Elemental Adultos Total English Elementary Units 1-6 FINAL ORAL EXAM – DECEMBER 2009

Personal Questions 1- What’s your name? And your surname? 2- How old are you? 3- What’s your nationality? 4- Where are you from? 5- What’s your job? 6- What’s your phone number? 7- What’s your email address? 8- How many brothers or sisters do you have? 9- What do your parents do? 10- How many rooms are there on your house? 11- Is there a swimming pool? 12- Can you drive a car/ use a computer? 13- Where do you go on holiday? 14- How do you get there? 15- Who do you go with? 16- What do you take with you? 17- What time do you get up on holiday? 18- What do you do in the day? Do you like sunbathing? 19- What do you do in the evening? 20- What time do you go to bed? 21- What’s your favourite food? Film? Band?

READER: Jumanji

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