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Mathematics Alignment Lesson

Grade 4 Quarter 1 Day 10

Common Core State Standard(s)
4.NBT.2 Read and write multi-digit whole
Numbers using base-ten numerals, number
names, and expanded form. Compare two
multi-digit numbers based on meanings of
the digits in each place, using >, < and =
symbols to record the results of comparisons.

Standards for Mathematical Practice

Standard 1: Make sense of problems and
persevere in solving them.
Standard 3: Construct viable arguments and
critique the reasoning of others
Standard 6: Attend to precision.
Standard 7: Look for and make use of

Materials Needed:

Place value blocks/charts (optional)

Number cubes/dice/tiles/digit cards
Index cards/Sticky notes
Blackline Master- Out Number Your

Formative Assessment:
Informal observations
Anecdotal notes
Blackline Master, Comparing Numbers
Using Place Value

Compare, Greatest, Least, Place, Value,
Digit, less than, greater than, equal to,
<, >, =, hundreds, tens, ones, thousands
Wake County Public School System, 2013

Alignment Lesson
Which is Greater?
Activity 1: Least and Greatest? (Engage and Explore 10 min)
1. Ask students to use the digits 4, 7, 1, 9 and create the
greatest number possible on a scratch piece of paper
(9,741) and then the least number possible (1,479) using
all four digits. Share answers and ask students share their
thinking and reasoning based on place value to justify
their answers.
2. Review with students different forms of the same number
by having students write the numbers using number
names and expanded form.
3. Ask students the following question about the smallest
and largest number possible in a quick turn and talk:
Which number is greater/lesser and how do you
know?How does the digits place affect the value?
How can we write comparison statements using the <,
>, = symbols?
Answer: 9,741 is greater than 1,479 because it has 9
thousands compared to the other number only has 1
thousand and when comparing numbers the greatest unit
is used. 9,741 > 1,479 and 1,479 < 9,741.
3. Repeat steps by rearranging the digits to form other 4-digit
numbers and compare using symbols. Possible sets of
numbers to compare: 7,419 and 7,914; 1,479 and 1,497.
4. Review vocabulary using interactive online dictionary
Activity 2: Dare to Compare Discussion
(Explain and Elaborate 20 min)

*Some students may require place value models (drawings,

models, charts) to scaffold understanding when comparing
1. Post the following numbers in a grid on the board:

One thousand

120 tens
8 ones
100 hundreds

128 ones
One hundred
10 hundreds
3 tens

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Teacher Guide

Grade 4

Day 10

Standard(s) 4.NBT.2

Alignment Lesson
Which is Greater?
2. Choose any two numbers from the grid and ask a small group to compare which number is greater and
telling how they know using precise place value language (see vocabulary box). Remind students that
its easier to compare numbers when they are in the same form. Monitor groups and ask student
leaders to share their reasoning in whole group discussion with the class. If time allows, find as many
possible comparison statements of numbers using symbols <, >, =.
Promote more math talk in a whole group discussion by asking other questions to connect and clarify ideas such
as: What did ____just say? Can you tell me more? Who can repeat what _____just said? Does anyone want to
add on to what ____said? Do you agree or disagree with _____s idea? Is this what you said? Can you prove
it? What do you think will happen if _____? What makes you say that?

Activity 3: Partner Practice Game (Extend 15 min)

1. Math partners will play the Out Number Your Neighbor? game. Give one game board to each
student. See directions on sheet.
**Differentiation: To remediate, provide base ten blocks and place value charts to support modeling
and reinforce understanding with making place value comparisons of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.
Work with a small group of partners to provide monitoring and feedback. To enrich, play the game as a
group so students can compare more than just two numbers. Also allow students to work with greater
magnitude of multi-digit numbers.
**Early finishers can complete the journal prompt on the back of the game board. This task can be
used for closure in activity 4.
2. Discuss game results as a class after playing. Allow several student leaders to share and discuss as they
determined which number was greater. Continue to discuss how students look for the base ten
structure and make use of it when comparing the digits and how the place of a digit determines its
Activity 4: Quick Talk/Quick Write (Evaluate 10 min)
1. Ask students to brainstorm the precise place value vocabulary they used today in the lesson and post
this list on the board. Have students in a quick talk share with a partner today how they know how to
compare numbers based on place value. Require students to use precise language when speaking and
listen actively to be able to repeat what his/her partner said to clarify.
2. Give each student an index card/sticky note and ask students to summarize using written language to
show what they know about how multi-digit numbers compare based on place value. Look for precise
3. Assign Blackline Master Comparing Numbers Using Place Value? for homework. This task allows
for differentiation as students are allowed to choose the magnitude of numbers they compare. The
expectation for this standard is to be able to compare two multi-digit numbers using the symbols for
less than, greater than, or equal to. Students must use precise place value language when justifying
how they know one number is greater than or less than the other number.

Wake County Public School System, 2013

Teacher Guide Grade 4

Name: ____________________________

Day 10

Standard(s) 4.NBT.2
Date: ____________________________

Out Number Your Neighbor (Game)

1. Each partner takes turn rolling dice (number tiles or digit cards can be used) to record the digits in
the order that they were rolled and then records his/her number as well as the partners
number.*Numbers should be multi-digit*
2. Partners then compare numbers to decide who has the greatest and then that partner is awarded a
3. Both players compare the numbers using the symbols <, >, or =.
4. At the end of the game, the player with the most points is the winner. If you have time, complete
the journal prompt on the back of this sheet.

Player 1 Number

<, >, =

Player 2 Number


Journal Talk/Write: Explain how you know one number is greater or lesser
than another number using place value with your partner. Use precise
vocabulary words such as: digit, place, value, greater than, less than, compare,
equal to, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands.

Wake County Public School System, 2013

Teacher Guide

Grade 4

Day 10

Standard(s) 4.NBT.2

Name: ___________________________Date: ___________

Comparing Numbers Using Place Value- HW
Directions: Choose any two multi-digit numbers and write them in the
blanks. Compare them based on place value using the symbols <, >, or
= in the box.
Explain how you know using precise vocabulary words
such as: greater than, less than, equal, place, value, digit,
ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, compare.
Place Value Comparison Statement (<, >, =)


I know __________________________________________________

Wake County Public School System, 2013