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12500 Holly Road Grand Grand Blane, Michigan 48439 Phone: (810)591-6634 *S Fax: (810)591-6513 “Ss Friday, March 06, 2015 ‘To Whom It May Concern, Itis with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Taylor Sergent. Taylor recently completed his yearlong student teaching assignment at Grand Blanc High School where he worked under the guidance of fellow social studies teacher, Troy Pottinger. During this time I had the pleasure of working and interacting with Taylor on a regular basis and as a part of our Professional Learning Community for World History Throughout Taylor's student teaching experience he continually proved his ability to be a mature, professional, and Competent teacher. He designed and implemented creative short and long term lesson plans and projects as well as being able to adapt textbook curriculum with the efficiency of a veteran teacher. Taylor consistently used a variety of teaching styles and incorporated multiple sources of information, refusing to rely solely on the textbook. His ability to use a variety of lessons, along with a true passion for his subject area, consistently kept his students interested and engaged By sharing a common planning period throughout the school year I was able to work elosely with Taylor on a daily ba: Through observation and discussion it became apparent that one of Taylor's strongest assets is his thorough preparation for classroom instruction. Taylor was constantly researching to find interesting facts, stories, or other bits of information to pass along to the students to make his lessons more exciting and applicable to the students’ lives. Taylor's ability to connect the course material to current events and the students’ community greatly enhance his effectiveness as an educator. In an effort to improve both his lessons and knowledge Taylor often asked not only his mentor teacher, but other social studies teachers, for advice and input. It was during these times that I was stuck by Taylor’s creativeness and dedication to enhancing his own experience as well as that of the his students. ‘The lessons and learning opportunities that Taylor was able to provide for his students this year were far more consistent with that of a seasoned veteran teacher rather than an intern. His creativity and energetic personality produced a learning, ‘environment with unique and enriching lessons that went far beyond simply presenting the required material. Taylor's students were consistently and continuously engaged in activities that challenged them to use higher order thinking skills and that foster a deeper understanding of history. Ihighly recommend Taylor Sergent as an outstanding candidate for any high school or middle school Social Studies teaching position. 1 am confident that he will do an exceptional job in this profession and will be an asset to any district that is fortunate enough to employ him. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email address listed below. Sincerely, Nh g Gwar —— ie Bauermeister History Teacher Grand Blanc High School (810) 591-6492 Administration Jennifer Hammond, Ph.D., Principal Chris Belcher, Assistant Principal Gary Goetzinger, Assistant Principal Patricia Poelke, Assistant Principal Andy Piazza, Director of Athletics