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It was the early morning of christmas ,The sun was still drowsy behind the mount

ains- But not Am it, cause i was flying on my bike with all my gears packed and
heart pumping with feeling of freedom and exhilaration.
My eyes are gaping at the beauty if shivalik range, my hands grabing my bike, an
d as i was raging the speedometer to maximum. The cold winter breeze cutting thr
ough my crimson muffle- breaching my helmet glass , creating turbulence in my lo
ng hairs.
I was so occupied in that moment , that cold breeze was exhilarating every cell
in my body, i was so curious, i was so attentive and it felt like my some miracl
e upgraded my nervous system.
How can a man feel so much in an infinitsimal moment, it was like a happiness of
an eon contracted in that moment. Cause i forgot in that moment who am I and Pe
rhaps i discovered in that moment happiness is harmony between nature and advent