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My name is Christian Forgac and I came from Presov (Slovak Republic).

I was born 14th of March 1996 in the same town that Im coming from.
Since I was 3 years old, I played ice-hockey almost my entire life. I was
studying at school for uncommonly talented children. I left this school when
I was 10 because of playing ice-hockey. In 2010 when I was 14, me with my
mother were moved to my father to Den Haag. Then I stop with ice-hockey and
started to search other activities. Under influence of circumstances I start with
songwriting, where I try to capture my actual feelings. After repeated move to
Slovakia I started to visit singing and guitar lessons, so after short while I started
to make my own melodies, which Ive directly composed with lyrics into songs.
I found in music my personality, Id like to move it to professional level, so
I would like to improve my knowledges on Your school. I think that Pop
departement You offer is suitable for improving my musical expertise. I would
be glad to be asset to Your university. Netherland is in my mind as a country
fulfilled of culture and Id like to be a part of it.