a global mash lightning conspiracy, it is a fundamental socialist conspiracy that has begun
many decades ago as doctor . mentioned this is now a major global effort for a new form of One
World Order.


The scientists across the US and across the world to know the truth about the climate but cannot and will
not tell you the truth for a lot of reasons some of which you already know, power, money, political
influence, fear, all these factors in.


As soon as I said global warming was coming to an end a new my climate era was coming and that the
sun's going hibernation five years ago I was immediately attacked from every side of the political
spectrum, conservatives, liberals, the media, scientific community, everyone attacked me for making
such bold statements.


I came out of the space program, I was one of the climate scientists, was an environmentalist,
conservationist and can tell certainly I was not a senator with the documentary of Hollywood.

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Davoud Tohidy

On Screen excerpt from the book Clod Sun page 4:

The Truth about manmade global warming

The theory of manmade global warming and climate change based on human greenhouse gas
emissions is the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated on the worlds citizens.

I heard someone else made a comment similar to mine the courageous Senator James Inhofe from
Oklahoma and has called [the manmade global warming] the greatest scientific fraud ever
perpetrated in the American Citizenery.


So why is this greenhouse gas a fraud? .but basically it came out of the UN. We were told that for the
foreseeable futures as long as the CO2 continue to go up, earth will get hotter and hotter and glacier will
melt and flood the coast line in a major cities. That has not happened. In fact CO2 continues to go
up but guess what has happened to the global temperatures? Is it going up? No. Global
temperatures have been dropping. Ill show you the data, the same data that the UN uses to
produce their fraudulent reports.


The natural production of CO2 is 20 to 40 times greater than the worst case scenario of mankinds
production but they ignore all of that. In fact the UN reports ignore much of what drives climate and
they had to in order to get this fraud instigated.


One thing that scientists do as a rule that is fundamental to the scientific method, once we have a theory

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Davoud Tohidy
then we go out and we explore that theory we do all the testing and the data and analysis and then we
come back and look at that theory and say does the data match up with the theory? With the UN it never
matches up.


If you go to the last UN report [5th report] on climate from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
you will see several scenarios made form 20 different global climate models that predict based on

how much CO2 produced by mankind, NOT nature but mankind, which temperature growth chart will
apply. If you go back and look at all of them, none of them worked. Now this is fundamentally
important if you are a scientist or just a lay person, if the theory never works we should discard it.


Those of you kept up with this and have read some of the exposes of emails between cooperating
scientists on this fraud of climate science, climate gate 1 and now there is climate gate 2 another 1000
emails came out and there are two key things that one sees all of these emails., one thing you see is

Scientists actively corrupting the data, covering up to data to show their fraudulent reports are


The other thing you see in reading these emails is that what should be there is missing. We don't see
emails between these UN scientists that say we should be doing everything we can to make sure our
science is correct in our data ultimate integrity before the people. That is what should read in these
emails, It is a cover up, it is a deception. That is what we read.


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Davoud Tohidy
If you go back and trace the origins of climate change vis-a-vis the UN its intergovernmental panel

and the well described Maurice Strong, you'll find out that all of this got started back in the UK when
Margaret Thatcher was fine battle coal miner unions strikes that were devastating their economy, she
wanted a way to get out from under coal as a fuel source so she wouldn't have to mess with the unions
anymore. She went to an outdated scientific theory from 1896 which was disproved when it was first
proposed and she said aha this man-made CO2 thing might do it. I can convert us all to nuclear and we
can get rid of the Coal Unions and I'll be free of that problem and that ladies and gentlemen is how all


but what we find when we go back and look at all these UN reportstwo little universities in

England, the Hateley Center and the University of East Anglia. They are two of the most primary centers
for excellence on Climate Change used by the UN. They come out with a database called hadcrut, it is
combined dataset of global temperatures and other things. So why is it that two little obscured and
unknown universities in England became source of all of this? because Margaret Thatcher pumped

lots of money into them to tell us right or wrong but in a predetermined method that CO2 produced by
man is at the source of all evil.


On Screen note: Why the UNs greenhouse gas theory of climate change is a

fraud and must be discarded.

The Climategate scandal has shown that scientific data in the UN-IPCC reports was
manipulated to fit the climate model.

The entire UN and current US Government program of manmade climate change is not about
science It originated in the mid 1980s as a UK program for control of the coal industry and has
morphed into a global program under the UN to impose socialist policies.

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Davoud Tohidy
AGW [manmade global warming] is the greatest scientific fraud ever because of the billions
of people who will suffer because of it.


On Screen note: Global Warming A Deception from the start

Two quotes made by Dr. Stephen Schneider and Mr. Al Gore

We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little
mention of any doubts we might have. This 'double ethical bind' we frequently find ourselves in
cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between
being effective and being honest. Late (2011) Dr. Stephen Schneider (Leading advocate of the
global warming theory)(in an interview for Discover Magazine, Oct 1989)

Nobody is interested in solutions if they don't think there's a problem. Given that starting point, I
believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how
dangerous it is as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are
Former Vice President Al Gore (Now chairman and co-founder of Generation Investment
Management, a London based business that sells carbon credits.) ( in an interview with Grist
Magazine may 9, 2006 concerning his book, An Inconvenient truth)


That [the quote made by Dr. Stephen Schneider] is a deception.

17:59 On Screen note: Global Warming A Deception from the start

Two quotes made by Tim Wright and Christine Stewart

Even if the theory of the global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing In
terms of economic policy and environmental policy Tim Wright, while US Senator, Colerado.

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Davoud Tohidy
After a short stint as United Nations Under-Secretary for Global Affairs he now serves as
President, U.N Foundation, created by Ted Turner and his $1 Billion gift

No matter if the science is Phony, there are collateral environmental benefitsClimate

change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.
Christine Stewart, former Minister of the Environment Canada (Quote from the Calgary Herald,


but here is probably the most telling and concise statement [Statement of Honourable Christine Stewart
above] about what is happening. We're going to give you phony science. We are going to lie to you, we
are not going to tell you the truth about what's happening to climate because we have this hidden
agenda that we define in the progressive liberal community about what is justice and what is equality.
We're going to force it on you regardless what you want or what you believe.


We could go on and on but let me give you this comment from Maurice Strong, the most rotten apple
in the barrel. Maurice Strong who started the Kyoto Protocols environmental development program at
the UN and created the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1988 really has his own
devious evil agenda.

19:24 On Screen note: Global Warming A Deception from the start

Two quotes made by Maurice Strong and Richard Benedict

We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial
civilization to collapse Isnt that our job to bring that about? Maurice Strong, An
author of the UN Kyoto protocol, Founder of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change (UN-IPCC) (1988) and chairman of the 1992 UN Rio Conference on Environment and

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Davoud Tohidy

A global treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back

(enhanced) greenhouse effect. Richard Benedict, Deputy Asst. Secretary of State (Policy)


He [Maurice Strong] wants to reduce our industry to nothing. He wants them [industry] to collapse.
Those are his words, he says to all the UN, this is Rio 20 years ago by the way. He wants everyone in
that international group to help make that happen he says it is our job to make it happen. How evil is that?


He [Maurice Strong] was also same guy that took and endorsed nearly one million dollar check
Saddam Husseins pay off for his role in that oil for food scam.


He [Maurice Strong] was fired after the . Commission, he was fired from the UN congratulations by
Kofi Annan for a job well done, and now he is living in China doing more mischief there.

21:02 On Screen chart: Weve been through Climate Alarmism Before

1. 1895 1920s Global Cooling
2. 1930s

Global Warming

3. 1950s

Global Cooling

4. 1960s

Global Warming

5. 1974 1980s Global Cooling

6. 1988 2007

Global Warming

7. 2008 2040

Disastrous Global Cooling


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Davoud Tohidy
This chart only talks about last 110 - 115 years or so. This cycle that I discovered in April 2007 is
206 years long.


Every 206 years, going back 1200 years, the Sun goes in hibernation.


so let's look at the data

here's the last 30 years now there's an important date to see any chart but let me point you right here.
This is where the Green Line peaks. You can forget to red line basically starts for the chart starts down
here and ends it doesn't tell you what's happening in the future


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Davoud Tohidy
The Green Line is the fifth order pivot binomial, it is a Math term but basically tells you what's the
underlying trend.


The underlying trend shows that right in here global warming peaks and we have been in a steep decline
since. Lets go to the next chart.


Here's the closer view the last 20 years. Here is the very high temperature of 1998 the warmest year

this century possibly tied with 1934 but most likely the hottest year.


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Davoud Tohidy
And here is when it stop it started to drop. lets look at the last 10 years


here you are ladies and gentleman, follow the green line and now you can follow the red line if you wish
because now everything is down. Look at this steep drop, it is dropping even more rapidly.


I made my prediction right here in a very warm year in 2007, the same year that Al Gore was told he was
gonna win Nobel Peace Prize for creating awareness. I think he created something else but I can use
that in public discussion.


60 of 141

Davoud Tohidy
but if you extend this back to 1998, ladies and gentlemen, [it is]14 years of declining world
temperatures. How many times have we seen on evening news and read in the paper the earth is getting
warmer and warmer and warmer.


Certainly it is countless over the last 12 years when we've been told the earth is getting warmer, it has
not and it has gotten colder. That is the truth.


ladies and gentleman there is no global warming anymore.


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Davoud Tohidy
Let's look at the details behind global warming, lets look at the ocean because I'll tell you now as the
oceans goes so goes the rest of the planet. The oceans are a vast unfathomable no pun intended heat
sink, it absorbs energy and releases energy.


The cycles of the ocean currents, the Al Gore community would have you believe react just like that,
they do not. It takes hundreds or thousands of years for currents in various parts of the earth to
complete their cycle. That is one of the primary reasons that we still see CO2 going up even though
temperatures has started to drop rapidly, because the vast majority of CO2 on this planet is in the


It has little or nothing to do with the last 100 years of manmade CO2 production which is still

a miniscule part in the total because all of CO2 that's in the ocean just created 800 or thousands
years ago.


What we're seeing is a natural growth cycle in CO2.


62 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

This chart gives you the big picture for the decline in ocean temperatures. It's very similar to

30 year chart you saw before for the atmosphere.


Let me show you however what happened. Right in this area here 2005 to 2007 temperatures peak. They
drop dramatically, historically in 2008 which very few people read about in newspapers and so on TV.

Peaked again in 2010 but look at this if you extend that line down through the center of these other lines
we are dropping rapidly

63 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

When it comes to the ocean temperatures in the northern hemisphere we follow two primary cycles.

they have the wrong cycles 40, 60, 80 and100 years long. In this case I'm talking about the PDO
cycle, pacific decadal cycle it is a 50-60 year cycle but I am showing you 100 years of it to give you a
bigger picture here.


Here you can see how the cycle drops, peaks, drops, peaks and drops again. We are currently in the

64 of 141

Davoud Tohidy
dropping phase of the PDO cycle. We will hit the bottom right in here if we haven't hit it already. Look
what happens if you get into the bottom cycle how long it stays cold? 40 years.


Closing in on that last 30 years as you can see the Pacific Ocean, Northern Pacific has been
dropping like a rock for 30 years. The other major cycle we follow in Northern Hemisphere is the
Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation or AMO cycle similar to the PDO but not in the same phase

as at all times goes up, it goes down, goes up, it goes down, next time you hear presentation from this
cycle will through to you because where we were told that fishing stocks with depleted by overfishing

in some cases that is true. On a global basis not true at all. If you look at what's happened in the salmon

area for example we were told we would have to stop salmon fishing, we did


When the oceans are cold we have more fish it is that simple.


See these peak lines here; look at the similar pattern we see here, red peak. Now the AMO cycle might
still stay warm for a few more years but then it is going to drop way down, down here. It is going to be
the coldest in 200 years and when it is cold the PDO cycle will be at bottom. The pacific and
Atlantic will be the coldest in 200 years and it will last for 40 years.


How many in here that we're told the earth underwent a dramatic reduction in sea levels? maybe 10
percent of you. Why isnt it that everyone on this planet knows that it was on the front page on the New

65 of 141

Davoud Tohidy
York Times and Chicago Tribune and why we were not seeing that on ABC, MBC and Fox News?
Never saw it. It wasnt a major event! It was being covered up. It was being covered up because it did
not fit the UNs climate model.


I am here to tell you after five years of providing all the data that the mainstream media including Fox
News, none of them are willing to tell you the truth. That is very sad. That is tragic.


This current administration promised to restore scientific integrity to this country. It has gotten much
much worse.


I have issued a press release; it is on the current press release on the website Space and Science
Research Corporation. It tells you my forecast for future on the sea level decline.

33:35 Lets go to the next chart. Ill tell you what is happening with the sea levels.

66 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

This is a very very important chart you need to understand this chart and tell your friends and
family. This tells you what's really happening with global sea levels. It is the rate of increase or
decline not where it is only in a particular day, but how fast it is going up or how fast it is going
down. This is the annual chart and it goes back to 1998. Obviously sea levels are really growing
rapidly during the warmest year of the century but then they drop rapidly within the couple of
years. In fact below this line that means sea level are dropping or shrinking. Global Sea levels
shrunk in 2000 we were not told about that were we? No. We were not told again in 2003 and 2004
that global sea levels have dropped to a near record low. We certainly were not told that they broke
through the line again in 2007 and 2008. In 2007 and 2008 Al [Gore] was getting his Nobel Prize
and the US government was telling us that the Arctic is disappearing. The head of Arctic research
group at NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) said by 2008 all of the ice in the
Arctic would be gone. That is the lunacy that we have been getting from our Government.


It went back up and look what happened again this is the two-year drop that we saw in the previous slide.
Never before recorded in the year of satellite detection of global sea level. Never before seen. Did
anyone see this on the front page? No. Instead what did we see? Global see levels are rising. We were
lied to. For two years solid we were lied to.

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Davoud Tohidy

The way the level rises ladies and gentlemen is not because of how much gas we put in our cars and
trucks. It comes from the heating of the Ocean.


What causes the heating of the Ocean? Other than Al Gores ego! It is the Sun. The sun heats the earth
the Sun heats the Oceans, and expands the and that is what cause the sea level rise.


Now the sun is going into hibernation it is a locked step, we are going to see global sea level drop for
decades. That phase already has begun and this chart Sea Level Annual Rate of Decline proves it.


So who can you trust? We cant trust the TV we cant trust the Media, Mainstream Media. Some papers
are very good but most are not. Who can you trust? Can you go to NASA and find the right data? Not
the current NASA.


The last NASA administrator was effectively fired for not following President Obama's climate
change policy.


The president put another guy, he thought he could manipulate. Major General Charles Bolden an
astronaut who has been embarrassed by our president and yet he's a trooper staying in there but he knows
the truth.

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Davoud Tohidy

You cant go to the NOAA administrator, the presidents science adviser that is why almost 2 years ago
now after reading the reports they sent to Congress I called for the firing of the NOAA administrator
and firing of the Presidents science adviser for lying to the people in the US Congress.


We have universities in the state and throughout the US and very good scientists who have sold out
us. We have sold the Constitution they have sold their jobs and their integrity for the almighty
dollar given to them by President Obama to do only manmade global warming climate science.



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Davoud Tohidy


This solar hibernation is real and everything that comes from the new climate change and so forth. Well
not only that I predicted I confirmed and held a press conference on the 1st of July, almost 4 years ago
and announced officially that global warming had ended in ATV Several things happened right after
that the Chicago Climate Credit Exchange collapsed within 30 days. I am really proud of that. The term
global warming was all of a sudden no longer used in the white house, it went to Climate Change
so they could co-opt the new cold era as also being caused by mankind.


NASA has confirmed my prediction, so is the National Solar Observatory in the US Air Force, in
fact some of the same scientists are stepped forward and said yes this is true and are saying it is
going to be much colder than what I am predicting.


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Davoud Tohidy
This is a bigger picture of the sun spot cycle that shows the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum
Dalton Minimum was very cold.Thousands of people were frozen and starved to death in the US.
In 1816 we had a year called the year without the summer.all the crops were destroyed. We will have
worst happen this go around.


River was frozen. If that happens ladies and gentleman and if we have a cold era as cold as
Maunder Minimum the death and destruction in the global and social and economic upheaval will

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Davoud Tohidy
be biblical in scale. I am saying that it is going to be as cold as Dalton Minimum and that is going to
be bad enough.


this just shows the predicted sunspot cycle we are in. I predicted it would peak in 2012 and guess what
happened ladies and gentlemen, exactly what I said. Now we get a double peak, see the double peak here,
but the main peak came in 2012 we are now dropping coming back in the double peak in 2013. When I
called the head of NASA Physics group I said we are going to peak in 2012 and sun spot count about 74
on average. Look at this, 50, 75 with the double peak in here we are going to be may be even less than 74.


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Davoud Tohidy
This is the chart by friend of mine which shows the big picture for the next few decades which shows the
global warming we just when through and now heading for a long multi decadal drop.


This is a mathematician interpretation of my prediction, my RC theory, it shows that the bottom

temperature statistically will be 2031 according his formula he developed from my theory. My

73 of 141

Davoud Tohidy
theory and the math showed the year 2031.

Dr. Abdussamatov the Russian Scientist, whose chart you last saw said the 2030s. Dr. Theodor
Landscheidt one of the foremost late researchers in this field predicted decades ago that it would be


and you can tell your children your grandchildren to be prepared. What do you do if you go the store in
two years there is no bread? Because a freak cold front came through and wiped out the Montana that
is the kind of thing we need to be prepared for we have to be prepared for dramatic, historic, major,
geophysical events in the future.


I mentioned the volcanoes and earthquakes

74 of 141

Davoud Tohidy


This is the big one here in the US. The last time we had a solar hibernation worst earthquakes in the US
history occurred. The New Madrid Fall. This fall still there still active it could break open again, if it
does like it did the last it will devastate the US economy beyond measure.

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Davoud Tohidy

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Davoud Tohidy

Formal Expert Testimonies before US Senate, UK Parliament and other Committees

Dr. Don Easterbrook

Professor Don Easterbrook (hereafter Dr. Easterbrook) is the Professor Emeritus

of Geology Western Washington University Bellingham, WA. Dr. Easterbrook presented a
fantastic hard data driven testimony before the US Senate Committee on March 26, 2013 in
which he used several original graphs and actual data collected by actual field tests
and proved that Global Warming as well as man-made global warming are false. He also
proved that a cooling cycle has already started since 1998 and that CO2 can NOT
cause of global warming and that claims of significant sea level rise are NOT valid. He
blamed NASA for tampering with the data in order to show warming trend. (SENATE
This presentation is also available at:
Tuesday March 26th 2013,). However please note that if you use this video then the
timing for the transcripts and slides that I have provided in this article will not
match with this video since it has extra conversations.
Only one slide in Dr. Easterbrooks presentation provides enough evidence to
invalidate the claims about carbon dioxide being the cause of man-made global warming.
This slide is the Global surface temperature anomalies & Linear Trends for 19012000 graph and is located at the location of 9:33of the video of his presentation
mentioned above which I also bring it below.

77 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

In this graph the period identified by is the period of Global Warming Without
Increased CO2, the period identified by is the period of Global Cooling during sharp
increase in CO2, the period identified by is the period of Global Warming With
Rising CO2

Global surface temperature anomalies & Linear Trends for 1901-2000

Transcripts of Dr. Don Easterbrooks Presentation in regards to Climate Change

before the US Senate Committee on Energy, Environment & Telecommunications on March
26, 2013

Senator Doug Ericksen (Chair): Dr. Easterbrook, welcome to the committee and I will turn
it over to you and just a little ground in rules. During our work sessions we try to keep it to a bit
more informal so people can ask questions because we consider this a learning opportunity for
the committee here to be able to understand what's going on and what your presenting so there
will might be a bit more informal level stopper questions people have been going through

78 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: That's fine. I'm any questions at any time. Let me start by saying that
I'm happy to be here and share the information I have with the committee. I have a lot of data
probably more than you want to know and a lot of it is in graphic form and I'm but I will do it I'll
show you the factual beta for some of the assertions that are in Senate bill 5502 and to do that
I'm relying on some sayings of our astronauts which you see on the screen In God We Trust all
others bring data. so I'm bringing data and I don't ask you to believe any opinions and I may
have, you'll hear very few opinions from me but you'll see is a lot of data and I hope that the data
is clear enough so you make up your own mind and you wont need to ask what my opinion is.
let's go back one..
Dr. Don Easterbrook: To begin with I need to say who I am primary because there has been a
lot of politics injected into science these days and so I am simply a geologist with fifty years so
expertise and research in global climate change all over the world. I'm a lifelong
environmentalist. I am aside it I'm not political. I don't have any particular bias towards either
party so I have no political agenda. I'm not associated or funded by any business group. Big
Oil, big coal big anybody. All of my research has been funded by governmental agencies and
apparently working actually with the new international group of geologists atmospheric
physicists, neurologists, astrophysicists, oceanographers and experts and other sciences andin
various parts of the world. That is where I'm coming from.

2:15 GRAPH: What the news media isnt telling you

Dr. Don Easterbrook: I am going to start by listing some things that you probably don't know
about or haven't heard about because the news media isnt telling you and I've listed a few of
them here there are a lot more but some things that I will touch on later in the presentation and
that is global warming ended in a 1998 that will a surprise but I'll show you the data for it
and it is indeed true it has been admitted by the chairman of the UN group this has been
pushing CO2 is causing climate change even he admits have been no global warming at
fifteen years.

79 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: The Antarctic Ice sheet is not melting contrary headlines you'll see
about every other day that the Antarctic Ice sheet is melting at an accelerating rate, not only is
not melting at an accelerating rate is not melting at all. The main ice sheet and Ill show
you the data for this is in fact growing not melting, so we don't need to fear that the a ice caps
are going to suddenly melt and cause all kinds of problems for us because they arent. Sea level
is only rising globally and also locally at a rate of about seven inches per century as we saw
out from Little Ice Age which occurred about five hundred years ago and the projections were
anywhere from five feet to twenty feet rise in sea level, as you'll see when I present the data is
beyond reality.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Snowfall is not below normal never been, headlines from time to time
about in the Cascades certainly that the snowfall in the cascades is because of global warming
that's not true for the past five years have set no snow fall records both globally and in the
Cascades. CO2 cannot possibly cause global warming that will come as a shock to you I'm
sure and the reason is that there's so little it is a trace gas it has increased in a atmospheric
content my only eight 1000's of 1 percent you double nothing you still get nothing and I'll come
more about this later. Severe storms are not more frequent than normal. When we get a big
snowstorm they say because of global warming when we hear about a hurricane on the east
coast they because the global warming. It isn't and I'll show you data that shows that actually the
extreme events and severe storms are actually declining they're not there they're not
becoming more frequent and finally you may be surprised to know the oceans are not acid.
Senator Kevin Ranker: on that last point, the oceans are not acid are you saying that ocean
acidification does not exist or are you saying that the oceans entirely are not acid I think all of us
agree with that.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: PH which is a measure of acidity is a measure on a scale and 7 is
neutral the oceans have a PH of 8.2 which is alkaline not acid and I'll show you why they
are not going to become less alkaline much less more acid with increasing temperature
change if that in fact were to happen.

80 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Senator Kevin Ranker: Just to clarify my questionDo you believe that ocean acidification
exists in the worlds oceans here in the Northwest?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: No Ill show you the data. I'll talk about this in detail if you if you like to
wait until I get to those slides it will be clear I think Senator Kevin Ranker: badly, thank you

6:02 GRAPH: Specific Issues in Senate Bill 5802

Dr. Don Easterbrook: It is very clear and I will show you the data. So what I did what I look at
specific issues that form the basis for Senate bill 5802 and I listed six of them and so what I did
was I pulled out data that relate to all six of these premises that are inherent and form the basis
for Senate bill 5802 regardless of the language of the bill this is what the bill was based on as of
this weekendyou can read them

Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities is a principal Cause of climate

Ill show you the data about that

Sea Levels are rising at an increasing rate because of global warming.

That is not true. Ill show you the data

The frequency of severe storms is increasing because of global warming.

That is not true.

Reduced winter snow packs and decreased summer streamflows.

Is not true.

Increasing acidification of states marine waters.

That may or may not be true, in terms of states marine waters, certainly is not true of the
oceans globally

Produce more electricity from renewable energy while phasing out coal-powered
electricity generation.
Ill show you some data that shows that what this will cost without commenting on
whether or not coal plants are good or not. I'm not particularly in the favor coal part
generation but there are some numbers you might be interested in.


81 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: so lets these one by one the first one is the greenhouse gases from
human activities

Senator Kevin Ranker: I did not understand what your point number six is trying to get at. I
heard you mentioned coal, you are not necessarily in the favor of coal part generation. What is
your point there? What are you gonna tell us about it?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: My Point is to show you the relationship between coal part generation
and other forms electricity generation, how much of it is from each of these categories and what
the cost of each is and put that what changing from one to another might involve. I have no
opinion on that I am just gonna show you some numbers
Senator Kevin Ranker: and how they released into climate or you are just gonna show us the
cost of the generation.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: ..well it releases to the climate because the rational for moving from one
form of generation to another is climate how much you put in the atmosphere, if that is not a
realistic assertion then it doesnt matter but if it is then there is a concern that relates to climate.

Senator Kevin Ranker: thank you

Dr. Don Easterbrook: so let's look at how greenhouse gases, before I do that now let me say
something about global warming. There's nothing new about global warming. It goes on all
the time it has been going on for thousands of years at much higher rates much more
intense for longer periods of time than we've experienced in the last period of global
warming since CO2 began to be elevated.

9:04 GRAPH: Global Warming (and Cooling) occur Naturally and

82 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook:

This graph shows temperature on the on the left hand side and the date, year on the bottom and
what you'll see is that there it was a period of cooling from 1882 to 1915 temperatures were
going down this is a global record and from 1915 to 1945 the climate warmed and in a cooled
again from 1945 to 1977 and it warmed again from 1977 to 1999 and since 1999 it has cooled
slightly not a lot but slightly.

9:33 GRAPH Global surface temperature anomalies & Linear Trends for 1901-2000

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So what does that mean? Well if we go back to the warming that
occurred from 1915 to 1945 shown by this curve, global warming occurred without any
increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. This was before the big surge of CO2 emissions after World
War 2 in 1945.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: so if you wanna put a mental line in 1945 that's the breaking point
between increasing CO2 and insignificant changes in CO2 prior to that. So this warming took
place prior to increased emissions that occurred after 1945 and cannot possibly be ascribed
to CO2 as the cause. Cannot be and then in 1945 global emissions begin to escalate very
rapidly and for thirty years as the escalation continued and we put more and more CO2 into
the atmosphere every year we had thirty years of Global cooling so the question then is if we
had escalating CO2 which is supposed to cause global warming why did we have global
cooling during the initial period when CO2 to was escalating so rapidly? Doesn't make sense
and then finally there was a period from 1978 in 1998 when global temperatures rose again and
CO2 was still rising CO2 has been rising throughout this whole . So there is only one period
when CO2 was rising at the same time that temperature was and we can take that back even
farther if we go back 500 years,

11:09 GRAPH (20 period of warming and cooling)

83 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: this graph shows essentially temperature on the left hand side and the
year on the bottom each one of these red peaks is a warm period each one to the blue peaks is a
cool period climate is not constant is changing all the time and it changes in cycles warm cool
warm cool warm cool with about a thirty year time span between each one so

we could count these warm periods and we can count 20 periods a global warming and global
cooling that have occurred in the past five hundred years none of which could possibly have
been caused by CO2 because CO2 had not begun to rise until 1945. In other words we have
an insincere of 20 periods of global warming similar to what we've experienced in the period
from 1978 to 1998 that could not have been caused by CO2 they are caused by natural
causes. That's important. 20 periods of global warming that can only be described in
natural causes in the last 500 years. If we go back even farther if we go back ten thousand

12:25 GRAPH Greenland GISP2 Ice Core

Dr. Don Easterbrook: this is temperature on the left hand side, sorry it is not labeled, and these
are years before present on the bottom. The red curve you see here are these are temperatures
that are higher than the present temperatures and so this is ten thousand years ago at the left hand
side this is present on the right hand side. Look how much of the last 10,000 years the
temperatures have been higher than they are now. Almost all of the last 10,000 years except
for the period beginning about thirteen hundred years ago, almost all of that the temperatures
on earth were actually warmer than they are right now. This warming is nothing new.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: As a matter of fact it's the norm for the last ten thousand years. The
blue period here are from the Little Ice Age which was the period of global cooling that occurred
from about 900 AD and may still be going on for all we know.

13:29 GRAPH: Claims that temperatures are warmer now than

84 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So what about all the claims temperatures are warmer now than they
have ever been. These are apparently not true and those claims come from manipulation of
data. Here is the real original data. The hottest year record this is the number one the
temperature records were broken, number one in 1936. Everybody has acknowledged 1936 was
the warmest period, warmest year of the century until NOAA and NASA began to manipulate
the old data and made it cooler and then they elevated the recent temperatures and made them
warmer and so they come up with the headline saying oh it's warmer now than I was then. This is
the original data before they manipulated it.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: You'll see that if we take that the top 10, number two in 1934, 3 was
1939, four's 1931, five was 1930, six was 1933, seven 1938 and guess what they are all in
1930s. 1930s was the hottest decade of the century not the present not the last decade but the
Ill show you something
Dr. Don Easterbrook: look at all these 2000. These are all second-tier 10-11 through Twi this is
both the present temperatures been doing is nowhere close to the to the other and if you plot that
data this is what it looks like.

14:58 GRAPH More Global warming records were set in 1930s than

Dr. Don Easterbrook: This is a number of temperature records that were broken in any given
year these are years down here so here we are right here and now we're breaking somewhere
around 2,000 records temperature records for warmth and you think wow 2000 that is a lot but
look at what was doing in 1936 and 1934, 10,000. We are setting record highs at a rate of
about only a 4th of those that occurred in 1930s. That is hard datapoint here is that the
1930s were the warmest decade and there were 10,000 temperature records set in two years in
1936 and 1934 and we're setting now records somewhere in the world about the fourth of those
that occurred records 2000.
Senator Kevin Ranker: Let me rattle off a couple of peer-reviewed scientific facts that I have
before me and I would like your opinion on those I understand that last November was the

85 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

globe's 333 month above average global temperatures. To put that in perspective that would
mean that if you were 27 years old today you've never experienced a month with a global
temperature below the average,...I want to know his opinion on this and the second one is that
again peer-reviewed data here

Senator Doug Ericksen: Senator Ranker we'll come back to that one later let Dr. Easterbrook
finish his presentation Dr. Don Easterbrook: I can answer your question but I'll show you

Senator Kevin Ranker: because what you are putting out in your slide is contrary to the data
that I have before me so I am just curious if what you are basing your meta data on where your
samples are taken from and then also what your opinion into the data that I have before me
which seems contrary to what you're putting forward
Dr. Don Easterbrook: I dont know if it is contrary what I just said a moment ago was that I am
showing you the original data and what you are looking at is the data that has been tampered
with by NOAA and by NASA and I could show you curves and what that data look like in 1936
what It look likes in 1980 and what It look like in 1990 and in 2000 and the temperatures the
high temperatures in 1930s get cooler every year they put out a new issue and the temperatures
that are in the 2000 plus get warmer because they have frankly tampered with the data. That's the
difference between what you're looking at and what I'm looking at. Mine is original data.
Senator Kevin Ranker: one quick follow-up Mr. Chair second National Science Foundation,
NASA and NOAA have manipulated the data.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Yes it's true. I could show you the data. I'm not saying that they have
done something which is scurrilous and evil what I'm saying simply is something everybody
will agree on and that is that they have what they call adjusted the data and if you look at
how they have adjusted it, in 1930s always get lower because of the judgments made from
the original data and the 2000+ always get warmer. That's the case and I can show you
data that will indicate that if you like.

86 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Senator Kevin Ranker: Thank you

18:12 GRAPH U.S. Annual heat wave index 1895 - 2008

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Here is a curve about what's called a heat wave index these are for really
hot times and again and it simply point out what I was measuring a moment ago the heat wave
index for 1936 is right here on and look at it the period 1930 - 1940 relative to where we are now
this again confirms what I have just said that in the 1930s were warmer than they are right
now we had more heat records broken we had higher temperatures it was a harder decade
and there is hard data for all of that.

18:45 GRAPH Southern US drought index

Dr. Don Easterbrook: We hear about droughts we had a drought last year in the summer in the
mid-west which was not a good thing, devastating, these things happen. This is a what is called a
drought index and the down trending curves here which are colored yellow are times of drought
they below normal and green is wet and so if you just look at from about 90 roughly nineteen
eighty-something up to about 2,000 you'll see that actually there's more there are more wet times
that are dry times.

This is not the ongoing drought and you look also the duration of the drought you'll find
generally last two or three years something like that and then they move on so the drought this
summer last summer was bad there is no doubt about. It did a lot of it cost a lot of farmers a lot
of money but it wasnt in any way unusual.

19:47 GRAPH: Almost all record high temperatures records were set in the 1930s

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Again more data that looks at the relationship between temperatures; this
is the count of hot temperature records set similar to the data I just showed you in1930s were by
far greater than there recently and the past couple decades and look at the relationship of CO2

87 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

there is no correlation whatsoever the CO2 and in fact this big hot spell in 1930s occurred
before CO2 began to rise and so it cannot have been caused by CO2 and then we've had some
cooling in between and then another warm period. Nothing mysterious about global warming
happens all the time that's not the issue. The issue is what's causing that global warming.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: in the same thing as you if you take almost anyplace here 100 degree
days compared to CO2 for New York city again there's no relationship between CO2 and number
of hot days and New York.

20:45 GRAPH: Conclusions NOAA 82%of all maximum temperature record

Dr. Don Easterbrook: so the conclusions are that 82 percent of all maximum temperature
records were set prior to 1960 before accelerated human CO2 emissions began in 1945 thus
present conditions or the recent warming has nothing to do with CO2. Present drought
conditions in the Midwest are part of the normal weather pattern and are not related to global
climatic climate or CO2 (this is weather not the climate, climate is generally taken to be a
period of about 15 years or so weather is day to day, year to year whatever so if we are
looking at annual number that is weather, it is not climate. So what we are looking at if you
see a severe storm or a period of unusually cold or warm winter or summer what you are really
looking is really weather and is not related to global climate. Weather is happening all the time
regardless what the climate is doing). Present drought conditions are not as severe as those of
1930s, the warmest decade this century, before CO2 levels rose significantly.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: So what happened to global warming? I mentioned earlier that
global warming stopped in 1998 and my guess is you probably have never heard that because
the press will not print anything which is adversely related in any way to CO2 cause of climate

22:05 GRAPH: what happened to global warming? Global Cooling since 1998.

88 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

but here's a real data the graph on the left hand side is temperature on the left axis and year.

This is satellite data. This is the best data we have. Data is unchanged, un-tampered,
unadjusted. It is taken from real readings from satellites and it gives a good overall global
average this peak right here is 1998 and since then it has gone down came up a little bit and
in recent years has been in a sharp down where it bend. Ill show you what the overall trend
is for the decade in a moment and that is confirmed by ground measurements these are mostly
ground measurements the top two here are satellite measurements compared to ground
measurements which are these lower three colors right here and you can see the shape of the
curve is essentially the same. So the ground data and the satellite data essentially agree that
we have had indeed global cooling for the last decade or two.

22:59 GRAPH: Global Temperature has cooled for 15 years

Dr. Don Easterbrook: here's the trend. Trend means a rate which is getting warmer or cooler so
beginning about 1998 which is right here this is the tram down is colder up is warmer look
at a downward trend between 1998 and is only goes to 2004 but its continuing on down here
is these are winter temperatures for the US and again look at the same trend starting about 2001
the average winter temperature is going down at about -4 degrees during this period. That's the
trend it's getting colder at a rate about 4 agrees.

23:45 GRAPH: Temperature trend since 2001

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Another plot of that same sort of thing again showing the green line
here cool is down in warm it up so again showing a cooling trend since about 2001 and all
of while this is going on we here in the headlines that global warming is accelerating and
it's getting hotter and hotter and in fact it is getting cooler and cooler.

24:08 GRAPH: NCDC decadal change in winter temperatures 2001/02 2010/11

89 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Here are winter temperatures for the past decade from 2001/02
2010/11 in the north central states its 8 degrees cooler per decade. The same in the north
central area and the range all away from about pacific Northwest -2, -3 in the southeast all of
them however are colder is not getting warmer in the winter it's getting colder in the winter
this is NOAA data actually it is NCDC that is NASA data. I beg your pardon.

24:45 Senator Doug Ericksen: Dr. Easterbrook Senator has a question

Senator Kevin Ranker: Thank you Mr. Chair. Two questions if I may. First one is have you
taken into account a volcanism, solar radiance and other factors such as that in your data? have
you removed those from the picture perhaps Dr. Don Easterbrook: but I didn't understand
Senator Kevin Ranker: the volcanic events solar radiance and other issues like that have you
taken as any consideration when accumulating your data

Dr. Don Easterbrook: yes but this data doesn't this speaks only to the temperature change it
doesnt speak to the cause and we talk about the cause later but the answer to your questions is
yes I consider those in great detail. I work with some physicists, some atmospheric physicist,
some astronomers and who we all agree on what's happening with the solar and in terms of
volcanic activity I'm a geologist and I can judge that for myself. I can assure you that volcanic
events are very short they're like little punctuation marks here and there they don't persist and
they're not a factor. They give you a one year two years back and they are gone.

Senator Kevin Ranker: okay Senator, a follow up and this gets back to the data I have before
me which seems again contrary but so you're talking about a trend particularly over the last
decade maybe fifteen years of cooling yet what I have before me as the 2002 to 2012 was the
warmest twelve-year period in instrumental record another words since we've been recording
heat of the planet and what we're in the last twelve years where the hottest on record and that's
peer review data that I have before me and so my question to you is that because what I'm
looking at is has been manipulated by NASA and NOAA and the National Science Foundation
or what's the difference here because we obviously have conflicting information before us.

90 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Right I don't know what your data is or where it came from so I cant
answer that why is different what I can tell you is that a data and I am showing you is original
data and I did show you the 1930s were warmer decade than the past decade. If you use original
data that I'm telling you

Senator Kevin Ranker: Thank you

Dr. Don Easterbrook: and if you have something is different than that my guess would be
althoug without knowing what your data is I cant say for sure, is probably this is manipulated
data NOAA, NASA or the sub unit of NASA deals with climate and what they do is a make
when they call adjustments to their data the net effect of which is to make the earlier warm
periods like a 1930s cooler and raise the temperature of the last decade artificially, not from the
originator mine is original data.
Senator Kevin Ranker: Is this a conspiracy?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: I'm not into the conspiracy so I have no comment on that. I'm simply a
data purveyor so I'm gonna present you with data and you can draw your own conclusions. You
probably didn't realize if you watch TV News every year that Europe is having the coldest
winter in a hundred years. I didnt hear that and I started looking up the data and I'm aware
that Moscow is buried under 6 feet of snow they're having the coldest winter in hundred years.
Moscow, Jersey paralyzed they had a traffic jam 100 miles long. That's sure all of the central
European area Germany Poland Russia Norway Sweden and also Great Britain

28:15 GRAPH: Europe is having the coldest winter in 100 years

Dr. Don Easterbrook: This area is having the bitterest snow yet coldest winter in a hundred
years. So much for global warming this is this is England and England is having the coldest
snowiest winter in about 50 years. There are not quite as cold as this part of the country. You'll
never see this on TV. Although there was big news and now the news media in parts of Germany
Poland and parts of Russia are finally beginning to say oh yeah that's right it is the coldest winter

91 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

28:50 GRAPH: Englands coldest spring in 50 years cost 5000 lives

Dr. Don Easterbrook: how can we have that kind of thing going if we were to have accelerating
warming? Cold cost lives Cold is more dangerous than heat. You kill more people in a cold winter
than you do on a hot summer.

Dr. Don Easterbrook: and in England this year the coldest of 50 years has this is just in the
spring has cost five thousand lives, 5000 people died for causes that are attributable to cold
and there are another 2,000 actually this just two weeks of March three thousand something and
in February and the only point I want to make here is that a cold is a greater enemy than heat
than warm. Warm is good cold is gonna kill more people.

29:40 GRAPH: Conclusion Modern global warming ended in 1998

Dr. Don Easterbrook:

So the conclusion is a global warming ended in 1998 and by that I mean modern which is that
the warm period that everyone agrees on occurred between 1978 in 1998. There's been no
global warming in 15 years. Temperatures has not been exceeded those in 1998 and the global
warming that took place between 1978 and1998 has been replaced by global cooling for the
past decade despite the fact that CO2 continues to rise.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: US winters are cooling at a rate of -2 to -8 degrees during the past
decade again inconsistent with global warming that's because global warming ended in 1988 not
to say there is a global warming. Temperatures today are not at all-time highs. Most
temperature records as we were just pointing out or set back in the 1930s and the most of
the last 10,000 years have been warmer than it is right now.

30:36 GRAPH Antarctic ice sheet is growing not melting

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Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: The Antarctic ice sheet is growing not melting all. Ill come back to this
in a minute and ensure you the data for that. We hear every day, I hear every day said all the
polar ice caps are melting at an accelerating rate and so we're all gonna drown from rising sea
levels Ill show you the data for that.

30:55 GRAPH: Arctic has no polar ice cap

Dr. Don Easterbrook: and as I said most of the 10,000 years has been warmer than present. So
let's address the question are the polar ice caps melting? And here a couple of quotes alert just to
let you read for yourself and this is a magazine cover polar ice caps are melting faster than ever
well guess what and there's no polar ice cap in the North Pole there's an ocean there is no ice
cap at the North Pole so we don't have to worry about it the ice only about three meters
thick which is inconsequential in terms of the total ice of the continent.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: This is what it looks like this is floating sea ice there are no glaciers at
the North Pole. The Arctic sea ice fluctuates the early stand there has been times when it was
warmer and you could sail ships across the Arctic Ocean. Chinese did it in 1420s and we hear a
lot about them the polar bears who are in trouble because the sea ice is melting but what I can tell
you is that the polar bear populations has come from 5,000 to 25,000 during that same
period when the sea ice was mostly melting and they survived ten thousand years of climate
warmer than today so they're gonna be just fine.

32:10 GRAPH: Claims that Antarctic Ice Sheet is melting at an accelerating rate are

Dr. Don Easterbrook: let's look at the Antarctic Ice Sheet and this is what youll see in the
headlines, this melting at an accelerating rate, this is untrue, it is actually growing not melting.
Antarctica consist a continent with a huge Ice Sheet. This is the Antarctic Ice Sheet is about
15,000 feet thick at its thickest point temperatures there are extremely cold, Ill show you
those in a moment. There's a little arm right here called the West Antarctic Peninsula that
has warm water around it which has been melting some other floating ice there in recent

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Davoud Tohidy

years in causing some glacial melt but this is a minuscule part of the total volume of the ice
that occurs on the continent of Antarctica.

32:51 GRAPH: Average daily temperature in Antarctica is -58 F

Dr. Don Easterbrook: and the reason is that the average daily temperature in Antarctica is
58 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The last winter temperatures South Pole reached to -106
degrees to get any ice to melt you would have to raise the average daily temperature from 58 to +32 F degrees which is the melting point of the ice plus another 10 degrees F or so to
get an impeachable melting to occur you would have to warm Antarctica 100 degrees F to
melt the Antarctic ice cap. How likely do you think that is? Ill let you judge for yourself. It is
not gonna happen.

The other thing about Antarctica is that because of the situation at the Pole and the continental
area it makes its own weather and there is a strong weather that goes all around Antarctica
and the Antarctic ice cap has not disappeared in the fifteen million years despite
temperatures considerably were warmer than we have today. Antarctic ice cap is not
melting we have ice cores through the ice cap that show us that there are no gaps in the ice
record. If the Antarctic ice cap were melting and the temperatures were warmer we would have
gaps we don't have them which means that the Antarctic ice cap is exceptionally stable. It is
much more stable intemperate glaciers is not going anywhere. Here is the record at the South
Pole which has been kept as 1957 this is the average and you don't see any change in the
temperature at the South Pole and there are two stations that record temperatures one is
South Pole the other is Bostock which is a Russian station and they show the same thing
namely that there has been no warming in Antarctica since records have been kept in 1957.
Again I emphasize a point the Antarctic ice cap is not melting.


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Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: I'm gonna skip this in the interest of time a move directly to CO2 as a
possible cause of significant global warming by itself.

Senator Doug Ericksen: Dr. Easterbrook, Senator Billig has a question

Senator Andy Billig: Thank you mister chair. you were talking about the melting, have a
glacier as I've seen that the empirical evidence of glaciers melting, so do you disagree with that
evidence or do you think that it's something other than warming that's causing that

Dr. Don Easterbrook: No, I agree with hat totally, what I have said from the beginning is
that we've had a number of periods warming cooling warming cooling and the answer to your
question is that during periods of warming of course they melt during the times of cooling they
advance they grow. So glaciers grow recede grow recede and we can look at the record in
Greenland for example and will see that the record there the temperature record there is exactly
the same as the global temperature record and so the ice in Antarctica excuse me the ice in
Greenland was surely melting at a different rate from 1978 to 1998 than it was during the cool
period between 1945 and 1977 so I'm saying is yes global warming causes glaciers to melt.
Doesn't prove what's causing it I mean hell I had here before global warming I don't know make
a cause-and-effect connection there and you cant make a cause and-effect connection just
because CO2 happen at the same time to go at the same time that the climate warm because all
these earlier periods there was no CO2 factor and still got warmer

Senator Andy Billig: Thank you. So you said the last 12 years we haven't been warming. So are
you saying that that means that glaciers have not melted in last 12 years
Dr. Don Easterbrook: No not at all. What I am saying is that we have a very good record of the
glaciers advance and retreat during the past century and from 1880 to 1915 glaciers advanced to
almost their maximum position certainly the last several hundred years they advanced. From
1915 to 1945 they treated like crazy at a rate probably greater than the last decade and then in
1945 the climate got cooler and they advanced again and advance their position to positions that
were actually down valley in many cases from the earlier ones and then I got warm again in 1978

95 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

to 1990 and began to retreat again and then since 1998 many of the glaciers have stopped
retreating as summer started to advance in alaska scandinavia in some parts of South
America but not every glacier behaves the same way so not every glacier has stopped melting

Senator Andy Billig: Thank you.

37:42 GRAPH: CO2 cannot cause significant global warming.

Dr. Don Easterbrook: It is the nature of glaciers to melt when the climate warms. Lets go back
here. Here's a critical question is CO2 capable of causing global warming? that is what
underlies all of these discussions and that's the main contention of the whole climate change
debate which you may not be aware of that there's almost no CO2 in the atmosphere. It is very
small. It is thirty nine one thousands of one percent (0.039%). If we take a bucket of air out
of this room and measure it we will get 0.039% of CO2. It is almost nothing. You double
nothing you've still got nothing. Since 1950s since this big escalation of emission of CO2, the
composition of the atmosphere the CO2 composition has increased by only 0.008%. That is
almost is close to nothing as you can get you can triple that you still have nothing. There's not
enough CO2 in the atmosphere to do much of anything
Dr. Don Easterbrook: and then you add to that, that CO2 accounts your only 3.6% of the
greenhouse effect only three percent of greenhouse gas effect is CO2. 95% is water vapor. So
the point of this is that CO2 by itself is incapable of significant global warming. That's the
bottom line I'll say it again CO2 by itself is incapable of causing significant global warming.

So how do we get these projections then and we get it because the climate modelers who depend
on computer models rather than real data for their conclusions have decided that if CO2 goes up
water vapor will also increase and as water vapor increases we are kicking this 95% of the
greenhouse effect so virtually all of the temperature increase during the warm period we had in
70, 72 to 98.

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Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: virtually all of that they would account for by water vapor in their
models not CO2; Water vapor. So the question is, is water vapor increasing? well here's water
vapor, here is water vapor going back to 1947. Water vapor if water vapor is increasing as CO2
goes up and that's what's causing that was levering the global warming then you might have an
argument for their models

40:25 GRAPH: The total increase in temp that could have been caused by increase in CO2
is less than 0.1 F

But water vapor actually decreased since 1940s look at the downward trend down is less
water vapor in the atmosphere and these are various levels of the atmosphere
Dr. Don Easterbrook: So in order for their models to be correct they must show that there
has been an increase in the water vapor in the atmosphere and it's just the opposite there is
less water vapor in the atmosphere now as CO2 has gone up not more and so their models
are totally invalid their models will not work without an increase in water vapor.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: There's another effect of CO2 which is called saturation effect if you take a
dry sponge dip in a buck of water it will soak up water. If you take a wet sponge and put it buck
of water it wont soak up very much more water does it? Because it is already saturated and CO2
operates the same way there's a saturation level where in the CO2 in just any atmosphere right
now is mostly saturated with respect to capturing of the frequencies of the heat and so on this
curve right here this is the degree and possible temperature change with increasing in
atmospheric carbon dioxide 1950 level is right here 2008 levels right here the maximum amount
of temperature change you could get from the increase in CO2 from 1950 when whole thing
started to escalate per emissions and now is less than 0.1 degree [F]. This is basic physics.

41:56 GRAPH: No correlation between CO2 and Temperature

Dr. Don Easterbrook: What about this is making a correlation between CO2 and temperature
on this curve this is the atmospheric temperature excuse me atmospheric CO2 and this side and

97 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

surface temperature on this side so here's a CO2 curve which has been increasing been going up
certainly no doubt about it. From 1915 in 1945 we had global warming with NO increase
regionally in CO2. So CO2 didn't cause that warming in this century hotter than it is now
and then when CO2 was escalating in 1945 on we actually had a global cooling occurs
actually going in the opposite direction of CO2 occurring. If CO2 causes global warming
but we have thirty years of global cooling when it began to escalate that does not make any
sense. It is only in his last the period from 1978 to 1998 when two have coincided by
coincidence. We can also show that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere always follows an
increase in temperature not the other way around. The idea would be that if CO2 is causing
global warming CO2 would go up and the temperature would go up okay but here's what
actually happens,

43:15 GRAPH: Whenever the oceans warm, atmospheric CO2 increases

Dr. Don Easterbrook: These are measurements have been made by a group researchers in
Norway the blue curve down here is temperature, temperature has been going up and down as it
does every two years largely because of ocean changes and this is a CO2 content of the
atmosphere. In every case temperature goes up and then CO2 follows if CO2 was causing
this temperature to go up it should precede it but it doesn't, it follows that in every case and
by about the same amount and this is for short term changes the same is true for long-term

43:28 GRAPH Conclusions: The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is miniscule

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So the conclusions about CO2 is that the amount of atmospheres
minuscule the total changes is so small that there is absolutely no way you it can cause
global warming by itself , it totally depends on water vapor and there's no correlation
between global temperatures and CO2. When CO2 goes up temperature does whatever it
wants to do. The comparison of computer model predictions of global warming in
comparing to those actual measurements to see if the models were right they are totally
inaccurate the models are totally inaccurate and I'll show you and instance of them in just a

98 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

minute. The bottom line is CO2 is not capable of causing significant global warming by
itself. That's clear from the physics. CO2 is a result of global warming not the cause of global
warming. As you increase the temperature you may increase in CO2 in the atmosphere because
there's more that's given up by the oceans
Senator Doug Ericksen: Dr. Easterbrook, in using the term greenhouse effect Dr. Don
Easterbrook: I am sorry the greenhouse effect is caused by certain gases that will absorb certain
frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum namely heat and so the idea would be that as heat is
coming from the surface up the earth upward being radiated back into space that certain gases
will tend to captured it if you like and make the air warmer and that's why we have such a
pleasant climate it's because we have a lot of water vapor to keep us nice and warm
otherwise would be cold because all of the heat would be radiated out in space. So think of gases
that capture heat is the easiest way to think of it.
Senator Doug Ericksen: I guess I raised the point because the greenhouse effect is not negative
thing, it's not a negative thing, the greenhouse effect, it allows us to live here.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: The greenhouse effect, the of greenhouse effect is for various
molecules mostly water vapor to make the atmosphere warmer by capturing of heat. Ok.

45:58 PICTURE: New York City with the predicted sea level rise by UN by the year 2100

Dr. Don Easterbrook: How about to at sea level let's take a quick look at sea level. This is my
favorite picture, it is at the New York City with the predicted sea level rise by 2100 by certain
people in the UN and other people who shall remain nameless but who are big advocates of CO2.
Actually I kind of like it I am a big fan of New York and so It will be and fun to see New
York an island. Here but there are serious complications if this were true here's Florida for
example and this is the present cost of Florida here's what the coast of Florida would look like if
sea level were to rise to the predicted level by the UN agencies and here's what the old coastline
this what the coast line looks like now. This is what itll look like if sea level rose somewhere
between five and twenty feet.

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Davoud Tohidy

46:40 PICTURE: Maldive Islands

Dr. Don Easterbrook:

The poster of rising sea levels Maldive Islands and you're going to see a big program on TV
about how the poor people and in the Maldives are going to be drowning and they are going to
have to move the entire nation, a bro renounce sea level expert had to go see for himself what
was really there and body found was this that in this picture for example this is a 1979 shoreline
right here this is what the sea was in level 1979. Here's where it is now. Here's another place this
is where the sea level was in 1979. Here's where it is now. The irony is that the Maldives are
emerging from the oceans not sinking. They're not being drowned. They are coming up out
of the ocean. . This is documented with the date so when the was here was photographed
and measurements and sea levels actually are lower since 1979, is not sinking.

47:40 GRAPH: As we thaw out from the Little ice age

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So how much is sea level changing? We've been thawing out from little
ice age which is about 500 years ago and temperatures have been rising during that period at a
rate of about 0.8 degree a century. No doubt about it and as that has happened sea level has been
rising part of the result of expansion of the bottom of the oceans with the with warmer
temperatures and the rate of rise this is this is the rate of sea-level rise this is the year, they've
been rising at a rate in the early day about 1.5 millimeters a year that is about thickness of
fingernail per year. You wouldn't be worrying about. So the total sea level rise in the past
century is about 6 inches. About that much. In our lifetimes it wouldn't rise enough we
wouldnt be aware of it. Here is the official sea level record from University of Colorado going
back to about 1993 and sea levels rising been rising at about the same rate 1 to 3 millimeters a
year. It actually went down for a while from 2.06 to 2.08 going up and down a bit something
like that so no doubt sea levels was going up the question is how fast is going up?

100 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

48:48 GRAPHs: Sea level record at Seattle since 1900 and Sea level records in the pacific

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Seattle has a really good sea level record title gauge record this is relative
sea level so we start here in about in about 1900 and we have records and to go all the way in this
case in about 2003 2004 then they could be extended but here is the rate of rise is about 7
inches per century. Other areas nearby Victoria Vancouver show the same kind of rise about 6
or 7 inches a century but in some places is going the other way for Neah bay sea level was going
down in a rate it would be down it would be lower by 7 inches not higher. Here's Astoria 1.7
inches lower at a rate is going to present trend. So there are some differences up and down the
coastline coast which is brought about by local conditions primarily. The global sea level
is rising at about 8 inches a century that's clear.

49:53 GRAPH: Comparisons of projected sea level rise

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So what about the state of Washington? What about our sea level
potential sea level rise? Here's the curve sea level from 1993 this is measured up to where we are
right now. As you project that into the future you get a sea level rise by 2100 of about 7
inches. Not gonna be a problem. Here's what the UN agency is predicting this is their lower
estimate this is their higher estimate and they're predicting somewhere by 2100, 5 to 20
feet. Look how this curve the UN curve very supreme reality. Not very realistic I think and
there's no reason to think that there's gonna be any change in this rise .. a very constant for the
past century. As ever been warming up. In order to get sea level rise like this you would have
to melt the Antarctic ice cap. We already seen it's not going to happen. It's not happening
now it hadn't happened 50 million years and it isn't going to happen in the future, very

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Davoud Tohidy

50:54 GRAPH: Conclusions Sea level has risen only 7 inches

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So sea levels risen only seven inches measure of thawing out we did see
that sea levels was pretty constant not accelerating, some places sea levels actually going down it
is to going down in Alaska's that is areas are emerging. Maldives, Neah bay, Astoria they're
getting lower not submerging, the IPCC this is a UN agencies predicted large sea level arises
unrealistic because global warming stopped from one thing Antarctic ice sheet is not melting.
The projections are for sea-level rise in observing Northwest about 6 inches by the end of
the century

51:30 PICTURE: Specific issues in Senate Bill 5802

Dr. Don Easterbrook: How about frequency of severe storms? You see this in headlines
everyday big storm must be global warming Senator Doug Ericksen: Dr. Easterbrook Can I ask
you a question? look like we are getting behind schedule here's my apology but on the slide you
were talking about global cooling period what would lead to the sea level rises during the perio
cooling if that charts correct for the last 12 years?

Dr. Don Easterbrook: The sea level rise is caused by a number of different things, one is that as
the temperature has gone up over the century we've gone actually warmer than the
beginning of the century by about 0.8 of degree everybody agrees on that and that it causes
the volume of the ocean water to expand and that accounts people think for a large percentage
of the rise in sea level bike seven inches a century or something like that. The other is melting of
glaciers. Glaciers certainly did melt from 1915 to 1945 and that added some water and they also
rose from 1978 to 1998 but if you look at the sea-level curve, its constant is not going up and
down at the glaciers so it's clear that glacial meltwater is not what's driving this concept
rise of sea level. It's probably expansion thermal expansion is what most people think.

52:47 Senator Doug Ericksen: Senator Ranker has a question. Senator Kevin Ranker:

102 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Thank you Mr. chair, Thank you for your testimony so far. I have a different question to ask but I
wanna get glacier peace, I was just in Alaska looking at a glacier that I hadn't looked at in fifteen
years since I was much younger and its dramatically smaller than it was how do you account for

53:09 Dr. Don Easterbrook: but because it was warming from 1978 to 1998 and that in most
the recession took place measures in Alaska at many places have stopped retreating and are
beginning to advance

53:20 Senator Kevin Ranker: This one in the last 10 years has decreased in size. Dr. Don
Easterbrook: It takes it takes a while for a glacier to feel the effects of warming or cooling
because there's a lag effect the ice doesn't respond next year we have a climate or weather
change this year, the response time of a glacier to a climate change is anywhere from 2 or
3years ago to maybe 15 or 20 years. So it takes a while when a glacier is undergoing a climate
change for it to put the brakes on a change direction either going forward or retreating.

Senator Kevin Ranker: okay thank you, thank you Mr. chair
Senator Kevin Ranker: So you have mentioned a few times now the IPCC reports, so how do
you account for the IPCC report that came out in 2007 which is due to be updated and over 800
scientists working on it now but thousands of scientists worked on this and came to the
conclusion that climate change is real and its human caused. How do you account for all of those
folks saying that and it's obviously very different than what you're presenting to us today?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Could I answer that in just a moment with the slide? Senator Kevin
Ranker: Of course. Dr. Don Easterbrook: I can show you that I can show you the data and
you will be surprised at the answer I think. Senator Kevin Ranker: Thank you

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Davoud Tohidy

54:31 Dr. Don Easterbrook: So anyway the point that I want to make here is that the frequency
of severe storms is not increasing because of global warming. Here US hurricanes, actually you
see it is kind of downward trend here in recent years fewer hurricanes in the last couple decades
than there were earlier in the century here's a global hurricane frequency there's also a slight
downward trend the number hurricanes is not increasing. Here are strong to violent tornadoes
again here is where we are now we had a bad year in 2011 but not as bad as back in here and

55:10 GRAPHs: Frequency of hurricanes and tornadoes & Precipitation and stream flow

they are down rather higher here than they are here the number of tornadoes is not be
increasing as a result of global warming. Precipitation stream flow shows much the same
thing here is the precipitation in the US if you look at the green area that is increased
precipitation Brown is less and from about 1970 something on look at the prominence of green
over brown more precipitation in that time not less. Same thing worldwide and the world
wide precipitation follows a climatic trend with the warming and cooling trends. So here we
have a period when there was more precipitation here last year more is a cyclic kind of thing.
Overall precipitation and stream flow I should say which is this graph right here this is the
average stream flow index from about the last decade roughly And theres no significant trend it
is not trending down, it is the only point here.

56:08 GRAPH: Conclusions The number of US Hurricanes has decreased

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So the conclusion here the number of the US Hurricanes has decreased
since 185. The global hurricane frequency is declined since 1978. The number of tornados have
decreased since 1970. Global precipitation has increased since 1950. Stream flow in US hasnt
changed in15 years and there's no basis for predicting increasing extreme weather because
of global warming. A is not warming B is not happening. Pacific issues again reduce no packs

104 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

are concerned for the cascades and there have been predictions since 1990 by the IPCC that we'll
see end of snow. There were predictions that the next generation won't know what snow is
because of global warming and the East Anglia Group of climatologist issued a forecast that the
snowfall in England will become a very rare and exciting event and I think if you talk to many
people in England right now you will find it is exciting but it certainly isnt rare. Here is the
headlines snowfalls are now just a thing of the past and the in 2007 of scientists warned that
would be a problem for ski areas and there is a big that people were predicting that the skiers
you are going to have to go to another business because they arent going to have any snow.

57:32 GRAPH: Snow fall is increasing, not declining

Dr. Don Easterbrook: It is true that snowfall is increasing not declining. Heavy snow fall
the headlines in a century its Moscow and set an all-time record. China's cold snow district
wreak havoc with their transportation worst in 6 decades. Here is the snow-packed snow cover in
the US at the state and as you can see there's no clear down to the golf almost. Snow is not going
to end.

58:08 GRAPH: Data Show snow increasing not declining

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Here is the northern hemisphere snow extent 5 of the 6 snow winters for
the northern hemisphere have occurred since 2002. Here's the northern hemisphere snow extent
snow is not disappearing it is increasing we're getting more snow not less snow.

58:27 GRAPH: Snow packs in the Cascades Mts.

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Here's a snow pack in the Cascades. This is the snow water equivalent
hours up is more snow down is less snow and each of these is indeed a point for particular year
you connect the dots you get this dark blue curve here if you do squares occurs through this to
look at the trend what you will see is that if we should we start here about 1995 or so. Look at
the areas that in turquoise color versus the areas in green. More snow not less snow in the

105 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Cascades and in since about 2006 we've had generally a higher snowfalls and present up to
about 120 to 150 percent higher than normal. Snow is not disappearing.

59:14 GRAPH: US Precipitation is increasing, not decreasing

Dr. Don Easterbrook: There's no problem with water supply by some melting snow. In terms of
precipitation here's a map of precipitation the US Green is an increase in precipitation green
here's is UP is an increase in precipitation down is decrease and if you go back to about 1980 or
so it's is mostly green meaning there is not less precipitation there's more precipitation.

59:42 GRAPH: Conclusions Despite numerous assertions since 1990

Dr. Don Easterbrook: so the conclusion is despite predictions that snow is the thing of the past
we are getting more of it. Its snowier and colder and we just looked at snow packs and
temperatures pour this winter as well as well for the decade.

59:58 GRAPH: Specific issues in Senate Bill 5802

Dr. Don Easterbrook: Here's the acidification I think that you asked about earlier. Acidification
by definition is the process becoming acid or being converted into an acid. Ocean acidification
means turning the ocean into an acid that what acidification means but the oceans are not acid
they are strongly alkaline and their PH is about seven point excuse me about 8.2, neutral
would be 7. So what's a possibility for changing now?

1:00:32 GRAPH: Can atmospheric CO2 make the oceans acidic?

Dr. Don Easterbrook: The allegation is that because there's more CO2 in the atmosphere that's
going to put more CO2 in the oceans and at the same time they're saying that CO2 is causing it to
become warmer. At the present time we have already looked at these numbers the amount of
CO2 in the atmosphere is the changes [in CO2 of the atmosphere] is so small the 0.008%

106 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

changed in the atmosphere and the volume of the oceans is about 300 million cubic miles
and we're gonna change that from a strongly alkaline solution to an acid with this 0.008%
change in CO2, not possible, not enough CO2 Atoms in the atmosphere and I am sure to do
that and in fact just the opposite of this is happening,

1:01:21 GRAPH: Can global warming make the oceans less alkaline?

Dr. Don Easterbrook: as we saw earlier the effect of global warming is to make the oceans
more alkaline not more Acidic because warming drives CO2 out of the oceans.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Even though there's more CO2 in the atmosphere because the
temperatures is warmer the ocean is giving up CO2 not taking in. It's the CO2 that makes
carbonic acid that makes it less alkaline or pending towards more acidity. So less CO2 in the
oceans is not Acidity. It's as simple as that the chemistry. Chemistry 101 does not add up to the
to the claim that the oceans are becoming acid.
Senator Doug Ericksen: I have a quick question for you in that slide and Senator Ranker does
as well I believe. So you would even say that they aren't even becoming less alkaline?

Dr. Don Easterbrook: We don't really know because all I can tell you know is that this is the
equation for PH of ocean water and don't to understand it yourself Ill explain it. If you add CO2
to water, you get carbonic acid and that releases hydrogen which is what changes the acidity. So
that's the basic formula. Seawater can hold more CO2 [in] cold water than warm water can so
warming occurs what's going to happen is it is gonna drive the equation in the wrong direction
it's gonna drives CO2 out in the oceans not take more CO2 into it and the matter of CO2 this
added to the atmosphere in terms of volume is so minute there aren't enough carbon dioxide
atoms to convert 300 million cubic miles at sea water into an acid it is simple as that.
Senator Doug Ericksen: one other followed by our local shellfish growers I have been talking
quite extensively about the ability to raise some of their shellfish in the Puget Sound waters and
is a measure I guess they're seeing a move towards becoming less alkaline a move towards a

107 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

more acidic so what if it's not the ocean and CO2 causing what could be the cause is for that
they're saying?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: That can that could well be true because what we know is that the ocean
is not going to become acidic we know that for sure it may become slightly less alkaline but
there's and there's no reason for that t to occur, locally because at the pollution that we're putting
into Puget Sound that may be making Puget Sound more acidic which has nothing to do with the
global sea water. That is a local regional effect by the stuff we put into the Puget Sound. So they
may well be correct that their the water where the are living might be more acidic but I can
tell you it is not because of global warming or CO2. It is because of some local or regional
pollution of the area
Senator Doug Ericksen: I guess acidification I guess is kinda I'm not sure how it is
utilized but even in that situation were not becoming acidic we are becoming less alkaline.

Dr. Don Easterbrook: You never going to get the acid, never

Senator Doug Ericksen: The trend in this direction but you're not gonna cross over that point to
where your okay Dr. Don Easterbrook: that's right Senator Doug Ericksen: that explains that
term, a lot of people also about the ocean acidifications in terms of what it means in terms of
Senator Kevin Ranker: You actually, Mr. Chair thank you my former question you've raised
another one however which is so what you say let me let me ask so the oceans are not
becoming more acidic Dr. Don Easterbrook: I didn't say that I said that you're not going to
make the oceans acid and the total range of variability PH in the ocean varies about 8.2 to 7.9 in
a trance of the ocean which is greater than most of the changes in any given site.
Senator Kevin Ranker: At any scale are the oceans becoming more acidic

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Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: no, acidic means it's an acid to make it more acidic means that making
more acid than it was which by definition is a non sequitur.
Senator Kevin Ranker: okay okay and then my second question that came out of the chairs
question then is, so locally where we're seeing ocean acidification whether it's right term or not
according your information I'm not sure but Dr. Don Easterbrook: less alkaline would make me
happier Senator Kevin Ranker: okay so less alkaline and so we're not just seen that in
Washington State and working with colleagues in Maine Maryland California Oregon Alaska
particularly Alaska who has significantly less population and and most of the watersheds are
not running out of agricultural lands or other areas are pollutants they're running out of relatively
pristine areas so is the impact there also from some sort of pollution?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: probably not would be my guess I dont know that there are
nonumbers you're looking. I'd have to look at the numbers to tell you well if there's a difference
between some regional effect like pollution Puget Sound or whether there is a water temperature.
The principle governing factor is water temperature and in places where you have, upwelling
where there is cold water coming up to the surface, cold water can hold more CO2 than warm
water and so that may act that might actually be causing it to become a bit less alkaline before
and in that case it is regional not pollution. Senator Kevin Ranker: Thank you
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Ok. So we talked about this oceans are alkaline not acidic the governing
factor here is the temperature of the ocean water let me answer your question now about all these
people who are the so-called consensus and you will see I see every day quoted 97 percent of
all scientists believe they are man-made CO2 causes global warming. That's a fraudulent
statement and the statement that there is a dominant consensus among scientists that CO2
is causing global warming is not based on any known fact and let me tell you where this
number comes from and let me tell you were the off quoted statement comes from. There was a
graduate student who, this was in the Indiana Illinois, sent out 10,257 questionnaires to climate
scientist he got 3,146 back responses, of those he selected either 77 or 79 I'm not quite sure the
numbers it didnt matter that he hand-picked out of this 3000 these 2000 responses and yes those
people do think CO2 is causing climate change and saying all the two said yes because they

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Davoud Tohidy

were hand-selected and so the real number is that there are 77 or 75 scientists out of 3100 not out
of 77 or 79 so if you divide this number over that number you get two percent so the consensus
that you're hearing it is 2% not 98%. If you were to then look at well but is a consensus, let's go
back to it I have some information that you would find interesting is called the petition project
and this was a petition and let me read what the statement says it says there is no
convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide methane or other
greenhouse gases is causing or will in the foreseeable future cause catastrophic heating of
the earths atmosphere and disruption of the earths climate. How many scientists who have
degrees and one of the scientists has signed that. It is actually 31,487 as opposed to the 77 in
this survey this so off quoted so I would say the consensus is that scientist do not believe
that CO2 is causing global warming not the other way around so you can compare what
you're seeing on the screen but I you, of these 31,000 scientists who signed this statement
all have degrees in one of the sciences and 9,029 have PHD's in those and the expertise of
these are atmospheric and environmental sciences, computer Mathematical Sciences,
physics and aerospace sciences, chemistry, Biology, agriculture. These are real scientists and
there are 31,000 of them. In order for the statement to be true that either the consensus is that
CO2 is causing it, you would need to have 32,000 people signed and there are about 4,000
people who were involved in the IPCC project and by admission of the chairman of the IPCC
of the UN 80% of those are non-scientists, if you look at that 27 people who wrote the
executive summary for the 2007 report which is often quoted guess how many have
experience in meteorology, none. So there's the answer to your question
Senator Doug Ericksen: Senator Billig has a question

Senator Andy Billig: Thank you Mr. Chair. To my understanding of the consensus was not
based on a survey it was based on a review of the scientific papers a peer-reviewed scientific
papers showed that the overwhelming majority of scientific papers peer-reviewed showed either
that had a consensus about climate change being human-caused and a few that came to know
conclusion but very few they came to the opposite conclusion so I guess I'm just having a little
trouble the you're saying that that number is based on just that one methodology when I think
there are other methodologies that arrived at what the scientific consensus is.

110 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: your statement could be true let me tell you why it could be true and that
is that the editorial boards a virtually every scientific journal probably in the world but certainly
in the United States the geological ..of America, the American Geophysical Union, science
nature all of these places will not even read a paper that has anything negative to say about CO2
so not surprising that there are no papers published that are critical of CO2 is a cause because
their editorial boards were not permitted and that is a fact and there are some numbers that go
with that I don't have them handy but it's clear that the peer reviewed process editorial process
has been taken over by what I call CO2 dogmatists who will not permit publication of anything
that is in any way critical of CO2 and that's a fact. So your statement could be true. There might
be more period papers being published right now because they won't publish anything else.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Okay lets finish this up quickly, so how do we go about predicting
climate how we gonna figure out what should Washington needs to do in in the future there are
two ways to do it one is the UN way the IPCC way which is with computer models and
computer models like any other computers are garbage in garbage out whatever you
program the computer will be what comes out the other end. They do not consider real-life
changes in the atmosphere in the in the oceans to do not consider real physical data, it is
our theoretical. The other way is to use real physical evidence to establish a typical pattern this
is on the ground research the kind information I've been showing you.

1:13:32 GRAPH: How can climate be predictws?

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So let's compare the two which one gives us the best answer which one
should rely on to go about pretty much going to happen in the state of Washington. This is a this
black curve here is a curve that I took as is from the official IPCC website in the year 2000
this is what their projection was in the year 2000 and actually continues on down here which I
don't have it on this curve and they're predicting that the temperature between 2000 and 2010
was going to be increased by 1 full degree. 1 degree warming which is greater than the warming
for the entire century that is what they are predicting in a decade. Here is the actual record
which is the satellite record that we've already seen and look at the gap between the two.

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Davoud Tohidy

The models failed miserably. They weren't even close therefore what trust can you put in models
if they cannot even project ten years down the line within one degree they're useless. So what
we can do then is to look the real physical evidence to predict where we're heading what kind of
evidence we can use.

1:14:41 GRAPHs: Trust me Cartoon & PDO cold mode (1945-77)

Dr. Don Easterbrook: We can use the natural observable evidence which looks something like
this. The Pacific Ocean has two modes a warm mode cold mode. This is what the temperature
look like between 1945 and 1977 in Eastern Pacific, North America we're about right here Blue
is cold and orange and red are warm the whole coast of the US the global Alaska at this time
was cool and we had global cooling down here this it blew down here is cool red is warm. In
1977 in one year there was a flip and the Pacific Ocean changed from in this case cold to warm
red is warm and look what happened we had global warming surprise surprise. The message
here is that the temperature in the eastern Pacific governs the climate of North America. It
is that simple. What we see is a regular pattern of warming of ocean water cooling ocean water
warming ocean water which is exactly mimicked in the global climate temperature exactly and in
this case it's like a toggle switch on/off this change from cool to warm mode occurred in one year
of the coast of North America and the climate change that quickly. CO2 doesn't change that
quickly. This is not a climate change it could have been brought about by CO2.

1:16:18 GRAPH: Sea surface temperatures

Dr. Don Easterbrook: and here's verification of that. This is what the temperature look like off
the coast of North America in 1977 and also on in 1998 is very similar. In 1999 look what
happened. All is nice and warm water off the coast here the red and yellow has now
changed to cold with blue colors here. In 1999 which is 1 year after the second highest
temperature of the century behind 1936, well known I predicted that because of the change in
the pattern of the ocean water temperatures that were in for about 30 years of global
cooling and people thought I was crazy, after the hottest year in a long time how could I predict
we're headed for global cooling? this happened, I was right so the last 15 years have been

112 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

cooler we've had 15 years of global cooling as I predicted in 99 based on the geologic record
of the history of changes in the ocean water temperatures of the pacific. Here's where we are
today look at this still cold it has been cold now for 15 years the ocean water and guess what
we've had 15 years with no global warming and global cooling and that is why.

1:17:41 GRAPH: The PDO (pacific sea surface temperature)

Dr. Don Easterbrook: So all we have to do is to read the past history of these ups and downs
and this is what you get. Here is the ocean water temperature when it was warm of the east coast
in North America we had global warming when it was cool we had global cooling and this is a
period of about 25 to 30 years generally. 77 to 98 ocean water warmed global warming and then
in 1999 we shifted a cool and we got cooling up to here so it doesn't take much of an extension to
say okay this is gonna be repeated this and we're in about 25, 30 years of global cooling.


Senator Doug Ericksen: Senator Ranker has a question

Senator Kevin Ranker: Thank you Mr. Chair, In your previous slide you had two pieces
previous slide you has 97 up there if I remember correctly 96, 97 was one of the most more
powerful el nino events that we've seen in decades. Dr. Don Easterbrook: that he was 1988

Senator Kevin Ranker: 98? Dr. Don Easterbrook: yes Senator Kevin Ranker: ok so 97 so
that's it coming and then so how does that it taken into account in your information and then I've
gotta come back to the question I asked earlier because all the data that I've read and I have
before me shows that particularly in last 12 years we've seen an increase in temperature we see
more records broken is that again because, Dr. Don Easterbrook: I just showed you evidence
the contrary of that Senator Kevin Ranker: I know but I'm telling you that I have peer-reviewed
data in front of me that suggest otherwise is that because that peer reviewed data has been

113 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

1:17:41 Dr. Don Easterbrook: that would be my guess yes but I don't know what data you're
talking about you if you'd like to send it to me I would be happy to respond. Senator Kevin
Ranker: Foundation, the IPCC you know Dr. Don Easterbrook: the answer to you
question is yes Senator Kevin Ranker: University of Washington, Western Washington and

1:17:41 Senator Doug Ericksen: well lets some I like to finish at presentation when you are
going into that stuff in the second and I have one question also on the ocean upwelling issue here
with regards the temperature because getting back in our shellfish issue which is important one
too to myself and Senator Ranker and some other folks in the shellfish growing regions but
ocean upwell that lead to the global cooling aspect that you spoke about whether or not we agree
or we take a look at that we can look would that be due to the cooler water and the upwelling
hitting the coast and coming into the canal which could result in a lessening in the alkaline in the
in those waters and that's an interesting one to take a look at going for it.

1:20:10 Dr. Don Easterbrook: that's certainly possible, the solubility of CO2 in seawater which
is what governs the generation of carbonic acid which is what makes the seawater PH go up or
down is a function of temperature and so the colder the water the more CO2 that can be held by
the seawater therefore the less alkaline it is and if you warm it up then this sea will give off CO2
in the atmosphere. It is actually the ocean that is controlling the composition of the
atmosphere not the other way around. So the answer your question is that could explain some
regional differences because we know that there's upwelling they happens about every two years
off the coast of South America equator and there're surely are upwelling elsewhere so that could
be which also for change in the PH of the sea water yes is the answer

1:20:55 Senator Doug Ericksen: how we are doing on time here?... Dr. Don Easterbrook: I'm
done yeah any more questions? Senator Doug Ericksen: you are done? Oh, I didnt know you
are finished there. Any more questions from the committee? Senator Billig.

1:21:06 Senator Billig: Thank you mister chair and so I wanna go back early in the presentation
it when you talk about real evidence and it seems there's one of the issues is the data that I think

114 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

you said that NASA is manipulating the temperature data their temperature data it's hard for me
to believe that and I was just wondering what would be the motivation that they would have to
manipulate temperature data? what do you think that

1:21:38 Dr. Don Easterbrook: I have no idea I don't know they have been thinking what I
can tell you with absolute certainty is that I have seen the original data that was collected at
in many places and then I have seen that same data graph by NASA by NOAA and by the
CDDC which is an arm of NASA in 1980 and it was different and I saw it again in 1990,
2000 and it was different yet and I saw it again in 2000 and something or other and it was
different yet in each case higher so let you draw your own conclusions for that I have no
idea about motivation in the house and I'm not a mind reader all I can tell you is what I
observe and that is well documented.


Senator Doug Ericksen: Senator Ranker

Senator Kevin Ranker: thank you along the same lines and thank you Senator Billig for
following up on that line of questioning and I think it's really important. Youve mentioned a
couple times in your presentation that none this is has been reported on because the media won't
cover it could you enlighten us a bit more on what's happening there?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: If you look at any major network TV program how many headlines have
you seen that say we have unprecedented global warming and how many headlines have you
seen that gee folks that the climate is cooling, gee it's a coldest winter in two hundred years in
Europe. gee folks its cooler and the answer from my own personal experience is none. I can tell
you personally that two years ago the New York Times did a feature presentation on some of my
Material and I was called by every major national TV network ABC NBC CBS how are the
whole much and then one by one Senator Kevin Ranker: FOX is behind you better say FOX

115 of 141

Davoud Tohidy

Dr. Don Easterbrook: CNN everybody yeah and guess what NBC called back and said we
decided not to do that CBS called back said oh well we're not gonna do that, MSNBC did do an
interview CNN did and did and CBS later did but ABC NBC all of those withdrew their
interest in interviewing so from my person experience I have experience that news blackout and
all you would have to do recount the headlines of gee folks we have accelerating global warming
orr we are gonna die and how often you see reports of it is the coldest in 200 years? You don't
see that .it is a No no brainer
Senator Doug Ericksen: Dr. Easterbrook, I have a question in one of your earlier slides if you
could go back to slide number three or four we can get in there CO2 graph with the temperatures
and it shows the curve extend it with the CO2 from the forties going onwards So I don't
understand about this one for shown temperatures as I think it's back to Senator Rankers
question a little bit about coldest time versus coolest you know in terms of the last twelve years
when I look at the chart though when I see the temperatures listed for the coming to oh that ends
in 2000 that would be the difference in 2000 going backwards been warmer than it was in the
thirties ao am I reading the chart correctly?
Dr. Don Easterbrook: You are reading the chart correctly. This is the data if you look at the at
the source of the data here Hadcrut is the climate data that comes from East Anglia in England
which was insider of the Climategate scandal incidentally which is another issue altogether and
so their data tends to be roughly the same as the NASA manipulated data and

Senator Doug Ericksen: I didnt ask that question. Can you go to the slide above it, that's the
one I was thinking aboutI dont understand the data because it looks it is cooler in the thirties
on data than today.
Dr. Don Easterbrook: okay what I can tell you is that if you look at the source of the data this is
Hadcrut data which is East Anglia data which is the same as the NOAA and the NASA data and
they have suppressed this I can show you the before and after the suppression and it is actually
what they do is what they call adjustment and you can imagine a glass of pure water in a glass of
sludge and what they do is to say well we've got these weather stations they give us pure water

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Davoud Tohidy

but we got these other ones that are sludge because the stations give really inconsistent data so
what we're gonna do is we are going to mix the two together we are going to homogenize them
they call this homogenization of data and then what you end up with is something and guess
what it's no longer pure and so what they do then is they make a correction based on this mixture
rather than just using the pure data. I'm looking at the pure data they're looking at the sludge not
effective data okay
Senator Doug Ericksen: I just want to thank you for chance to coming today and testifying in
front of the committee Dr. Easterbrook. I thought it was very interesting presentation and I think
that um obviously there are there are disagreements in Olympia and the scientific world with
regards to the material presented today. I think as the legislators and members of the Senate
Energy Environment telecommunications committee it's important that we take a look at all the
data that's available to us to be able to make informed decisions as we go forward because we
have some some major decisions that we're making here in the coming years with regards to
long-term energy structure issues in Washington state how we handle a lot of different decisions
come into before us I think it's important that we take a good hard look at all the data that we can
and and continue moving forward in our role as legislators to try to make informed decisions I
think that your being here today was a good one for us to be able to to take a look at the data you
present to us I really appreciate you taking the time out your schedule to be here with us today
Dr. Don Easterbrook: Well thank you for inviting me and I would I would urge you to don't
believe what I say look at the data and you can arrive at your own conclusions because data
speaks a way louder than opinions
Senator Doug Ericksen: we should go back to slide number one for your presentation I guess

Slides of Dr. Don Easterbrooks Presentation in regards to Climate Change before the
US Senate Committee on Energy, Environment & Telecommunications on March 26, 2013

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Numbers before the word "GRAPH" or "PICTURE" are the approximate location in the Video of
Dr. Easterbrook's presentation on March 26, 2013

Dr. Easterbrook climate change presentation to

Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee 3/26

2:15 GRAPH: What the news media isnt telling you

9:04 GRAPH: Global Warming (and Cooling) occur ...

11:09 GRAPH (20 period of warming and cooling)

6:02 GRAPH: Specific Issues in Senate Bill 5802

9:33 GRAPH Global surface temperature anomalies & Linear Trends

for 1901-2000

45:58 PICTURE: New York City with the predicted sea level
rise by UN by the year 2100. Please come back to this after
the NOTE on page 6
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12:25 GRAPH Greenland GISP2 Ice Core

14:58 GRAPH More Global warming records were set

in 1930s than

28:50 GRAPH Englands coldest spring in 50 years

cost 5000 lives
Please come back to the above graph when you
see the "Note" on page 4

13:29 GRAPH Claims that temperatures are warmer now than

18:12 GRAPH U.S. Annual heat wave index 1895 - 2008

51:30 PICTURE: Specific issues in Senate Bill 5802

Please come back to the above graph when you
see the "Note" on page 7

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19:47 GRAPH: Almost all record high temperatures records

were set in the 1930s

18:45 GRAPH: Southern US drought index

20:45 GRAPH: Conclusions NOAA 82%of all maximum

temperature record

22:05 GRAPH: what happened to global warming? Global

Cooling since 1998.

23:45 GRAPH: Temperature trend since 2001

22:59 GRAPH: Global Temperature has cooled for 15 years

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24:08 GRAPH: NCDC decadal change in winter temperatures

2001/02 2010/11

28:15 GRAPH: Europe is having the coldest winter in

100 years

NOTE: Please see page 2 for the graph located at 28:50 location of the video

29:40 GRAPH: Conclusion Modern global warming ended

in 1998

30:36 GRAPH Antarctic ice sheet is growing not melting

32:10 GRAPH: Claims that Antarctic Ice Sheet is

melting at an accelerating rate are untrue

30:55 GRAPH: Arctic has no polar ice cap

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32:51 GRAPH: Average daily temperature in Antarctica

is -58 F

37:42 GRAPH: CO2 cannot cause significant global


40:25 GRAPH: The total increase in temp that could have

been caused by increase in CO2 is less than 0.1 F

41:56 GRAPH: No correlation between CO2 and Temperature

43:15 GRAPH: Whenever the oceans warm, atmospheric

CO2 increases

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NOTE: Please see page 1 for the 45:58 PICTURE: New York City with the predicted sea level rise by UN ...

43:28 GRAPH Conclusions: The amount of CO2 in the

atmosphere is miniscule

47:40 GRAPH: As we thaw out from the Little ice age

48:48 GRAPH: Sea level records in the pacific NW

46:40 PICTURE: Maldive Islands

48:48 GRAPH: Sea level record at Seattle since 1900

49:53 GRAPH: Comparisons of projected sea level rise

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NOTE:Please see page 2 for the PICTURE at 51:30 PICTURE:

Specific issues in Senate Bill 5802

50:54 GRAPH: Conclusions Sea level has risen only

7 inches

55:10 GRAPH: Frequency of hurricanes and tornadoes

55:19 GRAPH: Precipitation and stream flow

57:32 GRAPH: Snow fall is increasing, not declining

56:08 GRAPH: Conclusions The number of US Hurricanes

has decreased

58:08 GRAPH:

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Data Show snow increasing not declining

58:27 GRAPH: Snow packs in the Cascades Mts.

59:42 GRAPH: Conclusions Despite numerous assertions

since 1990

59:14 GRAPH: US Precipitation is increasing, not decreasing

59:58 GRAPH: Specific issues in Senate Bill 5802

1:00:32 GRAPH: Can atmospheric CO2 make the oceans


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1:01:21 GRAPH: Can global warming make the oceans less


1:14:41 GRAPH: Trust me Cartoon

1:13:32 GRAPH: How can climate be predictws?

1:14:48 GRAPH: PDO cold mode (1945-77)

1:16:18 GRAPH: Sea surface temperatures

1:17:41 GRAPH: The PDO (pacific sea surface temperature)

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Davoud Tohidy
Dr. Fred Singer

Dr. Singer testified before the House Small Business Committee, stating that
Climate science does not support the Kyoto Protocol and its emission controls on carbon
dioxide. (Testimony of Dr. S. Fred Singer)
Dr. Ian Plimer
Dr. Plimer is the professor of Geology at Melbourne University in Australia. He has won several
prizes for his work including Leonard Van Buch medal for science and has trice won the Eureka
Prize, your honor. Dr. Plimer provided a presentation before the UK Parliament at the Public
meeting (R14) Re Climate Change Act on November 30, 2011 (Climate Change driven by the Sun).
Two important quote from Dr. Plimers speech are:

1. Carbon dioxide is a natural gas. It has dominated the atmosphere for an

extraordinary long period of time and we now are at a dangerously low level. If
we halve the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we would have no
terrestrial plants. Carbon dioxide is plant food. It's not a pollutant. To use words
like pollution with carbon dioxide is misleading and deceptive.

2. Six of the great ice ages were initiated when the carbon dioxide content of the
atmosphere was higher than now, in fact up to a thousand times high. So we have
no geological evidence absolutely no evidence that carbon dioxide has driven
climate. For some odd reason the major driver of climate is that great bowl of the
heat in the sky which would be called the Sun.
Professor Patrick Moore

Canadian Professor Patrick Moore, Professor of Ecology, before the USA Senate
Environment and Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight February 25, 2014
(at location 01:29:48) (USA Senate Environment and Public Works Committee). A quote

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Davoud Tohidy

from his speech follows: There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon
dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earths
atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there were such a proof it would be written down
for all to see. No actual proof, as it is understood in science, exists.
Canadian Senate Hearing on Manmade Global Warming and CO2
The Senate Standing Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources in
Ottawa held a hearing on global warming on December 15, 2011 (hereafter the Senate
following witnesses provided testimony opposing man made global warming :
a. Professor Ian Clark (Hereafter Professor Clark) Department of Earth
Sciences, University of Ottawa with 54 publications
b. Professor Jan Veizer (Hereafter Professor Veizer) Distinguished University
Professor of Geology - University of Ottawa Director of the Earth System
Evolution Program of Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR)
c. Professor Ross McKitrick (hereafter Professor McKitrick) Professor of

Economics at the University of Guelph expert reviewer for the

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment
Report one of 12 experts from around the world asked to brief a panel of
the US National Academy of Sciences examining paleoclimate reconstruction
d. Professor Tim Patterson (Hereafter Professor Patterson) Professor of

Geology, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University Canadian

leader of the UNESCO supported International Geological Correlation

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Davoud Tohidy

Programme Project (IGCP) 367 "Late Quaternary Coastal Records of Rapid

Change" (1994-1997) and 495 "Quaternary Land-Ocean interactions" from
The following are some excerpts of the testimonies at the Senate Hearing:
Professor Clark (Professor Ian Clark testifies at the Canadian Senate Hearing December 15, 2011):

i. If we look at the past 55 years, we see that through the 1970s

temperatures were quite low during that cold spell, and then they
started to rise through the 1980s and 1990s, up towards the last
decade. Examining the last decade shows that temperatures really
have flattened, so we have not really seen any global warming for
the past 10 years, some say since the 1998 El Nio. This is in stark
contrast with the IPCC forecast of an increase of some 0.2 degrees
per decade that should have occurred during this period.
ii. Is this 20th century warming unusual? We go back to a thousand
years before the present and we see a warm period, which we call the
Medieval Warm Period, which centered on a thousand years ago and
lasted about 200 years. It is well documented by agricultural records;
the Vikings settled in Greenland and came to Canada. There are lots of
documentation and proxy records for the Medieval Warm Period,
followed by the Little Ice Age and then 20th century warming. During
that period we did not see any effect of CO2. CO2 was flat during
this time, and so there is no correlation with this greenhouse gas.

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Davoud Tohidy

iii. We go back further in time. Over the last 10,000 years, this is the
Holocene interglacial period, following the past glacial period when
glaciers covered Canada. Here, the 20th century warming is one of a
series of climate optima. There is the Medieval Warming Period, the
Roman climate optimum during the time of Christ, and then we go
back further in the Holocene and we see various optima, warm
periods of varying intensity and duration. The current 20th century
climate warming is one of a series; there is nothing unusual.
Furthermore, throughout this period, CO2 was a relatively steady 280
ppm. CO2 had nothing to do with these warming periods.
iv. We will go back further in time, here looking at the record from ice
cores in Antarctica. These are very robust records of climate. I am
reading from present-day back 450,000 years the records now go
back closer to a million years documenting interglacial periods.
Here is the Holocene interglacial. There is the last glacial period when
glaciers covered Canada and many parts of Europe. We have these
series. Clearly, climate has been changing dramatically over this time
period. When we look at CO2, we see a very strong correlation. CO2
increases during the interglacials, decreases during the glacial
maximum period, down to 180 ppm, back up into this last interglacial,
again up to 280 to 300 ppm. CO2 strongly correlated with climate,
apparently. We have to look more closely at this correlation. This is
where the science becomes obfuscated, particularly by Al Gore and

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Davoud Tohidy

other people promoting CO2 as a forcing agent. Here we are looking at

a detailed interface between a glacial period at 245,000 to 240,000,
and an interglacial period. We have warming shown in red, and that
warming occurs about 800 years prior to the CO2 increase. CO2 is
lagging temperature increase by about 800 years. This has been
demonstrated for all these glacial and interglacial interfaces
through time. We are always seeing a lag. CO2 is not driving
climate. CO2 is not acting as a greenhouse gas over this very
important period of strong climate change.
v. These are the slides I cut from my talk. The planet, without what we
call greenhouse gases, with just a transparent atmosphere of nitrogen
and oxygen, would be about 32 degrees colder than today. We would
have a planet which would be unlivable. It would be frozen. Thanks
to one greenhouse gas, which is water vapour, our planet is about
32 degrees warmer. What water vapour does in the atmosphere is
absorb the outgoing radiation. When we warm the planet with solar
radiation during the day, it emits that radiation throughout the day
and during the night, so the planet cools. If we trap that outgoing
radiation, what we call "long wave radiation," or "infrared radiation,"
like what you see on the hot plates in fast-food restaurants, the heat is
retained in the atmosphere and warms the earth's surface. We retain
a planet that is now 14 degrees above 0, and habitable. CO2

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Davoud Tohidy

represents a couple of per cent of that greenhouse gas effect. It is

a very minor greenhouse gas. Water does all the work.
vi. When we talk about the accumulating greenhouse gases in the
atmosphere and we focus on CO2, we are being deceptive
because CO2 cannot give us the warming that has been projected.
To project warming, if we feel we have to account for the past
century's warming and project that into the future with CO2, we
are obliged to amplify that with water vapour.
vii. If I can just summarize, we find that there is no geological evidence
that CO2 has behaved in the past as a significant forcing
mechanism. CO2 remains at the lowest range today than
observed over geological time. I would like to add that it is more
than a benign gas. It is an essential nutrient for life and with only
beneficial effects. Our efforts to limit the use of fossil carbonbased energy have solved no environmental problems. It has
created many more, including the accelerated production of
ethanol and the conversion of tropical rain forest to tropical palm
oil production. It is time to turn our attention to real, tangible
environmental problems.

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Davoud Tohidy
Professor Jan Veizer: (Professor Jan Veizer testifies at the Canadian Senate Hearing December 15, 2011)


Let me explain. Without our atmosphere, the planet would be a

frozen ice ball. Natural greenhouse warming is warming it up by 33
degrees Celsius. Two thirds of this warming or more, up to
perhaps even 95 per cent of this warming, is due to water
vapour, not to CO2. Water vapour, not carbon dioxide, is by far
the most important greenhouse gas, yet the models treat the
water cycle as just being there, relegating it to a passive agent in the
climate system.


Our atmosphere contains about 730 billion tonnes of carbon. Each

year, about 120 billion tonnes are cycled via plants on land and
about 90 billion tonnes through the oceans. It is absolutely
dominant. Human emissions account for less than 5 per cent of
the annual carbon cycle.


The sun also warms the oceans that emit CO2 into the atmosphere.
Atmospheric CO2 is thus the product and not the cause of the
climate, as demonstrated by past records where temperature
changes always precede changes in atmospheric CO2.

Professor Ross McKitrick (Professor Ross McKitrick testifies at the Canadian Senate
Hearing - December 15, 2011):


The economics of climate change do not favour Kyoto-type

commitments. Under current and foreseeable technologies, the

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Davoud Tohidy

greenhouse gas policies that we can afford to undertake would have

such small climatic impacts as to be pointless. The same kinds of
models that are used to forecast global warming predict that, if all the
signatories to the Kyoto Protocol complied with their commitments,
the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that we would have
observed by 2100 would instead have been reached by about 2105, a
trivial difference. Kyoto was too costly for countries to reach. When a
policy is proposed that is too costly to implement and yields benefits
that are too small to measure, you would expect reasonable people to
see it as a bad idea. Instead, we observed a dogmatic elite consensus
in support of Kyoto. In my mind, this never validated Kyoto; it
merely discredited the elite consensus and suggested to me that
the international political milieu in charge of the climate issue was
unduly susceptible to groupthink.

The official process for assessing technical and scientific information

on climate change for the purpose of advising policy-makers has
become untrustworthy due to bias and partisanship. As a member of
the expert review team for the last IPCC report, I saw things take
place that violated long-standing principles of peer review.


The IPCC is not a neutral observer of the scientific process. Instead, it

has a party line. It is controlled by a relatively small bureau in
Geneva, consisting of a small core surrounded by a network of
supportive academics and government officials. The oversight body,

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Davoud Tohidy

called the IPCC Plenary Panel, is passive, inattentive and overly

deferential to the bureau. In effect, there is no oversight.

In my report I document some disturbing cases where the IPCC

violated proper peer-review practices. These include
manipulating prominent graphs so as to conceal known flaws in
the statistical basis of paleo-climate reconstructions and to
exaggerate evidence that modern climate change is historically
exceptional this is the so-called "hide the decline" scandal;
fabricating a statistical test result to provide a rationale for
dismissing published evidence of urbanization-related
contamination of the surface temperature record on which key
IPCC conclusions were based; waiting until the close of peer review,
then removing text that had initially and correctly cautioned readers
that the IPCC method of calculating warming trends likely
exaggerated their significance and replacing it with unsupported text
saying the opposite.


I have also shown that climate models predict significantly more

warming over the past 30 years in the tropical troposphere than is
observed in satellite or weather balloon records. This is a key region
for measuring the water vapour feedbacks that control the magnitude
of greenhouse warming. Despite this being the region that models say
should be warming fastest in response to greenhouse gases, the 50year balloon record actually shows no positive trend once the

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Davoud Tohidy

effect of ocean circulation changes in the late 1970s are removed

from the record. One of the most telling emails in the so-called
Climategate 2.0 archive that was released last month involves one
IPCC expert warning another that their efforts to finesse this
issue by deceptive trend analysis is "a fool's paradise."
Professor Tim Patterson (Professor Tim Patterson testifies at the Canadian Senate
Hearing - December 15, 2011):

Solar scientists predict that by later in this decade the sun will be
starting into its weakest solar cycle of the past two centuries, and this
will likely lead to unusually cool conditions on earth, which may persist
for decades. Planning for adaptation to such a cool period should be the
primary position for governments. It is global cooling, not warming, that is
the major climate threat to the world. This is particularly true for Canada,
such a high latitude nation that is right at the edge of where agriculture can
be carried out.

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Davoud Tohidy

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Davoud Tohidy
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Davoud Tohidy
Testimony of Dr. S. Fred Singer. <>.
Plimer, Ian. Climate Change driven by the Sun.
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Moore, Patrick. USA Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
Clark, Ian. Professor Ian Clark testifies at the Canadian Senate Hearing - December 15, 2011.
Veizer, Jan. Professor Jan Veizer testifies at the Canadian Senate Hearing - December 15, 2011.
McKitrick, Ross. Professor Ross McKitrick testifies at the Canadian Senate Hearing - December 15,
Patterson, Tim. Professor Tim Patterson testifies at the Canadian Senate Hearing - December 15, 2011.

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