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OWOSSO PUBLIC SCHOOLS (Cred nile February, 20, 2015 ‘To Whom I Atay Concern 11am please to vite this lelter of recommendation on behalf of my former student, Mr: Taylor Sergent, who is applying fora teaching position Taylor in my Honors Algebra 2 course during the 2007-2008. academic year. Since his graduation from Owosso High Schoo! I have remained in contact with Taylor asa mentor andl have asure of teach 1 your district. hat the pl welcomed him into my classroom for somte of his pre and post intemship classtoown observations ‘Mr. Sergent bias continuously improved himself academically, personally and professionally in each year Thave known him. AS the senior class vice-president at Owosso High School, he lead our schoo in a can dive of mo ultimately led Owosso High Schoo! being awarded the ABC12 Spirit Cup. It was so sucessful in fact. i became an