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Jennifer Mendoza

LBS 400-Senior Seminar

Mathematics Reflection
The mathematics framework covers in detail the four domains for all grade levels. These
domains include operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten,
measurement and data, and geometry. There are critical areas of instruction that require
knowledge in place value, counting, adding, subtraction, decimals, fractions, geometry and
others. There is a special emphasis on problem solving skills and in utilizing visual
representations. In addition, the framework provides methods of how to teach the standards with
specific examples. Teachers need to be aware of the relevant teaching methods that are used in
order to better aid students learning. It also states the skills that students need to have acquired
before completing a grade level.
The classes that have prepared me the most include MAT 107, 207, 143, 131 and 153.
MAT 107 and 143 focused on problem solving and have helped me become more comfortable
with word problems. They have taught me some strategies that can be applied to word problems
and the importance of using diagrams to represent the information given. The latter class showed
me how vital the process is in problem solving as opposed to the ultimate product. Therefore,
students should be exposed to different ways problems can be solved and the way to think
critically. MAT 207 focused on the topic of Geometry which involved the study of shapes,
finding area, perimeter, constructions and other material. The course emphasized the use of
manipulatives to aid student learning about subject areas especially when discussing shapes and
fractions. MAT 131 and 153 taught me about interpreting data, sample gathering, drawing graphs
as well as focusing on patterns. Each of these courses has helped me prepare in some way and

helped reinforce certain areas of mathematics.

The areas of mathematics that I would feel the most comfortable teaching would include
addition, subtraction and certain aspects of geometry. I believe my courses have prepared me
sufficiently, so I would be able to explain the material. However, I would have to learn how to
best teach the various areas so that students can not only learn the material but also have an in
depth understanding of it. The areas that I would have difficulty teaching would include place
value for fifth grade. Based on my field work experience, I know that I have difficulty explaining
the concept to students. Also, with the Common Core standards, there are new methods that are
being implemented to teach place value that I was unfamiliar with. For this reason, I need to
learn how to use these methods in order to explain it to students. In addition, I need to learn how
to explain concepts simply without over complicating the material. This is especially necessary
in mathematics as well as other subject areas.
The artifacts that I will include in my portfolio are my math lesson, geometry test and a
word problem. The inclusion of my math lesson is important because it will be my culminating
project. It will demonstrate that I can prepare a lesson plan from start to finish using the
appropriate standards. My geometry test for 207 is an artifact that shows that I have successfully
learned the material that was covered. This class in particular was challenging in the beginning
especially with the constructions included, so the test was a personal triumph for me. Moreover, I
would include a word problem that I presented on for MAT 143. The problem shows the various
steps that I took in order to come to a conclusion. I considered all the possible scenarios which is
necessary in the problem solving process. These artifacts represent the material that I have
learned in mathematics and correctly applied to accomplish tasks.