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How many do you think there are?

Date: December 8 , 2014
Subject: math and French language arts
Time of Day: after recess
Length of lesson: 30-45 mins
Grade: primary
Whole group and individual work

Subject: Estimation, sorting and Colors
Materials: 6 different color Bouncy balls, jars, construction paper with
the words: rose, jaune, bleu, multi couleur, vert et orange. Handout
sheet with the boxes: jaune, orange, bleu et vert, glue and scissors.
Known: How to count up to 10 in French, most of the colors in French,
Vert:6, Bleu: 7, Jaune: 8, Orange: 10, Rose: 9, Multi couleur: 5
Time to teach:
Step 1) Gather at the meeting corner to discuss the rules of the
activity. Rules = sort the balls into the correct jar and count how many
there are in each jar.
Step 2) Discuss the word “estimation” and what it means: Un calcul
approximatif de la quantité. Une idée approximative
Step 3) Go over the colors: “Qu’elle couleurs est ce qu’il y a dans
ces tasses?”
Step 4) Ask the questions “Combien de balles pensez vous il y a
dans ce pot?” –answer a few students.
Step 5) Have students guess each jar of bouncy balls. Once they have
estimated how many will be in each jar, ask volunteers for each jar to
come up and count what is in the jars.
Step 6) Pick one student for each color to come up and count the balls
by having them place them into the jar (choose selectively).
Step 7) After counting two different colors (ex: orange and green) ask:
-Est-ce qu’il y a plus ou moins ballons oranges? (They can take
the balls out and put them back in but NO bouncing the balls or
throwing the balls!)
Time to Learn:
Have students go back to their seats with a handout. They will then cut
out the balls and glue them into the correct boxes. The instructions will
be: Cut out: 4 jaune, 6 orange, 3 bleu et 5 vert
GCO: i) construire et exprimer le sens des nombres, explorer des
stratégies d’estimation et les appliquer, et ce, en rapport avec les
nombres naturels.
SCOs: A1: classer des ensembles en fonction d’un nombre donné.

A2: compter pour déterminer le nombre d’éléments que compte en
Adaptions: Making centers for this activity may be useful if the
students are not cooperating at the gathering corner and vice versa.

Jaune Orang