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Short Answer Activity

Thursday, January 29 2015 07:31 AM

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Popilek, Abigail
Derry, Kiersten
Hoadley, Kamryn

Student Answer
why were they so ruthless? why did Hitler deperately want to
take over Germany If he was originally from austria? why want
to take over every place around them? why did they bomb
places even after they gave in to them?
What were German citizens thinking and how did they feel
about what Hitler was doing?
What was the U.S president thinking at this time? Did he want
to help fight the German army?
How many children were killed after the 90 minute bombing in

Lauryn Leflore
Lauryn Leflore




How many people were injured after the bombing in Holland?

Why did it take the United States so long to stop the Nazi
Even though mothers wanted to protect their children, it must
have been awful to have to send off their kids to the south. I
wouldnt be able to do that as a mom
Where did the Nazi get all this money to start bombing other
countries and buying airplanes etc.? I thought they were in debt
from losing ties with the USA (great depression)
How could people in other countries prepare for this type of
If the countries were surrendering or signing treaties with the
German, then why would the Nazi continue to bomb their cities
and kill their people?

Cook, Thomas
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Thomas
Hannah Bokor
Hannah Bokor
Hannah Bokor
Cambri, Jasmin
Cambri, Jasmin

BriYonna, Horton
BriYonna, Horton
BriYonna, Horton
Nihranz, Marissa

Kaiser, Allie
Kaiser, Allie
Kaiser, Allie

I dont think it was smart for the Germans to use aircraft as their
main source of attack and making their troops jump out. The
troops on the ground could die from impact. The German
planes didnt know what was on the ground.
Germany didn't care who they killed.
How many German soliders died in war?
I am surpised that Germany attacked so fast and ruthesly.
Why didn't other countries team up aganist Germany to make
them stop killing people and taking land?
why did the nazis want to meet with the refuges?
did hitler ever travel to the u.s?
Did Hitler ever actually fight or did he just conduct the
German forces are very aggressive, and they don't care about
the defenseless civilians.
Germany is very quick and aggressive when they take over
countries they want.
Why did Germany use so many explosives? It would have
been less messy if they just used guns or if they did't do this at
Was Germany really that powerful that it only took 3 weeks to
take over france?
when Germany said that they wanted to reman friends or
whatever with beligum was that a cover-up?
What was the flaw in the French army that allowed Germany to
overtake it so quickly?
Im wondering how Germany didnt care the people they killed
they just killed whoever? I'm confused as to how they could do
Could any of this been prevented if people knew?
I thought the tatics Germany used to invad France were

Kaiser, Allie

Alyssa G.
Zachary Dudley
Zachary Dudley
Coats, Tiernan
Coats, Tiernan

I thought it was crazy how Hitler lied saying he wanted to

increase friendships with Holland and then killed 30,000 people
in just 90 minutes.
1. During WW2 ,how many people died by the end?
2.Where did they go after France?
Comments ; Interesting video
I feel bad for the people because they all had to leave there
homes and go south
Would the nazi's ever give up
three weeks to take a whole country?
30,000 dead in 90 minutes is crazy
what did hitler have against the french?

Coats, Tiernan
It was ruthless to kill innocent cilvilians
Brenz, Lea
How much money would 400,000,000 francs be today?
Brenz, Lea
Brenz, Lea
Brenz, Lea

James Hegarty
Katie Weimer
Katie Weimer

If the French and British army knew german troops were

coming, why werent they more prepared?
Why did they bomb the city even though the Dutch agreed to
their terms.
Question 1.How did the Allies not expect the Germans to go
through the Ardennes Forest?
2. How expensive was Germany's 45,000 vehicle attack?
Comments 1. It is crazy how the Nazi's took Paris so fast.
2. It is sad that the French had to send their children away
were there any survivors of the bombing?
does germany manage to conquor a bit of brittan?

Avant, Savanna

How didnt people see this coming

What took 3 weeks?

Avant, Savanna

Rafael Flores
Smith, Janae
Smith, Janae
Smith, Janae
Smith, Janae
andre mason
andre mason

Cook, Cheyenne

Urbanski, Sophia

Urbanski, Sophia

Question: 1.Why was the German strategy so effective?

2.Where did Germany get so many troops?
Comments: 1. France was quite depressing after the Germans
took over
2. Germany's power is ability to take over cities is remarkable
All of these constant bombs make this sound like a horror
If it only took three weeks for them to take France, these other
countries need to up their game... quickly.
Does anyone know how long these invasions took??
Is Hitler all out of alliances now? Did he betray all of them?
how many peeople survived?
when did the war on france begin?
To think that if the League of Nations would have acted sooner,
that nightmare could have been prevented! So many innocent
lives could've been saved. Why exactly didn't the League of
Nations act on what had happened with the first invaded
country? Is there any specific reason? At that time, the Nazis
weren't quite as powerful as they had been after they invaded
Belguim and France. Well, at least I think they weren't.
How could them men of the German army commit such
violence against innocent people? Did Hitler mess with their
minds so much that they didn't care?
Was Germany afraid of any big countries attacking them? If so,
then why didn't those countries do anything? Is it because they
didn't know what was going on?

Urbanski, Sophia

Urbanski, Sophia

Watching this and seeing how they killed the lives of innocent
people in the streets, herding them like cattle, makes me sick
to my stomach. I would be scared for my life, my country and
my family.
The kaos of war would be too much for me to handle. I would
lose myself within the process. Whether it was death or losing
myself from the complete and utter shock.
what gave hitler such confidence that the hinge type of attack
would be so successful?

Gillman, Blake
why did they want to be so destructive and ruthless killing so
many harmless civilians?
Gillman, Blake