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Green Giant Visualization and Note Taking

Grade: 4
Subject: Language Arts
Student Groupings
- Green giant reading
- Individually
- White paper (1 per student)
- In groups
- Pencil (1 per student)
- As a class
- Coloring utensils (1 per student)

Time: 30-40 minutes

Page in LA notebook

- Visualization
- Note taking



8.1 use strategies in writing and other ways of representing to
 organize ideas
 compare their own thoughts and beliefs to those of others
 practice strategies for monitoring their own learning
8.2 experiment with different ways of making their own notes (e.g.,
webbing, jot notes, matrix)

Introduction to Students

Go over the idea of visualization with students again.
Remind them that they are pictures in their head that develop as text is read.
Go over strategies for making notes:
 Bullet points
 Writing down important words in each sentence (Ex. “There lived a green giant whose name was Sam” I would
write down “Green Giant, Sam”)




Read the green giant to the class,
telling the class to visualize what is
read to them.
Tell them they are going to have to
draw what they visualize, so pay close
attention to what is read to them again
and take notes this time.
Have them draw/color what they
After finished drawing, have students
discuss in groups what they drew. If
they left out details that others
remembered, have them add to their
own drawing.


Have students discuss what they drew
as a class.
Have students explain their process for
making notes.

- Walk around to view students’ notes
- Collect LA notebooks and Green Giant

Reflection Notes