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This video is from HSBC advertisement and it is about cultural difference.

starts off in a Chinese restaurant and there is one English man seems to having
some difficulties. He was having a meal with several other Chinese business men
and while he was eating, he could not understand why the server kept bringing out
more food when he emptied his plate. The English man believed it is rude if he
doesnt clear his plate. When as in the Chinese culture the server recognized the
English man wanted more food. The video continues with a hand gesture that has
different meanings. It can be used as a greeting in one region and on the contrary to
this, it can easily offend someone with the same gesture. another scene explaining
the difference of western and eastern meeting style in the company. Also follows up
with another scene explaining the difference of western and eastern meeting style in
the company. I picked this video because it shows some examples of troubles that
people will face by cultural differences and the narration is well supported. It
mentions mainly on the difference between eastern and western culture by examples
of Chinese, Japanese and English, European culture.
French sociologist Auguste Comte stated the term sociology literally means
the study of the processes of companionship. Comte also discovered that there are
fundamental laws of society that is equivalent to the laws of nature which can be
referred to as cultural universals. Comte will view this video as a very helpful video
for our society. It gives an example of cultural differences and points out what people

in the video misunderstood. Marx has done works on conflict perspective. While
watching this video, Marx will notice that there will be tension and struggles between
two groups that has different cultural backgrounds. Also Marx will view those people
in the video to be organized into shape by law and authority. Durkheim has done
works on functionalist perspective. Durkheim believed that our society is like a living
organism that works together for the good of the whole. He believed that our society
is maintained through cooperation and consensus. Durkheims reaction to this video
would be positive since this video contains some sort of explanation and solution to
cultural differences. These explanations and solutions will eventually guide people to
socialize better and as a result people will have a better performance on societal
This video can be mostly represented by an Interactionist perspective. It
shows how we should interact with each other especially face-to-face interaction.
Our society is maintained by understanding others behaviors that is different. In order
to successfully involve in a global connected society, we need to learn about other
cultures so that we can have a smooth interactions with each other.