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Standard D: Resource Management

bb. Evaluate, critique, modify, and implement anti harassment and/or bullying and/or
hazing policy and strategies for your school. Submit the final plan and an evaluation, if there is
time. Critique both the process and the product.
I served on the anti-bullying committee. We attended a full day training on the OLWEUS
anti-bullying program. Through this training, we learned about bullying behaviors and strategies
to prevent bullying in schools. We analyzed school data and student surveys to determine where
the issues were in our school. We improved the school rules and modified expectations of
supervision in trouble areas like the bathroom, cafeteria, hallways, etc.
What went well?
When we returned to the school, we planned a professional development session for the
staff. We presented the material to the staff while focusing on the importance of it in our school.
Throughout the day, it was very apparent that our staff was onboard with this initiative. It
became a collaborative approach as each grade level worked together on evaluating our plan and
offering suggestions. At the beginning of the next year, we began with a student assembly.
During the assembly, students were shown a video that the previous years students had helped
create that explain the school expectation of Zero Bullying. This set the focus on bullying to
students and outlined clear rules and consequences. It was reiterated that bullying would not be
What did not?
One large component in the OLWEUS anti-bullying program is class meetings conducted
by teachers. These meetings are supposed to be 15-20 minutes once a week. They are supposed

to center around character education and anti-bullying education. The issue that occurred was
that there was not a curriculum for teachers to follow for these meetings. Instead, it became an
extra thing for teachers to do. Each teacher was expected to create lesson plans for this time
each week. Therefore, with time, these meetings became less and less frequent in classrooms.
Given the chance to do it again, how would you do it better?
The class meetings were a key part of the program. They were supposed to teach students
how to treat one another and how to handle conflict. In order to help teachers with this issue, I
would suggest that resources be purchased that would provide teachers with a plan to use each
week. If no funding was available, then I would organize teacher committees to help create
lesson plans that could be combined to form shared, preplanned resources for teachers.