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| / 12500 Holly Road | | Grand Grand Blane, Michigan 48439 oo Phone: (810)591-6634 Fax: (810)591-6513 i oS www ‘| Sergent successfully conducted his student teaching experience during the 2014-15 school year at Grand Blanc High School, He was responsible for teaching World History and U. S. History and was an outstanding addition to our staff. I was fortunate to observe Taylor in a U.S. History class where he taught a lesson on World War II and its’ impact on the local community and sensationalism. He opened the lesson with a video clip example of sensationalism, asked students to stand and discuss and then gave clear and concise directions for the activity. Taylor assigned students in small groups and directed them to view pictures and read an article on a topic related to World War II and the local government. I was impressed with his ability to create a lesson that involved reading, technology, pictures and incorporated student discussion. He also provided clear instructions and redirected groups when needed. His instructional skills were well developed and more mature than most first or second year teachers. At Grand Blanc High School, our social studies department is very high functioning, they hold one another accountable and often discuss ways to improve instruction Taylor has earned the respect of the members of our social studies department because of his willingness to contribute, learn, improve, and create interesting and engaging lessons. In my opinion, he would be an excellent addition to any secondary school staff. Respectfully, Ieshifer S, Hammond, Ph.D. Principal ‘Administration Jennifer Hammond, Ph.D., Principal Christopher Belcher, Assistant Principal Gary Goetzinger, Assistant Principal Patricia Poske, Assistant Principal Jerrod Dohm, Director of Athletics ' March 5, 2015, To Whom It May Concern, It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Taylor Sergent. Mr.