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Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward de Bono
World War II
Alternative assessment/ Project Rubric
Expectations: You will have the opportunity to choose an alternate assessment that will serve in place of the
regular unit exam. All that I ask is that whatever choice you make, you choose to excel. Your goal should be to
earn 100% on this assessment, whether you choose to take the regular unit exam or complete a project of your
choice. Push yourself to do your best, and choose something that you will excel on. If you take the exam, study
and get every question right. If you choose an alternative, put pride and effort into your work and finish the
school year on a high note. Lets all earn an A in U.S. History this marking period!
Potential Project/ Alternative Assessment Options:
Power Point Presentation
Art/ Mural
5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay
Baseball Card
Short Film

Music/ Poetry
Photo History/ Scrapbook
Research Paper
Journal/ Diary
Video/ Music Montage

Anything Else? Bring Ideas to me.

You must include and/ or reference at least 30 terms, people, and/ or events that shaped the fighting of World
War II. For example, if you write a song, at least 30 references to what we have studied must be in the song. At
least 20 of these references must be taken from the themes covered in Chapter 36, and you can add 10 from the
previous chapters over World War II as well if youd like. The project, if you choose to accept, will be worth 40
Points (same as the unit exam) and assessed/ graded as follows:
Required terms, people, and events = 30 points
(Project content accurately reflects the era of the civil rights movement and is clearly presented)
Accuracy/ Complete/ Neatness
= 10 points
(Project shows time, effort, creativity, and original)

*Disclaimer: I will award extra credit for outstanding work and effort. Challenge yourself, and challenge me to
not rewarding you for giving your very best!

Key Terms/ Themes/ People/ Events to guide you: