ENGLISH LESSON PLAN Class Date Time Theme Topic Focused skills Integrated skills Curriculum specifications : Year

4 : :10am – 11am : World of Knowledge : My! What a Strange Dream! : Speaking, : listening and writing :1.1.1 Listen to and enjoy children’s song rhythm and poems
2.6.2 State whether one likes or does not like the story heard or read. 2.3.1 Responding to ‘Wh’ questions.

4.4.1 Provide missing letters in words. Learning Outcomes Behavioral objectives : Listen and understand song. : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:I. Make at least 5 simple sentence II. Spell 8 out 10 Malaysia foods correctly. III. Identify 10 Malaysian foods and 5 Malaysian cultures. CCTS : Classify of food and culture in Malaysia into various categories such as food, festival, religion and traditional costume in Malaysia. Previous knowledge : Based on the previous lesson, students have leaned about races in Malaysia in year 3 Instructional materials : Video Clip

Educational Emphasis

: Listening Skill.

STEP Set Induction 5 minutes

CONTENT “Rasa Sayang” song -Examples of teacher questions : I. Have you heard this song before? II. What is this song all about? III. Can you listen and sing with me?

TEACHING LEARNING ACTIVITIES  Students are asked to listen to the song  Students listen to the song being played then sing along a few times.  Students answer a few questions pertaining to the song. The topic on Malaysia my country (Food and Culture)

RATIONAL / REMAKS  To attract the students interest about the topic  Integrate music in teaching by having fun.

Step 1 10 minutes

Build up a list base on food and culture of Malaysia. Example of clue: I. What is your favorite food? II. What is the common food among races in Malaysia? III. What is the common culture in Malaysia?

 Students are asking for the name of Malaysian food and culture that they know.  Students call out name of food and Malaysia culture.  Students spell and teacher write answer on blackboard.  Teacher gives an explanation to students about food and culture in Malaysia.  Students are showed a picture of different races in Malaysia.  Students are asked to match the picture showed before with the Malaysian food and cultures there are listed in the blackboard.

 To activate students previous knowledge  To develop their thinking skills.

Step 2 15 minutes

Sentence structure for questions : I. What can you see from this picture? II. What is their religion? III. Where do they pray?

 To introduce sentence structure for questions and response.  Video clip.


CONTENT IV. What their food and culture?

TEACHING LEARNING ACTIVITIES  Students make a simple sentence from the picture given before.  Student’s responses are written on the blackboard.  Students are divided into four groups  Each groups is given one topic to discuss  Every group is asked to write the content of topic at least in 10 sentences.  Teacher assist the weaker groups  Each group displays their answers in front of the class


Step 3 20 minutes

CCTS Activity Students talk about the food and culture in Malaysia to their friends. Classification of food and culture into the various categories such as : I. Food in Malaysia II. Festival in Malaysia III. Religion in Malaysia IV. Traditional costume in Malaysia. We should appreciate our culture; love our country and proud to be Malaysian.

 To encourage discussions among peers.  Develop self confident among students.

Closure 5 minutes

 Students learn values like being proud to be Malaysians  To help students realize to good values of culture and the important of conserving for the future generations.  Weaker students to the given work where they identify and write the name of Malaysian food and culture correctly.  The better students attempt the enrichment activity in groups.

 To help students appreciate our country.  Class discussion

Enrichment and remedial activities.

Remedial work :  Identify and write the name of Malaysian food and culture correctly

 Reinforce spelling and names of Malaysia culture.  To widen the content of knowledge of Malaysia

5 minutes Enrichment activities :  Type of culture, food and costume

 Both remedial and enrichment work is displayed at the back of the class for everyone to see.

food and culture.  Remedial worksheets  Enrichment worksheets.

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