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Name: Isla

Task: Movement



- Mind map
- Analysis of Natsumi Hayashi (YowaYowa)
- Analysis of Francesca Woodman
- Analysis of Michael Bosanko
- Analysis of 3 selected photographers

Some good work here Isla, however there are some

gaps. Both the practical and analytical work show
understanding of the process and the Artist.

Explanation of techniques. Annotations of WWW and EBI.
Progress from 1st to 2nd response.
- Levitation
- Zoom blur
- Movement of a figure
- Light painting

Use a subheading technique as discussed in class,

you need to do this for all 4 tasks, listed in a02, ask
me to clarify if need be. To improve your photos, buy
a tripod to help you control your technique. This
would be particular relevant for zoom blur and light
painting. Some 1st / 2nd responses / contact sheets
are missing, finish asap.

Quality of the photographs taken:
- Application of technique
- Composition
- Other success criteria (e.g. Amount of photos)

The compositions are developing, for future photos,

aim to refine your compositions and avoid
unnecessary objects or background appearing in
your photos. Keep the shots clean and simple, use a
blank wall as a backdrop where relevant. As said
above, please get a tripod. Be creative and use the
techniques to produce unique photos.


Final response:
- Present 6 selected photographs
- Evaluation of WWW, EBI. Why did you choose your 6
selected photo

Your compositions are beginning to develop and

progress as a second response. You must aim to
always make use of techniques and be creative by
choosing interesting locations to photograph for


Grade: C-

For the main artists as listed opposite you need to

write an introduction sentence/s about the
photographer and then analysis 3 selected images
individually. Always use the hand-out given in class
for key words and sentence prompts.

Target: C

Final Comment: Please fill in any gaps and then you will hit and most likely exceed your target level. You show good skills
practically and with your analysis, written work.


Develop their ideas through investigations informed by

contextual and other sources, demonstrating
analytical and cultural understanding


Refine their ideas through experimenting and

selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques
and processes


Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to

their intentions in visual and/or other forms


Present a personal, informed and meaningful response

Demonstrating analytical and critical understanding,
realising intentions and, where appropriate,
making connections between visual, written, oral or
other elements.