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Christmas crafts galore!

Date: December 11 , 2014
Subject: Visual Art, French Language Art,
Time of Day: after lunch, 1:15:1:45
Length of lesson: 30 minutes
Grade: primary
Whole group and individual work

Subject: Popsicle stick Snowman
Materials: Popsicle sticks, white pencil crayons, buttons, black paper
for hat, different color pipe cleaners, liquid glue, one hot glue gun to
attach ribbons, black marker, orange paper for noses.
Known: How to use scissors, how to use liquid glue, how to share
Time to teach: Gather at the meeting corner to discuss the activity.
Show students example of what they are going to make and how they
can make one.
Give detailed instructions on how to color the Popsicle stick, show how
to glue buttons onto stick and how to glue the hat and twist scarf on
the snowman. (5 minutes)
Time to Learn: Have students create a snowman made of Popsicle
sticks. Have them first color the Popsicle sticks white (2 minutes).
Glue Station: Teacher puts 3 dots of glue on each students stick. They
choose the 3 buttons and stick them on. (5 minutes).
Scarf Station: Have students come one by one to help twist the scarves
onto their snowmen. Give each group one black marker for the eyes
and mouth. (5 minutes)
Give each student a small orange triangle for the nose. Once
everything is glued on and the students are done, leave them to dry.
GCOs: Création/Expression FaireSCOs: utiliser un éventail de stratégies
de création artistique dans un travail individuel ou collectif