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Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

Chow / Border Collie / German Shepherd

I did some research on how to treat dogs with diabetes and came
across Vintek Nutrition on-line. The Dia-treaties seemed like a possible
option to help keep the blood sugar swings under control. And that is
just what they did. After ordering the first batch and adding them to her
daily routine, 2 treats twice a day after each meal, we started to notice
less drastic swings in her blood sugar readings. Instead of random 4
and 500’s we started getting mid 200’s, then gradually below 200 rather
When we ran out of Dia-treaties one month and I was late ordering her
new batch, we started getting higher readings again in the middle of the
day and evenings. So we made sure to continue having them on hand
after that to ensure that her sugar levels would stay lower.
She loved the treats, they made it easy to hide her meds in and they
smelled so good we were almost tempted to try them.

Mr. Carlson,
Thank you for your condolences. It has been very tough. BJ was with us
for 13 year and was the light of our lives. We did all that we could for her
for so long, but it was time to let her go.
Cushing’s Disease and diabetes took its toll on our poor girl. Being
blind, deaf, diabetic and in pain was not a fair life for her anymore. We
gave her the gift of peace on Friday January 24th 2013 at home, in our
Testimonial: 1/27/14
Our dog BJ was diagnosed with Diabetes in the spring of 2013. She was
a Chow, Border Collie, German Shepherd mix that I adopted from an animal shelter while I was in college. She was my best friend and was with
me through the hardest times of my life, the loss of my mother and brother
in 2003. After college she moved with me back to my hometown. We did
so much together over the years. She was always such a rambunctious
girl, playful and energetic.
She developed Cushing’s disease when she was about 10, which we
learned to manage with medication. She did so good for a few years until
she started losing weight and having accidents in 2012. She drank and
urinated excessively. We thought it was the Cushing’s disease causing
the problems and tried all we could to manage it better.
However in the spring of 2013 she got extremely ill, having lost almost half
her body weight rather quickly and her sight almost overnight. She wasn’t
eating and her energy was zapped, we could tell something was seriously
wrong. We got her to the vet for blood work just in time and learned that
she was diabetic. Her illness and weight loss were due to Ketoacidosis
and she was in bad shape, about 1.8 out of 4. We thought at the time
that we might lose her that day at the vet. She stayed at the vet for a day
getting IV fluids and insulin to get the Ketoacidosis under control. They
let us take her home that night, not sure if she would make it through the
night or not. Well she did. Slowly she started to recover and we nursed
her back to health.
It took us a while to learn to manage her insulin dosages and figure out
how much to give her and how often. We started at 10 units and gradually
worked our way up with the dosage until it seemed to work properly. At 40
lbs, we eventually settled on 25 units twice a day of Novelin-N. Her hair
started growing back and she gained most of her weight back over the
next few months. Unfortunately she developed an ear infection at one
point, which we treated, but noticed that she no longer heard us, which
added to our heartbreak.

Although we had to let our poor girl go last week, we are confident that
the Dia-treaties, along with a her insulin routine, allowed us to have
about 9 additional months with our baby girl. We are certain that the
treats helped keep her blood sugar readings more consistent, which in
the long run, helped her to feel better more often.
For that we are grateful.
We would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to manage their
dog’s diabetes.
Sincerely, S& L M
Owensboro, Ky.
I hope this helps. I have never written a testimonial before, so it may be
a bit excessive, feel free to edit it for length if need be.
FYI, our Vet had not heard of this product until we told him about them.
He seemed interested in them and we kept him informed on how they
seemed to work for BJ. Our vet is Dr. Nathan Kunze at Audubon Animal
Hospital here in Owensboro Kentucky.
He said that he would recommend them to other diabetic dog patients.
Let me know if I can do anything else to assist you.
Sincerely, SM
Mr. Carlson,
I forgot to mention what we fed BJ at each meal. I know it is relevant to
her treatment.
After being diagnosed with diabetes we changed her diet to: 1/3rd of a
can of Science Diet WD soft dog food mixed with 1-2 tbsps of canned
pumpkin (for fiber and coat) and topped with 2 cups Science Diet dry
dog food. This was twice a day. Typically about 6 am. and 5 pm.
She got two dia-treaties after each meal with her Trilostane (for her
Cushing’s Disease.) Occasional treats in between meals. Typically
Glucosamine & Condroitin based treats for her hips.
Hope this helps. Sincerely, SM
Dear Mr. & Mrs. M:
That was heart wrenching and excellent. That was one fortunate dog to
have you as her caretaker. I appreciate your testimonial and spreading
the word. It means a lot to us.
It is feedback like this and people like you that we continue to strive to
get this in the hands of those who need it.
Have a great evening. Kameron

Although we stuck to a regular routine, she was still having huge blood
sugar swings and high readings in the 4-500’s, which we had to give
additional insulin to address as needed. I checked her regularly at lunch,
about 4 hours after her first meal, and before bed, about 4 hours after her
dinner, but was still getting high readings.

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)
Cairn Terrier

Thank you for Answering my Prayers for something
that would save my Little Sassy’s Life.
JR & Sassy, Athens, IL (8/20/14)

Introduction by Kameron Carlson:
JR, of Athens Illinois initially read our story in the July 2014
issue of Guideposts magazine. He called me to discuss
his dog Sassy (Maltese, 13 lbs., 10 yrs old, blind) as he
and his veterinarian were struggling with her diabetic care.
In our conversation, it occurred to me that this was a very
special person. He explained that he had taken care of
his chronically ill wife since 1968 and was her best advocate. His wife recently passed away and Sassy was his
remaining special companion. He takes Sassy to church
each Thursday and the congregation loves her. When he
goes to church on Sunday, she does not get to go and she
lets him know about it. Everyone loves Sassy. So, when
he called and explained that his dog was on 5 units of insulin and the b/g levels were 450 mg/dl range consistently
and the veterinarian was at her witís end, I was concerned.
He even mentioned that he was giving up hope. So, the
pressure was on. The last thing we wanted to do was disappoint.

Veternarian recommendation after 8/18/14 Visit:
Continue 5 iu every 12 hours
Recheck weight in 3 months & Exam 11/18/14
Monitor how much drinking / urinating.


He ordered Dia-Treaties by Vintek Nutrition on 6/27/14.
Here is his written testimonial that we received via fax. He
was so excited, he called me at 10:00 p.m. the night before
to tell me. I called him the next day and he mentioned that
he was sorry for waking me. Funny!
Sassy and JR, of Athens, Illinois writes:
This is Sassy’s glucose curve from 6-27-14. She was on 4
units 2 times per daily.
On February 15th, 2014 her reading was 343. We kept increasing dosage to 4 units twice daily. We increased dosage to 5 units twice daily on 6-26-14 when glucose curves
was over 450.
On 6/27/14 I ordered Dia-Treaties and started giving as
soon as they arrived. I crumble them up and put them in
her food.
You can see from her glucose curve of 8/18/14 how
much her glucose DROPPED. The Vet said she was
going to look into the info on Dia-Treaties. A Picture
Is Worth A Thousand Words.

I am attaching a photo of our sweet Siesta with her adopted
sister, Canica. Unfortunately, Siesta passed on August 12th
due to cancer. The last few months of her life were made
much more pleasant, thanks to the Dia-Treaties getting her
water and food consumption back to normal. I feel that if the
cancer had not manifested on top of the diabetes and thyroid
problems she was being treated for, she wouldíve been able to
live a much longer life.
She began to feel significantly better after we began your
product. Thank you for giving her back the quality of life
she deserved, even if for a few short months. It meant the
world to us!
Sincerely, JM, South Padre Island, TX

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)


P called and wanted to return the product because her veterinarian would not let her use it. I asked her to keep it in
the refrigerator and returned her money. I stated: “when your treatment doesn’t go so well - try them - they work!” She

This is my little Delilah, all 6 ½ lbs. She was very ill with diabetes. One day I was researching the
Internet for Help with diabetic dogs.
I found the web site for diabetic Dia-Treaties. My Lucky Day! After taking Dia-Treaties for a couple
of days, her blood sugar started to drop steadily. Now it stays between 110 -125. She has taken
them for a couple of Months. My family and I are so thankful.
PB, Beckley, West Virginia 11/18/14
Great Blog Subject:
Blog Link (click):

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)




Tilly loves her treats, her blood
sugar has dropped from the
300’s to the 100’s and her vet just
started lowering her insulin dose
yesterday. She seems much happier
and is starting to move around a lot
My dog has been diabetic
for 4 years, her insulin
has increased from 3 cc
to 10 cc. I started using
the Diatreaties, within
three weeks her insulin
needs were decreased from 10 ccs to 7 ccs. She didnít like the
flavor at first so I stuck bits in between Pup Peperoni (not healthy
but her all time favorite). She’íl now eat the Diatreaties alone,
although she still likes a small Pup Peperoni chaser.

Cairn Terrier

Even without these results, I would keep buying the
treats, because she loves them! (Tilly is a Newfoundland,
almost 12 years old, diagnosed with diabetes last December.)
HB, Poplar Grove, IL

Bichon Friesse

FYI: Morelli is loving the treats. Combined with a new
low-glycemic food (Pet Botanics), his insulin requirement has dropped essentially 1
unit in 30 days.
KM, Tallahasee, FL

Dia-Treaties has
been the perfect
addition to our arsenal as we attempt
to control our dogs
Dexter is a twelve year old Cairn terrier who has suffered
from diabetes for 5 years. Insulin injections twice a day
helped, but our vet. could not understand why his blood
sugar level would spike in the middle of the day.
After two weeks on Dia-Treaties, our vet tested Dexter
again and found that he had the lowest blood sugar level recorded to date. We are all believers in the
TLN, Amelia Island, FL

KB: Her Vet Dr. TF .. Dog: Deano.. He is doing
great. Went in for blood work.. Struggled for 1
year, B/G all over the place. Noticed within using
Dia-Treaties for 30 days that his B/G levels were
normal. Finally got a glucometer and he was all over
the place prior to DT’s. Carefully checked the blood
work with Dr. F and he maintains his levels, does
not vary, his appetite is great and he loves them.
She gives them 30-45 minutes before shot. His
water drinking has dissipated. He is a great example of how your stuff works. We are amazed at what
has happened. It is remarkable. He exhibits normal
behavior again – he is active, runs, and back to his
old self. Cant say enough good things. She is in the
medical field and was curious, but knows I can’t tell
her what was in it. Thanks so much for this miracle
for all dogs.
KB and Deano, Nebraska

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)
Kelpie Cross

Posted by Raylee M on 7th Dec 2014
Hi to all at Vintek Nutrition Store
I am happy to review Dia-Treaties.
Soon after our dog Mabel was diagnosed with diabetes I found and ordered
your product. It arrived promptly and the
packaging was excellent. The cold packs
were still cold! We started on the treatment straight away and Mabel”s condition began to improve almost immediately. She gained the weight that she had lost.Her blood sugar
levels are perfect. And in the words of her vet “she looks amazing!” I cannot recommend your product highly enough. Mabel looks a picture of health. Her coat is sleek and shiny, the best it has ever
looked and she loves her Dia-Treaties coming straight to the frig after her injection to get her treats.
Thanks so much for a great product.
RM, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia
Update: 2-15-15 Thanks again so much
for resending my order. I have attached
some photos of Mabel .
No one in the family can believe her
amazing recovery thanks again.

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

Jack Russell Broken Coat


Good afternoon,
A couple of months ago, my dog Winston was literally chewing and scratching himself raw on
his hind quarters and lower back. He was always crawling into someones lap and trying to convince them to give him a back scratch. The vet said he was allergic to dried grass, fleas and
who knows what else. I bought and used several different shampoos, used oil for the dry
skin, he even got a shot from the vet that only lasted a couple of weeks, among other things
we tried. One night while searching the web for solutions, I came across this website. At
this point I was willing to try anything. I called the following week and spoke with a gentleman. He
answered all my questions and was really reassuring about using the product on a dog who has a
history of seizures and takes medication every 8 hours. I ordered the Sterling Coat Treats and
was asked to take his picture and to let them know after a couple of months if the product
worked. It did. Within a couple of weeks, his scratching was gone. I continued to give him
two months worth, just to be safe. Now that spring is on its way to Texas, he has started the
scratching once again. Time to get another order placed.
Thank you for a great product
that seems to be doing what you
say it should.
Austin, Texas


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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)


Otterbay Waltzing Matilda “Tilly” 3 days after her 12th
birthday, October 11, 2014.

Miss Tilly got very sick in December of 2013, shortly
after turning 11 years old . Our first Newfie, Shiwanna had passed away at age 10 1/2 so we were afraid
Tilly was dying. We were so happy when the vet said
she had diabetes. (She had pancreatitis as well and
was extremely ill.) After about a week she started
eating again and improving. She was on insulin and
a special diabetic dog food as well as daily glucose checks. In July of 2014, a friend of mine at
work, (who knew all about Tilly) came in with a copy
of Guideposts and gave me the magazine saying,
almost ordering me to, “read this, read this now!” It
was the article about Dia-Treaties. I read it, and then (at home) went on-line and got information for us,
and for our vet. She read it and gave permission for us to start Tilly on Dia-Treaties.
Tilly liked the treats right away and her blood sugars stabilized, in fact, the vet said to cut back on the
She’s been doing well, seems to be happy. She’s the last remaining from her litter born in 2002, in Scotland.
Last month, I thought that she’d been on these treats for a long time and also was taking vitamins so maybe
I could save a little money by cutting back to maybe just one or two with her insulin. Then I really miscalculated with the mail delivery and she ran out for a couple of days. Her blood sugar, usually in the low to
mid 300’s went up to the 400’s and even hit 512. Her treats came in the mail and the glucose went back
to the 300’s, where her vet wants it. I thought the Dia-Treaties were making a difference, but that proved
Attached should be Tilly’s Dia-treaties story. While I wrote it, she was awake and watching me, happy and content. The next morning
we discovered that she had died in her sleep. She was 12 years, 4 months and 16 days. I do not believe her diabetes caused her
death, the morning blood sugar had been 290, well within the target range set by her vet. As she had been the last of her litter, we are
certain she died of old age - Her vet is of the same belief. HB
PS Our other Newf is from the same breeder, and turned 11 this month. We will be checking her blood sugars occasionally and if she
develops diabetes we will be your customer again. HB

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)
This page is left blank. Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®
Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

American Eskimo
10 years old

New Items Coming..
Written and Verbal Testimonials

1/7/14: I (Kameron) spoke with MJ, regarding Sammie. Sammie was an 11 year
old dog that had Cushing’s disease and
Holly was diagnosed with diabetes in Oc- subsequent diabetes. He went from 60 lbs
tober 2012. Our vet started her on insulin to 42 lbs. His blood glucose (b/g) levels
right away. Then in November, we saw
were in the 375 mg/dl range to begin with
the story on Dia-Treaties on the news.
while using: Humulin N - 15 units- 2(x)
We talked to our vet and we all decided
day. He heard about Dia-Treaties from a
to give it a try. It was the best thing we
referral and purchased this diabetic dog
ever did. After only using the Dia-Treatreatment. He used it for one week and
ties for 3 days her blood sugar was norwas amazed how it lowered the b/g levels,
mal. Holly is 10 years old and acts like a in the 180 mg/dl range. M.J. stated the
puppy again. We can't thank you enough following in our conversation: “In that short
for this great product that has helped her period of time, Dia-Treaties was very helpsooooo much. We recommend this prod- ful; the drinking subsided, the blood gluuct to anyone that has a dog with diabecose level stabilized as never before.”
tes. S&S R, Brandon, SD
Unfortunately, Sammie was too far gone
“After we started her on insulin it gradually went
and had to be euthanized. MJ stated, “He
down but after starting on insulin/diatreaties it
was too far gone from the ravages of both
went way down. Each time we had her tested it
Cushings and Diabetes.” “It is unfortunate
was a different number but was well within her
that we did not know of Dia-Treaties earlinormal range between 100-125.” S&S R, Brandon, SD
“It was one of the toughest days of our
lives, we gave him a steak that evening
and we said our goodbyes the next day.”
MJ and Sammie

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

Black Lab

Late last summer our 8 year old Black Lab
Shadow started having trouble walking.
Her back legs would give out for no apparent reason. She was constantly drinking water and the sparkle in her eyes was
gone. We took her to our local vet who diagnosed her as being diabetic. They put
her on 10 units of insulin twice per day
which seemed to help for a little while. Then
the symptoms started up again. The vet
raised the insulin amount to 20 units twice
per day. Again this helped for a little while.
Then came hunting season and Shadow
was ready to go, she had the desire but
not the energy. She was able to only go
out twice with me in the first month. After
the second time out I decided it was better to leave Shadow home then try taking
her out hunting because it would take her
days to recover from being out hunting.
Shadow was getting worse and again we
took her to the vet, this was early Dec and
again the vet raised the insulin to 25 units
twice per day. This time it did not seem to
help her. We did not know what to do for
her anymore. I was sitting in my office a
few days later and remembered a news

story I had seen earlier about dogs that
had diabetes and went to the web site and
found the story in the video archives. And
luckily I did find it and where to go to order
Dia-treaties from. I ordered them and in
less the 3 days I had the treats delivered
at my house and we immediately started
giving them to shadow 2 treats twice per
day. And within a few days we started seeing the change in her. Her back
legs seemed stronger, her eyes brighter, she had more energy, did not want
to drink all of the time and she wanted
to play. Shadow had lost 10 pounds over
the last year and her ribs were showing.
We had 2 more weekends of the hunting
season left and Shadow was wanting to
go. She was back to her old self those
last 2 weekends. She was able to keep
up and pass me on the trips to the fields.
It was so nice to see her back to her
old self again. She is my hunting buddy and I was not ready to lose her yet.
Dia-treaties gave me my friend back.
We are still giving her 25 units 2 times
daily and we will be taking her back to
the vet in a few weeks to see about the
dosage amount to see if it changes. She
has also started to gain her weight
back and is looking very healthy now.
Thank you so much
Joe James

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)


Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Hi Kameron,
I just wanted to let you know my big boy Otto has
past. He just got so sad at the end and didn’t want
to come inside at night or eat. It was time to let
him go. I really want to thank you for spending so
much time on the phone w me to help get Ottos
diabetes under control. I LOVE your product
and will continue to tell people about it! There
was nothing that Otto looked forward to more
than getting his Diatreaties! He LOVED them.
And by the way, he looked better than EVER!
Even on the day we said goodbye, you would
never have known that he was sick because he
looked so good. I am positive that it was not the
diabetes that took him down. Now, whenever
I have a friend who has a pet w a skin issue,
I give them one of Ottos frozen leftover diatreaties and pass on your
info. I was wondering if
the skin coat treats are the
same as the diatreaties?
They sure helped Otto so I
figured they would help my
friends dog’s. I hope they
get in touch with you.

Love The Pictures.

Good luck with your
fabulous product! I wish
you all the best on this
Again, I cannot thank you
Carla and Otto

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

Min Pin

June 16, 2010

Thank you, Nancy & Kameron so much for letting Piper & I be a part
of the trial for Dia-Treaties. It truly has made an extreme difference.
In January 2010, Piper, my then 6 year old Miniature Pincher, was
diagnosed as a diabetic. My Veterinarian, Dr. Craig Galbreath, DVM
started her on a special diet & insulin right away. She maintained her
levels for a short time, and then she would become hypoglycemic
in the overnight hours. This frightened me like you wouldn’t believe.
Being concerned and needing to converse, I had called my mom to
tell her what was going on. She told me about a friend of hers (Arlys
Glanzer) who has a diabetic dog also and she was trying out these
Dia-Treaties she had read about. My mom was able to get in touch
with her to get a copy of the article that had run in the newspaper.
After reading the article and talking it over with my Veterinarian,
whom is also my employer, we thought it would be in Piper’s best
interest to contact Nancy & Kameron to see if we could try this recipe on her. My thought was if we can maintain Piper’s blood sugar
levels and keep them more consistent, Piper would be feeling much
better. If I could help Piper in any way, it was worth a try. With glucose levels sky rocketing one day, then plummeting the next, was
enough to make my heart break. As a new mother and having gestational diabetes during pregnancy, I knew how Piper was feeling.
I contacted Nancy and within a week I had Dia-Treaties at my doorstep. You know Nancy & Kameron care
about your animal, when they work with you as fast as they
do. Their communication is priceless! I thank you for that.
Within the first week Piper had more energy, playful, wasn’t drinking
or urinating as much, and wanting to be loved instead of left alone.
After about a month her levels were dropping and in the normal
ranges again. I was so excited to see those numbers. Dr. Galbreath
& I have discussed cutting Piper’s insulin back slowly, since the
combination of insulin and Dia-Treaties has brought us this far. Every day, Piper is becoming more active. In the last few weeks she is
back hunting frogs, rabbits and squirrels on our farm and at the lake!
Thank you

again Nancy

3/1/2011: Good News!! I took Piper to work with me yesterday
and Dr. Galbreath took a look at Piper and we discussed her levels
and such. Since her levels have been staying in the lower end of
normal and yesterday she was at 59, we decided to reduce Piper’s insulin to 2 1/2 units 2x daily, she was at 3 units 2x daily!!!
I was so excited to reduce it. Will let you know how things go.
Also we will be having to more vets joining the practice in
May and I am excited to tell them all about dia-treaties!!! JR
3/31/2011: Hi Nxx, Just thought I would drop a note and let
you know that I tested Piper yesterday and she was at 24. She
was acting normal which is strange for being that low. She
has lost another pound too. So now her insulin is being decreased to2 units 2x daily!! It’s so nice to reduce the meds and
still get good results. Piper has really come a long way!! Piper’s
birthday is coming up too on April 11, she will be 8 years old.
My daughter and I will have to do something special for her:)
Hope all is well, JR
5/29/11: Hi Nxx,Just thought I would let you know that I am down
to about 2 wks left of dia-treaties. I am so happy Piper doesn’t fight
to take them, it makes the diabetes a lot easier to handle.
Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you. JR,
Jessica just posted a video of Piper playing with toys on her Facebook account.
6/29/14: YouTube Link:

Piper ~ the min pin, age 10 (11 in april) and 4 years of being
treated for diabetes still has some spunk! She has her good days
and her bad, but today she has picked up a toy and was playing.
Something we haven’t seen in a LONG time! Thanks to my great
colleagues at Oakes Veterinary Service and Nancy & Kameron of
Vintek Nutrition, LLC. You have all helped Piper continue her life
with us. We know her days are limited, and our family would like
to say thank you! You all hold a special place in our hearts ThAnK
Just wanted to let you know I took Piper with me to work to have
a comprehensive blood panel run as she has lost 2lbs since
April. Dr. Collin was very
pleased to see her levels
where they are. Liver
& kidney enzymes are
good and her glucose
was at 60!!
2/23/15 - Still Doing Well.

& Kameron for Dia-Trealife

Sincerely, Jessica Riddle & Piper

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)
and he convinced me to give his Dia-Treaties a
chance to see if they could help Maddie. We met
at his office that day and he took a lot of time with
me to learn Maddie’s story and to thoroughly deYellow Lab / Golden Retrievscribe how to give the medication – he explained
the treats were not a cure for diabetes, but would
help to make the insulin more effective. I was very
impressed with his concern and caring attitude
toward our dog. He also suggested I get a glucose monitor so that we could keep track of her
blood sugar levels. I did purchase one, but never did the testing because I was certain Maddie’s
time with us was short and didn’t want to poke her
January 5, 2010
unnecessarily. Amazingly, we began to see small
Dear Kameron and Nancy,
improvements in Maddie’s condition and our plan
Thank you SO much for everything you have was to keep her going until Christmas when our
done to not only extend our dog’s life, but daughters would be home and see her one more
to make the quality of her life better than it time. She was no longer experiencing seizures
has been for months. Our story is as follows: and her pain seemed to be very controlled. When
Our daughter, Anne, came home on December
On Thanksgiving weekend of 2009, Maddie, our 12 17, she could not believe the change in her dog.
½ year old yellow lab/golden retriever was having She had improved in so many ways, as follows:
a lot of trouble walking. She fell several times and
Insulin decreased to 32 units twice a day
we became very concerned that her arthritis had •
suddenly worsened. To make matters worse, she (On advice from Dayton Williams)
Seizure free
began to have periods of twitching and complete •
Brighter Eyes
lethargy which we attributed to small seizures. •

Very Alert
More strength in back legs
She has been on 36 units of insulin twice daily for a •
Improved appetite with healthy weight gain
few years and we were concerned she was proba- •
Ability to bark somewhat restored
bly having problems with blood sugar as well. Our •
veterinarian prescribed a stronger medication,
Metacam, to help with the arthritis and we noticed In short, it seems like Maddie had found the founa dramatic difference within a day. Unfortunately, tain of youth!!!
the seizure activity resumed and by the following
weekend we decided she had endured enough Kameron and Nancy, thank you so much for everysuffering and called Cheryl at Second Chance thing you have done for Maddie – it really has been
Rescue to come to our home and have her put a miracle to see her improvement everyday. We
to sleep. Cheryl agreed to help us but suggested wish you much success with your DiaTreaties - you
we first contact Kameron Carlson about a medi- truly deserve it and so do all our wonderful pets!!
cation he was trying on diabetic dogs. I had read
an article about Kameron and Nancy last fall in the Wishing you all the best in 2010,
Argus Leader but didn’t really believe a drug could
cure diabetes and even if possible, I felt Maddie Candi & Brad Grossenburg
was too old and too far along in her illness for it to
help. However, I went ahead and called Kameron
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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties®(Vitality)

Golden Lab

the youthfulness in my dog. Babe is back
to playing ball 24/7, greets me with a kiss
every time we are together, perks up and
is energetic and happy. I no longer have
to worry if she is doing OK when I am not
with her as I have come to depend on Diatreaties to help manager her diabetes.

I am happy to endorse this product as DiDear Nancy and Kameron,
atreaties has demonstrated over and
over again that this product is helpful, reI am writing to Thank you for saving my liable, and very valuable to the well bedog’s life! Babe was diagnosed with di- ing of my dog, Babe. I am confident
abetes in the Spring of 2009 and I was that Diatreaties saved my dog’s life!
struggling with her care ever since; that
is until I heard about Diatreaties! There Here are some recent pictures of Babe,
were times I would wake up in the morn- Cyndi and Jerome!
ing and I thought this was her last day.
She would struggle to survive as I just Thank you so much!
could not get her glucose levels under control. Once I started Babe on Di- Most Sincerely, Cyndi Zechmann
atreaties twice a day, Babe became well
again. This is in addition to the human UPDATE
insulin she receives twice a day also. Babe is doing great! I am interested in seeing what her reading will be
Diatreaties has proven to be effective at on Thursday! Please tell K “Thanks
and beneficial for the health of my dog. again for saving Babe’s life! “ CZ
I participated in several studies by taking Babe off Diatreaties and putting her
back on after her glucose levels went
out of control and sure enough the results were amazing. Diatreaties is an exceptional product with excellent results!
Diatreaties last a long time in the freezer, and they store well in the refrigerator.
They are easy to serve along with my
dogs meal and Babe eats them right up.
I am confident Diatreaties has restored
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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)



Bichon Frise

My 8 year old Bichon Frise, Bentley, was having severe nasal issues. He was constantly sneezing and
his nose started bleeding sporadically. Eventually,
he was only mouth breathing. After 9 months of
various testing and constant trips to the vet, he was
diagnosed with aggressive nasal cancer that
had spread to his lymph nodes. He was not
given long to live, and I was devastated.
I heard about Vitali-Treaties, so I started giving them to him two days after his diagnosis.
Within two weeks, the bleeding stopped entirely and Bentley started sneezing less. It has
now been over two months since the diagnosis. I have been faithful about making sure he
gets his Vitali-TreatiesTM every day, as I truly believe they really help him. (Besides, I could
never forget to give them to him because he
walks over to the refrigerator and stares at it
before every meal…he loves the taste of the
treats.) His major nose bleeds have ceased
entirely, and now he only has trace amounts
of blood in his mucus every so often. He has
gained his weight back, and he eats, plays,
and runs around as if there is nothing wrong
with him. I know that his diagnosis is fatal,
but I sincerely credit Vitali-Treaties for giving
me these extra months with my little guy.

English Setter

November, 2011
To Whom It May Concern:
We have an English Setter that is over 14
years old. Late last spring he developed
problems with eating, arthritis, and a large
“hot spot” with hair loss on his back. Our
concern for him led us to Sterling CoatTreats.
We gave him the chews as prescribed.
Within a short time his appetite was back to
normal. His arthritis greatly improved – he
prances on walks now. The hair on his back
has completely grown back. The dog we
have this fall doesn’t look or act
like the dog we had last spring.
improved the quality of life for our dog.
Sincerely, DKP, M.D.

(American Board Certified: Dermatology, Pathology &

Lisa M., Sioux Falls, SD

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)



Welsh Corgi

Dear Kameron,
Thank you for your phone call and listening to
our story. I hope this will help someone else.
Our 7 year old corgi “Flash” was diagnosed
with diabetes Oct. 18-2012. Her blood sugar
was 358, so our vet put her on Humulin. Even
after taking 22 units 2 times a day her blood
sugar was still over 200! She was still having
bad symptoms. Then my husband remembered
seeing the story about DiaTreaties on our nightly
news. He found the information and ordered it
right away! It was the best thing we ever did for
Flash. Within 24 hours Flash was so much
better! By Feb.1 2013 she was down to 12
units of insulin 2 x a day along with taking
2 DiaTreaties, her blood sugar was down to
75, and she had lost 20 lbs! What a blessingshe was back to playing and being her old
self. All of her problems were GONE and she
looked good. She even got to go on our annual
snowboarding trip to Colorado. We took Flash
everywhere with us! But in April I went to get
her more Humulin and the clinic was out so they
gave me a generic form and said it would be
the work the same. It didn’t, she also went into
heat. We couldn’t get her to eat normal again
and by May 20th she passed away. It was a very
sad day. But with the use of DiaTreaties, Flash
definitely had a better quality of life!! Thanks for
your product


JB brought Jasmine, a 15 year old Schnauzer that has had diabetes for 8 years into the
office. He is one amazing dog. He is blind
and has eye issues. He just took him to the
groomer, so he was ready for a photo-opp!
He loves Dia-Treaties and they have helped
immensely. JB is working on an official testimonial after he gets his data from his veterinarian.
JB has given Jasmine Dia-Treaties since
February 6, 2013 (1.25 years). Jasmine
was in pretty rough shape prior to the use of
Dia-Treaties. JB mentioned noticable changes in his energy level and overall health. He
also observed decreased insulin usage and
healthy weight gain. Although blind, he gets
along quite well.
He is a very sweet, calm dog. His fur is very
soft and luxurious.
Thanks for bringing him in to see us! We love
to see our actual clients!
JB & Jasmine

CH & Flash,
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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat®(Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)



Golden Retriever

I definitely can tell the difference in my
dog, Neiko a 12 year-old Golden Retriever. He is more upbeat and looks forward to every morning and night when
he gets his treats. These treats are truly
wonderful and will continue to use them
for Neiko for as long as he lives.
MVL, nurse

Dr. Lukens

I noticed on your Vintek website that Dr. Sam Lukens
has endorsed your nutrition supplements for dogs. That
sure made me a believer. Dr. Sam has done a lot of very
complex vet work on my 7 Labrador retrievers over the
past 15 years including an ACL reconstruction, fixing a
compound fracture, as well as numerous OFA X-rays.
Dr. Sam is a true professional with a ton of experience
and is very thorough in his diagnosis. If Dr. Sam tested
Vintek and says it works, THEN IT WORKS!
Thanks, Jim Steckley

Cairn Terrier

6/22/10: Our seven and a half year old Cairn Terrier, Toto, was diagnosed with diabetes in October, 2009. His were the typical symptoms-thirst
and increased urination.
When he came to Dr. Lukens for his first blood
sugar, it was 495. He was started on insulin.
Three days later his blood sugar was still over
400. He was started on Dia-Treaties, one half
morsel, every morning and evening along with
insulin. To him they are the best treats he has
ever had. His blood sugars decreased to acceptable levels and he just acted - more energy
and playfulness. He became a puppy once
But the most exciting thing that happened was
control of his serious allergies. Even in the
worse of the pollen season, he remained free of
the awful symptoms of allergens. Most of the
time, in Spring and Fall, his allergies would be
overwhelming. Many trips were made to the vet
and he finally had to have cortisone injections.
He has been without bothersome allergies since
being on Dia-Treaties.
Thanks to you, I have my dog back, healthy and
happy. For us, he is our ‘empty nest’ replacement.
R& S Lunder, Nurse
8/2014 Video Testimonial
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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)



Welsh Corgi

"Hi N&K,
I can't say enough thank
you's or express my appreciation more. Our LuLu has made a complete turn
around from last Tues (Nov 24th). She is her 'ole self.
And I thank you and our "Mighty Creator" for all that
you have done for us. It is a prayer (many) that was
answered. That Tuesday morning when we decided
that it would be better to have her put to sleep was a
heart wrenching decision for me. After everything fell
into place and speaking to you Nancy, my heart had
wings!" God is so marvelous in his timing and how it
all turned out. Wed 12/2/09 – Arlys Glanzer
“If Lulu knew how good these are for her.”
5 * Excellent
I know if it wasn’t for Dia-Treaties, Lulu would not
be here with us today. She was so sick and getting
After a few days on Dia-Treaties, I could not believe
how fast she recovered and was back to her old self.
That was 2 1/2 years ago and we are still doing good.
Lulu is about 9 years old now.
I can’t thank the creators of Vintek Nutrition enough
for this wonderful product.
8/3/12 - Vintek Website Review


Cushings Disease and Diabetes
We have administered Diatreaties to our diabetic Schnauzer for 16 months. In cooperation with
our veterinarian and the developers of the supplement we began Diatreaties after twice daily insulin
failed to gain adequate control of his blood sugar
and diabetic symptoms. We monitored his venous
glucose levels closely, and saw the expected decrease in the first 4-6 weeks of use. Subsequently,
we withheld the treatment and his blood glucose
again rose to uncontrolled levels on consistent
insulin dosing. During this time we subjectively
noted a decline in activity & increase in thirst similar to that prior to his diagnosis. We resumed the
supplement after 2 weeks and he noticeably improved but continued to require increased insulin.
He loves the taste of the treats and comes without
being called when he hears the package open.
We can objectively speak to the improved quality of
life our dog as experienced because of Diatreaties.
Our dog developed progressive diabetic complications despite an early diagnosis, it is my belief that
Diatreaties has slowed the course of his disease
and helped to give him many more happy days.


Indiana is doing great! He has been taking them
since September 2009 - so, 3 Years Now!

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)


Boston Terrier

Marco is our 5 year old French Bulldog. He
has had skin and allergy issues for most
of his life. Marco’s skin has always been
inflamed and has had staph infection due
to the constant itching and licking. We
started Marco on the Sterling Coat -Treaties about 2 months ago and have noticed
an incredible difference in not only his
appearance but also his attitude. Marco
loves the Sterling Coat -Treaties, he looks
forward to his “treats” twice a day! GV


Chihuahua mix


Cocker Spaniel

Our dog Cricket is a 9 year old Cocker
Spaniel. For the last several years, he has
had bumps all over his skin and itches all
the time. We have made many trips to different vets taking skin samples and doing
tests and trying all different meds to get
him cleared up. He is very adept at getting a pill out of anything we try to hide it
in. Last year we started seeing an allergy
specialist from Minnesota. He gets shots
and is on a liquid antibiotic. A few months
ago he got a big hot spot on his neck.
We started giving him the skin and coat
treatment (Sterling Coat from VIntek Nutrition) and STOPPED all other meds. The
“hot spot” went away faster than any other time. He has more energy now that
the meds are all gone. He has a few itchy
spots like all dogs, but is doing great.
Thanks, Peggy Weismantel

2/14/11 - Peanut has
taken the treats since
July of 2009 and is still doing well. When we first
brought him in to Dr. Lukens, his blood sugar was
over 700. After just using insulin, he was not improving a whole lot. After we started on the treats ps.. They are easy to administer and he
he quickly stabilized. We had an interesting ex- loves them.
perience when we ran out of treats prior to a visit
and the blood sugar spiked. It quickly came back
into the normal range after taking the treats again.
Thanks again, VB & Peanut

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties®(Vitality)

Vincent & Leo
Italian Greyhounds

We would like to
Dia-Treaties has done for our two dogs.
Vincent, to this day is still a brittle diabetic without Dia-Treaties. In the beginning, under
the care of
Sam Lukens,
DVM (Lukens
Animal Clinic)
he was taking the maximum amount of Vetsulin® for a dog his size -- 14 units 2(x) day.
He did not respond at all to either Vetsulin® or
Humulin-N® and went from 21 pounds to 14
and was in severe shape. He eventually developed cataracts and consequently went blind.
With the introduction of Dia-Treaties his
blood glucose (b/g) levels quickly returned
to normal because his insulin actually started to work. Because his (b/g) readings were
normal, we were able to have cataract surgery in Omaha, NE with Dr. Tonya McIlnay
(Veterinary Eye Specialists) and restore his
vision! Life around our house is back to normal….. p.s… the treats were great for giving
him his pills with a cone on his head – just
stuff them in the treat and they gobble it up!
Without the treats, Vinny quickly returns to his
previous state of uncontrolled blood sugar, excessive drinking and urination. With Dia-Treaties, we were able to decrease his insulin to 11
units versus 14 units, which saves us money.
His blood sugar is very stable and he drinks

a normal amount of water and subsequently
has no more accidents. He is doing things
he did 4-5 years ago prior to the diagnosis of Diabetes. After being on Dia-Treaties
for nearly two years, his hair is so soft and
has grown about ¼” and that is a lot for an
Italian Greyhound. He is currently 12 years
old, he can see again, he still runs across
the yard at 40+ mph and can keep up with
his younger brother Leo, and he has resumed bringing his ball for us to throw
for him just like when he was 5 years old.
His brother Leo, also an Italian Greyhound
used to have periodic Epileptic Seizures
(1 to 2 times per year). Leo began taking a
reduced amount of Dia-Treaties (1 per day)
and he has not had ANY seizures since he
started taking them. His severe skin rash
and bumps on his back are completely gone
and his coat is very soft as well. He is also
very active and is quite a character. The
new discovery of both issues pertaining to
the seizures and skin issues lead the makers to new formulations that are now called
Sterling Coat -Treaties for skin/coat and
Vitali -Treaties for overall health.
It is an absolute miracle to see them both
run across our yard at 40+ mph!
Thanks again! Our household is back to
normal! KC, Inventor
1/30/2013: Vincent is 14 and 2 months
now. He has been on Dia-Treaties for @ 4
1/2 years now. He is doing great. He is 21
pounds and muscular again and his coat is
soft and shiny.
8/26/13 - Vincent passed away, just shy of
his 15th birthday. Please see blog story at:

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Customer Testimonials - Vintek Nutrition®

Dia-Treaties® (Diabetic Dogs), Sterling Coat® (Skin and Coat Issues) and Vitali Treaties® (Vitality)

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