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District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sues. IL Cu. 61,62 1871. 419 For expenses under the neutrality act, twenty thousand dollars. Neateaty, For expenses incorred under instructions of the Secretary of State, valho® ai of bringing home from foreign countries persons charged with crimes, Teron and expenses ineidont thereto, including loss by exchange, five thousand charged with dollars. = ‘For relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countiies, Amerioan cea one hundred thousand dollars, pi ‘For expenses which may be incurred in acknowledging the services of | Tstening oa masters aad crews of foreign vessels in rescuing American citizens from shipweeck, five thoasand dollars. For payment of the seventh annual instalment of the proportion con~ Sohail des tributed by the United States toward the capitalization of the Scheldt eee dues, fity-fve thousand five hundred and eighty-four dollars; and for such further sum, not exceeding five thousand dollars, as may be neces- tary to earry oat the stipulations of the treaty between the United States and Belgiu, "To pay to the government of Great Britain and Ircland, tho second AwtritoFude and last instalment of the amount awarded by the commissioners under yesh the treaty of July one, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, in satisfaction posited Cone Of the claims of ihe Hudsoa’s Bay and of the Puzet Sound Agricultural Beate, Company, three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in gold coin NOE a peste Pronided, That before payment shall be made of that portion of the above Certs taxes ‘gam awarded to the Puget Soand Agricultural Company, all taxes legally fo be sete be Sscessed upon aay of the property of said company covered by said awani, anarty defore the same was made, and still unpaid, shall be extinguished by said Paget Sound Agricultural Company 5 or the amount, of sich taxes shall or amount be withheld by the government of the United States from the sum hereby woe appropriated. ‘Avekoven, February 21, 1871. CHAR, UXEL— An Ae to provide « Government for the District of Cumbia. eb. 21,1871. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United TA: ile fe Mh Siates of Amsrica in Congress assembled, That all that part of the terri- | Ditrie of Co- fory of the United States incladed within the limits of the District of Tia boiyec- Ghiambia be, and the same is hereby, ereatod into a government by the porate for rmuni- name of the District of Columbia, by which name it is hereby constituted tips! purposes. R poly corporate for municipal parposes, and may contract and be con- Power, Se. tracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, have a seal, and terercise all other powers of rounicipal corporation not ineonsiatent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and the provisione of this act, ‘Seo. 2 And be it further enacted, That the exeentive power and aur | Governor thority in and over sald District of Columbia sball be vested in ‘8 go. Perna ace, fernons who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice 7 ‘and consent of the Senate, and who shall bold his office for four years, and until bis successor shall be appointed and qualified. The governor queliicetion Shall be a citizen of and shall have resided within eaid District twelve months before his appointment, and huve the qualifications of an elector. He may eraat pardans and respites for offenses agsinst the laws of sald paver sed District enacted by the legislative assembly thereof; he shall commission all officers who shall be elected or appointed to office under the Taws of the said District coacted as aforesaid, and shall take care that the Taws Ye faithfully executed. Seo. 3.” And be tt further enacted, That every bill which shall have Veo rower passed the council and house of delegates shall, before it becomes a Tas, be presented to the governor of the District of Columbia; if he approse hhe Shall sign it, but {F not, he stiall return it, with his objections; fo the House in which it shall have originated, who shall enter the objections at 420 Veto power of governor. Bile ot cee turned within ta days, Seerotary of tae Distict Residence, term of ace, Sates, When tonct as erernoe. Proven feof governs dasorgny aro vacant Lagisative nse sell Counc; ae ya Son tarn Of fice, ko. Hous of dele: anton rwnbar, torm of omic, be. Diseriots. Ravkdouoe. Fist election. FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Suss IT Cu, 62. 1871. Jarge on their journal, and procood to revonsider it. Tf after auch re- consideration, (wo thirds of all the members appointed or elected to the house sball agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the ob- jection, to the other house, by which it sball likewise be, reconsidered, ‘ind if approved by two thirds of all the members appointed or elected to {hat house, it sball become a law. But in all such eases the votes of both houses shell be determined by yeas and nays, and the names of the per- sous voting for and against the bill shall be entered on the journal of exch house respectively. If any bill shall not be returned by the governor ‘within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the samo shall be a law in like manner as ifhe had signed it, unless tho legislative assembly by their adjournment prevent its return, in which ceaso it shall not be a law. 4. And be it further enacted, That there sbell be appointed by the ‘President, by and with the adviee and consent of the Sennte, a secretary of said Disttiet, who shall reside therein and possess the qualification of fan elector, and’ shall hold his office for four years, and until his euceessor shall be appointed snd qualified; he shall record and preserve all laws fand proceedings of the legislative assembly hereinafter constituted, and fil the acts and proceedings of the governor in his executive department ; hre shall transmit one copy of the Jaws and journals of the legislative as- sembly within thirty days after the end of each session, and one copy of the exeegtive proceedings and official correspondence semiannually, on the frst days of Janoary and July in each yeor, to the President of the Tnived States, and four copies of the Jaws 10 the President of the Senate ‘aud to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, for the use of Con- gress and in case of the death, removal, resignation, disability, or ab- Senoe, of the zovernor fiom the District, the secretary slall be, and he is Hereby, authorized and required to execute and perform all the. powers ‘and duties of the govarnor during such vacancy, disability, or absence, or ‘until another governor shall be duly appointed and qualified to fill. such vacancy. And ia case the offices of governor and secretary shall both ocome vacant, the powers, duties, and emoluments of the lfice of gov ‘enor slull devolve upon the presiding ofieer of the council, and in case that olfice shall also be vacant, upon the presiding officer of dhe house of Aelegates, until the office shal! be filled by a new appointment. Suc. 5. And be it furthor enacted, ‘That legislative power and authority in acid District sball be vosted in & legislative assembly as hereinaiter provided. Tho assembly chall eonsist of a council and house of delegates. Tho council shall consist of eleven members, of whom two sball ber donts of the cliy of Georgetown, and two resitlents of the county outside of tho cities of Washington and Georgetown, who shall be appointed by tho President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, who shall have the qualification of voters as hereinafter prescribed, five of ‘whom shall be fitst appointed for the term of one year, and six for the period of two years, provided that all evbsequent appointments shall be for the term of two years. ‘The house of delegates ehall consist of twenty- toro members, possessing the same qualifications a= prescribed for the members of the council whose term of serviee shall continue one year. ‘An apportionment shall be made, as nearly equal as practicable, inlo leven districts for the appointment of the council, and into twenty-iro Aistviets for the election of delegates, giving to each seetion of the Dis- trict representation in the ratio of ils population as neatly as may be. Ani the members of the council and of the house of delegates hall re« ‘ide in and be inhabitants of the districts from which they are appointed or elected, respectively. For the purposes of the frst election to be held tunder this act, the governor and judges of the supreme court of the Dis- triet of Columbin shall designate. th districts for members of the house of delegates, appoint a board of registration and persons to superintend FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Ssss. UL Cum. 62. 1871. 421 the election and the retms thereof, presertbe the time, places, und man= | Blcions of ner of conducting such election, und make all needful rules and regula- delgrtes; tions for carrying into effect tho provisions of this act not, otherwise herein provided tor: Provdded, That the fiest election shall be held within when to be sixty days from the passage of this act, In the frst and all subsequent PES, elections the persons having the highest number of legal votes for the we hhouse of delegates, respectively, sliall be declared by the governor duly lected members of said house. In case two or more persons voted for New slectlon, shall have an equal number of votes for the same office, or if a vacancy Mf rote eineh Shall occur ia. the house of delegates, the governor shall order a now circy. Uleation, "And the persona thus appointed and elected to the legisitive Tine and assembly shall mect at such time and at such place within the District as placeofmeeting the governor shall appoint; but thereafter the time, place, and manner of, holding and conducting all elections by the people, and the formation of the districts for members of the council and house of delegates, thall be prescribed by lav, a3 well as the day of the commencement of the regular | Sesion motto Sessions of the legislative assembly + Provided, That no session in any one $x Pee ayy year shall exceed the term of sixty days, except tho first eession, whieh fae = Anny connay on banded ys ‘Seo. 6. And be it further enacted, Phat the legislative ascowbly shall | Part of dis, hhave power to divide that portion of the District not included in the Wee Yea corporate linits of Washington or Georgetown into townships, mot ghips. Cxeceiding three, and create township officers, and prescribe the duties qoyptip of thereof; but all township officers shall be elected by the people of the geste. me townships respectively. ‘Seo. 7. And be il further enacted, That all male ci States, above the aye of twenty-one years, who shall ave been actual rosidones of said Distriet for throo months prior to the passage of this el, except such as are mon compos mentis and persons convicted of infamous crimes, shall be entitled to vote at said election, in the election istrict or precinct in which ho shall then xeside, and shall have, so ecided for thirty days immediately preceding said election, and shall’ be ‘igible to any office within the said District, and for all subsequent Gleations twelve months’ prior residence shall be required to constitute, Right of at G volers but the legislative assembly shall have no right to abridge or {ais °°? limit the right of suffrage. ” Seo. 8. And be tt further enacted, That. no person who has been or | Certain pers hereafter shall be convicted of bribery, perjary, or other infarwous erime, fo, digest por any person who has been or may be a collector, or holder of public ship inte ae. Mmoveye who shall not have accounted for and paid over, upon final judg. fewtys or hed- nent duly recovered accotding to law, all such moneys due from him, ing othee. shall be eligible to the legislative assembly or to any office of profit or trast in. said District ‘Sec. 9. And bo it further enacted, That members of thi Tegislative Oth ef mar assembly, bofore they"enler upon their offial duties, shall take and {ihe uesotly Subscribe the following cath or affirmation: “I do solemoly swear (or ” G Sfirm) that Twill sopport the Constitution of the United States, and Will faithfully discharge the duties of the offlee upon which T am about Jo enter; and that I have not knowingly or intentionally paid or con- Gsibuted anythlng, or made any promise in the nature of a bribe, to Aireetly or indirectly influence any vote at the election at, which I was, thosen to fll the said office, and Jiave not aevepted, nor will T accept, or fecelvo, dizeetly or indirectly, any money or other valuable thing for any vow oF influence that T may give or sthhold on any bill, resolution: seappropriaton, or for any other official act” Any member who shall , Refseithe Seep ictiaice the oath herein preseribed shall forteit his office, and every Reg Oe Porson who shall be'convieted of having sworn fiscly to or of violating | Taboos ds hiis aid oath shall fo i sit his office and be disqualified thereafter feom to thanehty om holding any office of prot or trust in snid District, and shall be ng of the United | Veer thete quate, A to be peru 422, sora of ile ane a Niembers, utes. a et ae Bpulsion of| members, Panishmnent or contempt, Adjonrnment Yous end mays Dilla, where to ovignat oto on nal pasenge, ending of bil eta to ome ‘besen bat one subjects hen to take abet. Moray not 0 be deawn fromm Banary, axoept, “Appropeaton wie Appropriations, anetobe pro ‘vided ‘we when to ond Mo avbe by wie 5 bw foe be See 420. Peay p32 FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Snes. II, Cx, 62 1871. eomed guilty of perjury, and upon conviction shall be punished accord- ingly. "Sho. 10. And Be it further enacted, That a majority of the Tog assembly appointed of elected to each louse shall constitute a quorum. The house of delegates shall be the judge of the election returns and jqualiGcations of its. members. Each house shall determine the rales of Hs proceedings, and shall choose ite own ollleers. ‘The governor shall call the council to order at the opening of each new assembly ; and the Secretaty of tho Distriet shall call the house of delegates to order at the jslative assembly, and. hall preside over it until fa temporary presiding officer shall have been chosen and shall have taken his seat. No member shall be expelled by either house except by fa vote of two thirds of all the members appointed or elected to that house. Each house may punish by imprisonment any person not a member who shall be guilty of disrespect to the house by disorderly or contomptous behavior ta its presence ; bat no such imprisoument shall extend. beyond twenty-four hours at one timo. Neither house shall, without the consent of the other, adjourn for more than two days, or 10 Any other place than that in which soch house shall be siting. At the request of any member the yeas and nays shall be taken upon any ques~ tion and entered upon the journal ‘Sro. 11. And Be at further enacted, That bills ‘may originate in either house, but may be altered, ameoded, or rejected by the other and on tthe final passage of all bills the vote shall be by yeas and nays upon each bill separately, and shall be entered upon the journal, and’ no bill shall become a law without the concurrence of a majority of the members elected to each house. ‘Suc. 12, And be it further enacted, That every bill shall be read at large on three different days in each house, No act shall embrace more than one subject, and that shall be expressed in its tile ; but sf any sub- ject shall be embraced in an act which shall not be expressed in the fin, such act shall be void only us to so much thereof as sball not be so ‘oxpresed in tho title; and no act of the legislative ussembly shall take effcet until thirty days after its passage, unless, in case of emergency, (hich emergoney shall be expressed in the preamble or body of the act,) the legislative assombly shall by a vote of two thirds of all the members appointed or electod to each house otherwise direct. Sec. 18. And bo it further enacted, That no money shall be drawn from the treasury of the District, exeept in pursuance of an appropria- tion mado by law, and no bill. making appropriations for the pay or sal- aries of the officers of the District government shall contaia any pro- visiona on any other subject. Suc. 14. And be st further enacted, That each legislative assembly shall provide for all the appropriations netessary for the ordivary and contingent expenses of the government of the Distriet until the expire- tion of the first fiscal quarter after tho adjournment of the next regular session, tho aggregate amount of which shall not bo increased without a vote of two thirds of the membera elected or appointed to each house faa herein provided, nor exceed the amount of revenue authorized by nw to bo raised in auch time, and all appropriations, general or special, requiring money to be paid out of tho District, treasury, from funds belonging to the District, shall end with such fiscal quarters and no debi, by which the aggregate debt of the Distriet shall exceed five per cent. of the assessed. property of the District, shall be contracted, unless the iaw authorizing the same shall at a gencral election have been sub- mitted to the people and have received a majority of the votes east for members of the logislative assembly at such election. The legislative assembly shall provide for the publication of said law in at least two newspapers in the District for three months, at Teast, before the vote of FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS, Sess, IIL Cu. 62. 1871. 493 the people shall be taken on the same, and provision shall be made in the | People to vote act for the payment of the interest annually, as it shall acerue, by a tax fersin, and oa levied for the purpose, or from other sources of revenue, which law "*!**7* providing for the payment of such interest by such tax shall be irre pealable until auch debt be paid: Provided, That the law levying the tax shall ba submitted to the poople with tho law authorizing tho debt to be contracted. Sec. 15. And Ue it further enacted, That the legislative assembly shall | No exten ak never grant or authotize extra compensation, fee, or allowance to any Srasepe, foto public officor, agent, servant, or contractor, after sorvice bas been ren- ect dered or a contract made, nor authorize the payment of any elaim, or , Certain pay. part thereof, hereafter created against the District under any contract Inge” ‘oF agreement wade, without express authority of Jaw; and all such ‘unauthorized agreements or contracts shall be mull and void. Seo. 16. And be it further enacted, That the District shall never pay, — Credit ofthe ascume, of become résponsible for the debts or liabilities of, or in any Pisteet gosto be ‘manner give, loan, or extend its credit to or in aid of any public or other ““"" corporation, association, or individual, Sx0. 17,” And be il further enacted, That the legislative assembly shall _ Special ows not pass special laws in any of the following cases, that is to say: For pope pasted ranting divorces ; regulating the practice in Courts of justice ; regulating fod eases. the jurisdiction or duties of justices of the peace, police magistrates, or constables; providing for changes of venue in civil or eriminal cases, oF sweating and impaneling jurors; remitting fines, penalties, or forfeitures 5 the sale or mortgage of real estate belonging to minora or othors under disability ; changing the law of descent} increasing or decreasing the foes of public officers during the term for which said officers are elected ‘or appointed ; granting to any corporation, association, or individual, any special or exclasive privilege, immunity, or franchise whatsoever, ‘The legislative assembly shall have no posver fo release or extinguish, in whole | Asembiy to ‘or ia part, the indebtedness, ability, or obligation of any corporation or Rive no porsrto individual to the District or to any municipal corporation therein, nor rac shall tho legislative assembly have power to establish any bank of circu~ Tation, nor t0 authorize any company ot individual to issue notes for cir~ cclation as money or currency. Suc. 18. And be & further enacted, That the legislative power of the | Legislative District shall extend t0 all rightful subjects of legislation within said Dis- Pomel Di irict, eousisteat with the Constitation of the United States and the pro- what isions of this act, subject, nevertheless, to alt the restrjetions and limita- tions imposed upon States by the tenth section of the first article of the Constitution of the Unitod States; but all ais of the legislative assembly. nt shall at all times be subject to repeal or modification by the Congress of {ectiprepesl So. the United States, and nothing ‘herein shall ba eonstrued to deprive Con 7 cheese ‘gress of the power of legislation over said District in as ample manner as if this law had not been enacted. Suc. 19. And be it further enacted, Toat no member of the legislative penibers of - assembly shall hold oF be appointed ‘to any office, which shall have been fomy net te created or the salary or emoluments of which shall have been ineveased egos, while he was a member, dasing the term for which he was appointed or elected, and for one year after the expiration of euch term; aud no per Carta per- son holding any office of trust or profit under the government of the fmnot tars ‘United States shall be a member of the legislative assembly. Daly ‘Sac. 20. dnd be it further enacted, That the said legislative assembly — Linitso power hall not have power to pass any ex post facto lav, nor law impairing the ofsseembly- obligation of contracts, nor to tax the property of the United States, nor to tax the lands or other property of non-residents higher than the lands or other properly of residents; nor shall lands or other property in said district “be lisble to a higher tax, in any one year, for all general objects, territorial and municipal, than two dollars on 424 FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sxss. II, Ca. 62 1871. evory hundred dollars of the cash value thereofs but special taxes may Special taxes. L6 Jevied in particular sections, wards, oc distriets for their particular Borrowing local improvements; nor shall said territorial government have power to sainey FDS borrow money oF awue stock or hoods for any abject whatever, unless : specially authorized by an act of the legislative assembly; passed by a Note of two thitds of the entire umber of the members of each branch thereof, but said debt in no case to exceed five per ceutum of the assessed 00414, value of the property of said District, unless authorized by a vote of the Ans p- 22. people, as hereinafter [hereinbefore] provided, Cerin pope SEC. 21. And be 1 further enacted, Tast tho property of that portion extract ec'be of the District not ineladed in the corporations of Washington or George- erat Br ertkn town shall not be taxed for the purposes either of improving the etrvete alleys, public squates, or other publie property of the said eifies, or either Of them, nor for any other expenditure of a local nature, for the exeiusive benef. of said cities, or either of them, nor for the paytnent, of any debt hreretofore contracted, or that may hereafter be contracted by either of said cities while remaining under © movicipal government not coexten- sive with the District. Property in S20. 22. And be i further enacted, That the property within the cor~ Gosgeown tnd porate limite of Georgetown shall not be taxed for the payment of any Washington 208 Fhe heretofore or hereatter to be contracted by the corporation of Wi ferteinparpaset. ington, nor shall the property within the corporate limits of Washington be taxed for the payment of any debt heretofore or hereafter to be contracted by the corporation of Georgetown ; and so long as said cities chall re- roain under distinet municipal governments, the property within the eor- porate limits of either of enid cities shall not be taxed for the local bench Bf the othor ; nor shall eaid cities, or either of them, be taxed for the ex- Ronds and clasive benefit of the county outside of the limits thereof: Provided, That bridges. ‘the legislative assombly may make appropriations for the repair of roads, of for the construction or repair of bridges outside the limits of suid cities. _fehoosant "Src. 28. And bo it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of sid school moneys. Jogislative assembly to maintain a system of free schocls for tho cduea- tion of the youth of said District, and all moneys raised by general taxa- 4tion ot atising from donationa by Congress, or from other sources, except by bequest oF devise, for school purposes, shall be appropriated for the equal benefit of all the youths of said District between certain ages, to be defined by law. Sostieos of tie Suc. 24. And be it further enacted, That the said legislative assembly Fowe ang mt shall have power to provide for the appointment of as many justices of tho pence and notavigs public for said District as may be deemed neces ijatgtion sary, to define their jorsdiction and preseribe their duties; but Justices of end G28. the peace shall not havo jurisdiction of any controversy in which the title of land may be in disptte, or in which the debt or swn claimed shall glitz 07 8 exceed one hundred dollars: Provided, however, That all justices of the gfize to-con- Reaen and notaries publie now in commission shall eontinue in office till thoi, present eomisins explze, unless sooner removed pursvant to existing Laws SJuateint courts Sec. 25. And be it further enacted, That the judicial courts of said toremain, & "District shall romain’ as now organized votil ‘abolished or changed _fgtion ster by act of Congress ; but such legislative assembly shall have. power to Ghastuotilen nasa laws modifying tho practieo thereof, and conferring such additional Jurisdiction av may be necessary to the due execution and enforcement of the laws of said District pede et Sno, 26, And be tt further enacted, That there. shall be appointed b torment, tke Prosident of the United States, by and with the advice and consent peremnaT an of the Sentte a hoard of health for anid District, to consist of five per sons, whose duty it shall be to declare what sbiall be deemed nuisunecs injurious to health, and to provide for the removal thereof; to make and FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS, Sess. III, Cx. 62, 1871. enforce regulations to prevent domestic animals from running at large in the cities of Washington and Georgetown ; to prevent the sale of uo wholesome food in said cities; and to porform such other duties as. shall bbe imposed upon said board by the legislative assembly. Suc, 27. And be il further enacted, That the offices and duties of reg- ister of wills, recorder of deeds, United States attorney, and Unitod States marshal for sail District shall remain as under existing laws till modified by act of Congress; but said legislative ascembly shall have power to impose such additional duties upon suid officers, respectively, as may be necessary to the due enforcement of the laws of said District. Suc. 28 And be t further enacted, That the said legislative assembly shall have power to create by general law, modify, repeal, or amend, within said District, eorporations aggregate for religious, charitable, edue cational, industrial, or commercial purposes, and to defiue their powers Provided, That the powers’ of corporations 50 Created to the District of Columbia, Sec. 29. And be i further enacted, That the legislative assembly shall define by law who shall be entitled (o relie? as paupers in said Dice trict, and shall provide by law for the support and maintonanee of such Panpers, and for that purpose shall raise the money necessary by taxa- tion. Sec. 80. And be it further enacted, That the legislative assembly shall have power to provilé by law for the election of appointment of such ministerial officers as may be deomed necessary to earry into effect the Jaws of said District, to prescribe their duties, their terms of office, and the rate and manner of theie compensation. Seo. 81, And be it further enacted, That the governor, secretary, and other officers to be appointed pursuant to this act, sal, before they act 43 such, respectively, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation before a Judge of the supreine court of the District of Columbia, or some justice Of the peace in the limits of said District, duly authorized to administer oaths or affirmations by the laws now ia force therein, or before the Chief Justice or some associate justice of the Supreme Cours of the Unit- ed States, to support the Constizntion of the United States, and faithfully to discharge the duties of their respective offices ; which sald oathe, when so taken, shall be certified by the person before whom the same shall have ‘been taken; and such certificates shall be received and recorded by tho said seeretary among the exeeutive proceedings ; and all civil officers. in said District, before they act as suel, shall iake and subgeribe a like oath ‘ affirmation before the said governor or sceretary, or some judge or jus- tice of the peace of the District, who may be duly commissioned and qualified, or before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, whiel said oath or affirmation shall be certified and (ransonitted by the person administering the same to the secretary, to be by him recorded as aforesaid; and afterirard the like oath or affirmation shall be taken and subserited, certified and reeorded in such manner and form ae may he preseribed by law. So. 32. And be it further enacted, That the governor shall receive an annual salary of three thousand dollars ; and the seeretary shall receive nn annaal salary of two thomand dollars, and that the said salaries shall be paid quarter-yearly, from the dates of the respective appointments, at the treasury of die United States; but no payment shall be made until said offers shall have entered upon the duties of their respective. appoint ments, The members of the legislative assembly shall be entitled to receive four dollars each per day during their actual attendance st tho session thereof, and an additional allowance of four dollars per day shall bo paid to the presiding officer of each house for euch day ho shall 60 prosido. And a ehief clerk, one assistant clerk, one engrossing and one ‘enrolling cleris, and @ sergeanteat-arms may be ehosen for cach hou: 425 Board of heult, Reuister of veils recordar of tees “Morey and Corporations; Timited to the District. Penpers. Ministerial of Governor, se retary, &. to {ales 08th or Armation. Oaths tbe cortited, &. Slaves of governor tod Seretary, Pay of mom bersePaseernbin, Clerks and sergennteae 426 FORPY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sus. IT. Cn. 62. 1871. and the chief clerk shall receive four dollars per day, and the said other officers three dollars per day, during the session of the legislative assem- Sonions of bly: Provided, That there shall bo but oue session of the legislative ego —gaorbly anndally, unlon, on ux extraordinary, occasion, the governor shall think proper to eall the legislative assembly together. And the governor and secretary of the District shall, in the disbursement of all Thoneys appropriated hy Congress and intrusted to thom, bo govorned solely by the instructions of the Secretary of the Teensury of the United States, and sball semiannually account to the eaid Secretary for the man nor in which the aforesaid moneys shall have been expended; and no expenditure shall be made by the said legislative assembly off funds ap- propristod by Congress, for objecta not especially authorized by acts of Congress making the eppropriations, nor beyond the sums thus appro. prlaied for such objects. Fintoscsionct | Szo. 33. dnd be it further enacted, That the legislative assembly of legalntive ai "the District of Columbia shall hold ita first session at such time wud place % in said Distriet as the governor thereof shall appoint and dircet. Deleteto Sec. 54. And le it further enacted, That a delegate wo the House of {Be House of ae, Representatives of the United States, to serve for the term of two years; ‘who shall be a citizen of the United States and of she Distriet. of Colum- bia, and shall have the qualifications of u voter, may be elected by the voters qualified to elect members of the legislative assembly, who shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as are exereiscd and enjoyed by the delegates from the several Territories of the United States t0 the House of Itepresentatives, and shall also be n member of the committee for the District of Columbia; but tho delezate first cleoted shall hold his seat only during the term of the Congress to which he shall bo clected. "The first election shall be held at the time and places and be conducved in such wanner as the elections for members of the House of Represen- tatives are conducted ; and at all aubsequent elections the vime aud places and the manner of holding the electiong shall be prescribed by Piueeity to Jaw. ‘The person having the greatest number of legal votes shall be de- leat: clared by the governor to bo duly elected, and a certificate thereof shall enginsttution be given uecordingly ; and the Constitution and all the laws of the Unite pment od States, which are not locally inapplieuble, shall bave the same force Hebe and efter within se anid District of Columbia as elsewbere wishin the United States. cbisharing of Soi 85. And bo it further enacted, That all officers to be appointed Mit afroved by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and con- Hy Setiary of sent of the Seaate for the District of Columbia, who, by vietue of the anry: provisions of any law now existing, or which may be enacted by Coo- gress, are required to give secarity for moneys that may be intrusted «0 them for disbursement, shall give such security at such time and in suet, manner as the Seerelary of the Treasury may prescribe, Vatetion of Sic. 36. And be it further enacted, That there shall be a valuation Pope genter'in taken in the District of Columbia of all real estate belonging to the Unit- the Dististexe” ed States in said Disiiet, exeept the public buildings, and the grounds sp, G2: 2085, hich have been dodieated to the public use as parks and squares, ut Bare and fete Heust once in five years, and return thereof shall be made by the governor inet made. to the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Represent atives on the first day of the session of Congress held after such valuation shall be taken, and the aggregate of the valuation of private property in ., said District, whonerer mice by the authority of the legislative assembly, peVilaation 9. shall by reporied to Congress by the governor : Provided, ‘That all valoa- bymade by tions of property belonging to the United States sball be made by such ‘persons as the Secretary of the Interior shall appoint, aud under such regulations as he shall prezeribe. abana gf ube Sie. 37. And de it further enated, ‘That there shall be in the District of Columbia a board’ of public works, 10 eousist of the governor, who FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sxss. IT. Cx. 62. 1871. shall be president of anid board ; four persons, to be appointed by the President of the United States, by and with ke advice ed consent of the Senate, one of whom shall be & civil engineer, and the others citizens and residents of the District having the qualifications of an elector therein ove of said board shall be a eitizen and resident of Georgetown, ‘and one of said board shall he @ citizen and resident of the county ont side of the cities of Washington and Georgetown. ‘They shall hold office for the teria of four years, unless sooner removed by the President of the ‘United States. The boatd of public works shall have entire control of and make all regulations which they shall deem necessary for keeping in repair the streets, avenues, alleys, and sewers of the city, and all other syorks which may be intrasted to their charge by the legislative nasembly. ‘or Congress. They shall disburse upon their warrant all moneys appro- priated by the United States, or the District of Columbia, or collected Jom property-holders, in pursuance of law, for the improvement of streets, avenues, alleys, and sewers, and roads and bridges, and shall assess in such) manner as shall bo presoribed by law, upon the property adjoining and to be specially benefited by the improvements, authorized by law and made by them, a reasonable proportion of the cost of the im- provement, not exceeding one third of euch cost, which cum hall be collected a8 all other taxes are collected. They shall wake all necessary regulations respecting the eonstraction of private buildings in the District ‘of Columbia, subject to the supervision of the legislative assembly. All contracts made by the said board of public works shall be in writing, and shall be signed by the parties making the sama, and a copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the seeretary of the Districts and ssid board of public works shall have no power co make contracts to bind said District to the payment of any sums of money except in pursuance of approprine tions made by Jaw, and not until such appropriations shall have be made, All contracts made by said board in which any member of said board shall be personally interested shall be void, and no payment. shall bbe made thereon by said District or any officers thereof. On or before the first Monday in November of exch year, they shall submit to each branch of the legislative assembly a report of their transactions during the preceding year, and also furnish duplicates of the same to the gov- ‘ernor, to be by him laid before the President of the United States for transmission to the tro houses of Congress; and shall be paid the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars each annually. S20. 98, Aud be tt further enacted, That the officers herein provided for, who shail be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall be paid by the United States by appropria- tions to he made by Iaw as hereinbefore provided; and all other ciicers of said Distriet provided for by thix act shall be paid by the District : ‘Provided, That no calury shall be paid to the governor as a member of the board of public works in addition to his salary as governor, nor shall any officer of the army appointed upon the board of public works receive avy increase of pay for such serviee. ‘Bec. $9. And be it further enacted, That. if, at any election hereafter held in the Distriet of Colombia, any person shall knowingly personate and vote, or attempt to vote, in the name of any other person, whether Iiving, dead, or fictitious, or vote more than onee at the eame election for any candidate for the same office, or vole ata place where he may not be enliiled to vote, or vote without having a lawful right to vote, or do any unlawful act to seeure a right or opportunity to vote for himself or any other person, or hy force, threats, menace, or intimidation, bribery, reward, or offer, or promise thereof, or otherwise unlawfully prevent any qualified voter of the District of Columbia from fieely exercising the right of suffrage, or by any such means Induce any voter to refuse to exercise such right, or compel or indues, by wuy such menus or otherwise, any 407 Bonzd of public workagf wihos s Volrzvi pete term of ofoes powers and ito. ‘Strote and Dibarsement of moneys. Ratterments, Private bulld- Togs Contrsots. Limit o power tocoatmnc Anna zaport Pay, Oftewe folnted ty 0 Bresint to be ald by tbe Unt- Ed seater Ober ofc. Proviso. Penalty for legal vlog tad Jigga enfuct rr dvotom. 428 FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Ssss. IIT Cu, 62. 1871. Penalty fri officer of any election in said District to receive 2 vote froin a person not legal poting and Jegally qualified or entitled to vote; or interfere in any manner with any Siege conduct Sficer of said elections in the discharge of his duties; or by any unlawful "means induce any officer of an election, or officer whose duty it is to as- certain, announce, or declare the revalt of any such election, or give oF oake any certificate, document, o evidence in relation thereto, to violate ‘or refuse to eomply with his duty, or any law regulating the same ; or {nowingly and wilfully receive the vote of any petton not entitled to vote, of refuse to receive the vote of any person entilled to votes or aid, counsel, procure, or advise any sch voter, person, or officer to do any fet hereby made a erime, or to omit to do any duty the omission of which is hereby made-a crime, or attempt to do £0, every such person shall be deemed guilty of a crime, and shall for auch erine be lisble to proseew tion in any court of the United States of competent jurisdiction, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred ollars, or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding threé years, or both, in the discretion of the court, aud chall pay the evsts of prosecution. Ghusier ot Sto. 40, And be it further enacted, That the chasters of the cities of Washington 2 Washingzon and Georgetown shall be repealed on and after tho fimt pact on day of June, A.D. eighteen bundyed and seventy-ono, and all offices of wwe 1.28/1,and said corporations abolished at that date; the levy court of the District ‘oftess abolished. of Columbia and all offiees connected therewith shall be abolished on and TAG Sider after said first day of June, A. D, eighteen hundred and seventy-ones but duenaseno6In al laws ant ordiaances of ‘said cities, respectively, and of said levy eonrt, force unt “ot inconsistent with this aet, shall remain in full force until soodified fr repealed by Congress ot the legislative assembly of eaid District ; that Wachington. portion of said Distvict included within the present limits of the city of Washington shall continue to be known as tho eity of Washington ¢ and Georgetown tat portion of said District: included within the limits of the eity of Georgetown shall eontinne to be known as the city of Georgetown ; and Sreclal tax the legislative assembly shall have power to levy a special tax ‘upon proporty, except tho property of the government of the United Srates, Wwithin the city of Wachington for the payment of the debts of said city 5 and upon property, exeept the property of the government of the United States, within the limits of the city of Georgetown for the payment of the debts of said city : and upon property, except the property of the gore crument of the United:States, within said District not included within the Tienits of either of said cities to pay any debts owing by that portion of sad peitate eat District: Prootded, ‘That the ‘charter of said cities severally, and tho GPU cae ovrers of said levy court, shall be continued for the following purposes, to talnporpaues, wit: For the collection of all sums of money due to aaid cities, respec- tively, or to said levy courts for the enforcement of all contracts made by said cities, respectively, or by said levy court, and all taxes, heretofore assessed, remaining unpaid ; for the collection’ of all just claims against taid citice, respectively, or against eaid levy court: for the enforcement of all legal contracts against said cities, respectively, or against. said levy ‘court, until tho affairs of said cities, respectively, and of waid levy court, Pending tts. hall have been fully closed; snd no suit in favor of or against said cor- porations, or cither of them, shall abate by reason of the passage of this fact, but the same shall be prosecuted to final judgment as if this aet had rot been passed Nooltio ft $u0, 41. And le it further enacted, That thero shall be no election Beas See of holden for mayor or inembers of the common eouncil of the city of orto Juve 3, Georgetown prior to the first day of Juno, eighteen hiandred and soventy- er. ene, but the present mayor and common cotneil of said city shall hold Notaxos tn be their offiees until said frst day of Jone next. No taxea for goneral Mleipalatduerr” Pazposes shall hereafter be assessed by the municipal authorities of the be cities of Washington or Georgetown, or by said levy court. And upon the repeal of tho ehariors of the cities of Washington and Georgotown, FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sus: TIL Ca. 62, 63, 64, 65. 1871. 429 the District of Columbia be, and is hereby, declared to be the successor ,, Distristof Co of said corporations, and all the property of said corporations, and of mis to be the the county of Washington, shall become vested in the said Distriet of tis ot West Columbia, and all fines, penalties, costa, and forfeitures, which are now ingen end, by law made payable to said cities, respectively, or said levy court, shall “Pines and bbe paid to eaid District of Columbia, and the salaries of the judge and cos clerk of the police court, the compensation of thg deputy clerk and bailiffs Gf sail palice court, and of the marshall ofthe Distict of Columbia shal be paid by said District: Provided, That the moneys eollected upon the | Salaries of judgements of said polige eourt, or co much thereof as may be necessary, Juige sud other Shall be applied to the payment of the salaries of the judge and other stat % PoHe® ollicers of said court, and to the payment of the necessary exponses thereof, and any surplas remaining after paying the salaries; comp Surplus tobe tion, and expenses aforesuid, shall be patd into the treasury of the District prkt into be at tho end of every quarter. freasry. Apreoven, February 21, 1871. CHAP. LIU — An det to change the Tine ji holding the datriet and civuit Curtsof Be {is Ui Seo Be, Pola st Garseh Fes Beit enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Ameriea in Congress assembled, That from and after this date the | TyrmsotUait- July terms of the district and circnit courts of the United States in and ed States courts for the western district of Pennaylvania, at Erio, shall be commenced * E+ F& and held on and after the third Monday of July in each years and the Tunuary terms of said court at the same place shall be commenced and held at Erie, Penosylvania, on and after the second Monday in January of each year. Avrroven, Febroary 21, 1871. CHAP. LRIV.— aa Ae t provide for he Apportionment of he Menkes of elem Fo. 35, 87h ie Bedi df he ray Coa ie ae Ee Boit enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ‘Slates of America iv. Oonress assombled, ‘Phat i shall bo the duty of the | Argortooment governor, ebiet fastie, and Uniced States alioroey forthe Terstory of Col omenter of Srado, on or belove tho fest day of June next, to make an apportionment sreeebiy of Col- Gf the members of the counell and house of representatives of the sald odo. Territory, among the several districts, for the eloetion of members of the coancil and house of representatives, giving to each section of the ‘Teeritory reprosentation in ratio of {ls poptlation, as near as may be, as, Ratio of po aseurtaived by the eonsus taken by authority of the United Sintes’in the yeat eigb(een hundred and seventy. ‘See. 2. And be it further enacted, That it sball be the duty of suid _ ofc coti governor, ekief justice, and United States altorney 10 make an official stot s7P=" Sertifleate showing the'nuimber of members of the council and house of Sepresentatives the several districts of «aid Terstory are entitled [0] as apportioned under the provisions of thie act, and file said certieate in the office of the secretary of sald Tereltory, om or before the ret day of Taly next, and sald apportionment so made shall be held tp be the proper and legal apportionment for the members of ‘the next legislative Rsembly of the Territory of Colorado. "ArrioveD, February 21, 1871. CHAP. LXV. — An At repeat an dot ofthe Leisaie of Wying Taritry op. Fe 9, 107. eo id Troy for Mans fs Coed ond Fa of Veprtenttoes fhe oe Fovnrdl Lesa Ba it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Sits of moron in Congr aac, hal the ato the espe ature of the Tersitory of Wyoming, entitled “An act apportioning giyysuing Ter