Drifting through thoughts left to interpret swimming amongst all currents There is a melody a harmonious vibration of jazz as smooth

as your skin the grand finale a heart wrenching scream from the soul of what we know as rock and roll and I'm dancing to some unrhythmic funk trying to maintain to disdain to refrain from getting lost in this darkness for i will be defined for my indifference's the way in which i will not back down though always allow your company by my side and time and time again take my hand and show me your way i listened to the world today she was soft in her presence and i saw you again i say for when i try to separate you both the world and my love i understand now why i became unbalanced and blinded i will hold you dear to me always in my thoughts my writings despite your permission a push and pull of golden rays becoming shorter and longer reaching out from the core that is all ..that is....

the sun looking out from the duality of perspective the heart and the mind the spirit and the skin the world and my love i hold you all together in a warm embrace and know that as long as this perpetual psychedelic melody of trance dreamlike states of attunement continues.... that nothing can ever upset our funk April fields

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