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ENG 333

Yi Huang
Short paper assignment: Feminist
As a woman, describing history writing as a social practice that
contributes to a radical critique of dominant discourse on gender. (Susan 20)
Histories are socially constructed narrative, people who wrote it were always
men. There are two kinds of historical work: histories about women who
spoke and wrote in the past and histories that concern themselves not solely
or even at all with women but with the category of gender. They put men into
a high way while put women in a low situation, separating to read the text
from women writing and men writing. What the author want to prove is that
woman are equal powerful with man. The form of rhetoric and history has
included the womans point of views. For some feminist, they want to make
the history of rhetoric become an active source of inspiration for the future.
However, reformulation is central to feminism, a transformative social
practice contested from outside and form within. (Susan 20) There are three
womans rights activities, the first-wave, the second wave and the third-wave
respectively. They are acquiring for the equal of monogamy, civic rights,
political rights and social state. Why the women fight for it, because they
think in nowadays society, the system was built by men and the center is
paternity. At the same time, they hold the opinion that women need to end
sexism, gender exploit and oppress. In order to make class equal, they launch
social theory and political movement. Besides, they analyze gender
inequality and promote gender bottoms rights, benefits and topic for
In rhetoric as well as in other disciplines we needed not only womens
history but gendered readings of male-authored texts. (Susan 21) In fact, it
is the point that women and men have the same level. Some people always
think that women are less smart than men and the ability of earning money
are less than men. Some people hold the opinion that the men hold more
strength than the women. Others are under the belief that women need to
take care of the children, educate them and do almost all the house work.
Thus, men pay more attention than women when working. In a word, they
think the power of men are powerful than women. Men can do everything,
women just can do part of it. However, according to the history fact, Madame
Curie won two Nobel prizes, Jane Austen was one of the most famous writer
around world. Under the control, emperor Sophie Augusta Fredericka,
emperor Wu Ze Tian make their county to be powerful than before. The CEO
of Sunoco and the CEO of Westpac Banking, as well as the CEO of DuPont all
get the high salary. According to the movie Zizanie, La, we can know that
women also can be selected as a mayor. She also can do a great job as the
man does. In fact, women have the same abilities with men that they can do
everything and get the same refund with the man if women try their best,

expect physical labour. Actually, men hold more strength than women
because of different gender. Men and women have different parts of body,
this is the reason that why men have more strength than women. However,
this is not the reason that men and women cannot get the same level. As the
author said, The female principle is negative, like the blank space that
defines a positive pictorial image or like the concept of feminine gender that
allows the male to define itself as masculine; it is also supplementary, like the
artistic limitation that represents natural life. (Susan 22) Man and women
are just two different genders, their bodies are different, their hobbies are
different. That is the natural give us, we cannot change it, we just can accept
it. But Gender as the constitution of social relations locates dominant forms
of discourse---for rhetoric, politics, law, and performance---within the fuller
context of what they excluded, thus providing a ground for examining
discursive energies deflected into the drawing room, the nursery, the
personal letter, the literary text. (Susan 23)
Feminists have helped us to see how all discourses are located, but
that some fail to locate themselves, assuming an omnipresence. (Susan 26)
In the writing of history, this faire of location were defined by the oracular
voice, who proclaimed the single truth of past. It means Gender identities
are constructed by a position in an existing cultural and social network.
(Susan 26) Men are powerful than women are social construct. Men have
written history, in charge of telling truths. This is one of the ways why
womens social state are lower than mens social state. To change this
adverse situation, women should write history so that it can make the history
event to be more fair than before.
Looking past the way in the writing of history, it was bad and made
the woman in rights troubles. Instead of looking pass by, looking what
happening right now is the right way to solve out the problem. Not only pay
attention in writing history in rhetoric way, but also focus on language,
culture, political rights etc. Life in nowadays is filled with high technology,
everyone has the right to study. Feminists pursue the truth that men and
women are equal. There is a large number of people gradually believe and
accept that men and women are the same. Thus, I believe that in the future,
men and women will be equal in every ways.