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Grade: 4


Author Interview
Subject: Language Arts

Time: 40 min

Any book
LA notebooks
Writing utensil


Students will critically analyze a book through creating interview questions to the author.

Language Arts Specific Outcomes


1.1 explore and discuss their thoughts, ideas, and experiences and consider those of their peers
1.2 ask and respond to questions to clarify information and explore solutions to problems (e.g., using an interview format)
7.1 use their background knowledge to question information presented in print and visual texts
7.3 respond critically to texts by
 asking questions and formulating understandings
8.1 use strategies in writing and other ways of representing to formulate questions and organize ideas

Introduction to Students


Ask students if any of them know what an ‘interview’ means (an interview is a way to find out more information about
someone or something).
Demonstrate with an example: I would really like to find out more information about you all in this class. So, I am going
to demonstrate quick interview questions with a few of you.
 “What is your favorite color?”
 “What is your favorite food?”
 “What do you want to do when you grow up?” “Why do you want to do that?”
Tell the students that I will read a book aloud, and then, they are to write interview questions for the author so they can
learn more about the book.
Give example questions:
 I always like to visualize what characters look like, so I might ask “What do you picture the main character to
look like?”
 I also like knowing how people come up with ideas for stories, so I might ask “How did you get the idea for the


Read book aloud
Have students write at least 5 interview questions in their LA notebooks.


Ask students to share some of their interview questions.
Have students hand in their language arts notebooks to be graded.


During read-aloud, ensure all students are paying attention.
While students are writing down their questions, walk around, ensuring students are on task and understand the
After the activity, collect and assess students’ interview questions based on their understanding of what interview
questions look like and their comprehension of the story.