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Bernard Manson

Anthropology- Spring 2015

Ethics Essay

Designer Babies
For my ethics essay topic Ive chosen to discuss, should parents be able to know genetic
information about embryos! This topic only pulls you deeper into the hole which makes it in
itself interesting to anyone because of its ethical component! Almost anyone can foresee the
ethical issues of a so called Designer Baby. But how many are willing to lay down ethical
concerns for the greater good?
Of course, for some of us wed like to see the highest level of benefit before can look past
all ethical objections for this process with that said, anyone can begin to understand the
importance of the topic. Heres a chance for any and every couple to have a healthy bouncing
baby. Its easy for any everyday person or governing bodies to point out ethical and moral points.
So I ask are these objectors willing to walk away from the possible good this genetic process can
In order for one to chose this genetic technique of DNA editing theyve got to be willing
to look pass the moral questions and even ignore unknown problems that may arise for the
person that comes to exist. There is no in between, you got to be either for this DNA editing or
completely against it. Its believe the society will be the tie breaker, if it deems itself ready for
this unprecedented step with todays science.

In this situation I believe the good out weights all ethical and moral questions, given that
clear guidelines with limitations are put into place. So if all this is possible to somehow insure a
governing body can be formed to enforce limitations on these genetic alterations. For example, a
couple is given the news that they both carry a gene that is be harmful and will be passed along
to their offspring. As a parent Id defend the right for genetic screening and to perform this DNA
While looking for arguments in support of Designer Babies I came across a large number
of articles that clearly want the debate to start. This is a great signal that the science is or nearly
in place and it wants society to determine if it will or can be accepted. Within on article,
Designer Babies debates should start supporters push for the topic to hit main stream media
on an international level. [Gallagher, 2015]
Of course, they show that there are a large number of scientists that are in favor of these
genetic modifications. Supporters argue the positives can be limitless if allowed to moved
forward, by making references to us catching up to science fiction! The first notable statement
talked about how efficient the process has become on animals of course! Surly this is
mentioned to put naysayers into their place that would voice concerns about DNA editing
These supporters go on to say the technique can even one day be performed during a
fertility treatment session. I can understand the high interest by normal people like myself to
become favor of such technique because it gives you a chance to protect a child at conception
from DNA mutations such as cystic fibrosis and more! Many of the worlds leading scientists

and bioethicists argue for this very public debate, even notable groups like the UK Medical
Research council has been vocal within the debate in support. [Gallagher, 2015]
Complex ethics you say! Thats just putting it lightly for those with major objections.
The most notable point that is given against designer babies would be on the number of parents
needed to produce a single offspring. While reading objections based on multiple parents their
seemed to be more religious issues at bay than anything else. Some of the more interesting
objections raised questions about social injustices in which only the rich will be able to afford
such techniques. That in itself was an eye-opener for most because it made you feel that any of
us will be left out in the cold in future generations. [Hamilton,2014]
Another solid issue was with governance and regulation itself. Who would make the
rules and how can one be sure they are being followed. How would or do you penalize
violators? Its not like we can throw a kid away after birth. Within Hamilton article, tiled
Should we design our Babies he takes about the dangers of this topic if gone unchecked. He
believes there should be serious limitations on these techniques if society is ready to move
forward with the process as a hold. [Hamilton, 2014]
My reply to these objections would be simple, Id to state in our past weve always had
concerns with the next major break through with medical gains. For example, the mere idea of a
blood transfusion was horrifying. As you can imagine there were many that jump up and down
about the moral and ethical problem of using somebody elses blood. Even then we understood
that blood transfusions had their own risk in the early days before better screening techniques
where developed. If we fast forward to today and look at how many lives have been saved in the
emergence room and on the battle field, we couldnt understand why we questioned this

breakthrough of blood transfusions. So, am I signing the same old song to you yet? At this point
in time were at the same moment in which people objecting to DNA editing because many
reasons. Surprisingly, it seems to be more of a religious rejection than anything else. Because
most people outside the medical field says this allows someone to play GOD
Again it is my opinion that the greater good of what can come out of these procedures out
weight any major issues that anyone can bring up! We must understand that the potential for
disease eradication is on the table. I truly believe one day well look back one today and this
topic will laughable, just like todays blood transfusion

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