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These are the parts to the Men's and Women's Deluxe Steps 1 and 5B and 5C. When making the Women’s Billfold Kit. When making the Men’s Deluxe Billfold, Deluxe Billfold, port F is not included, parts A and G ore not included in the kit, thus disregard eeeetore CSC SEE COSTE LED E LEE OoereEEE EE LE LE EE ED Coe ere e Location of post on bottom of small bar snap . Cut one from 4-5 oz veg tanned leather Ladies wallet back ° ° ° ° . ° Coe cece cer se ser eecerecccccccecocccce Cece ececcorecsccccsceccccccccccccce Ladies wallet liner Ahh hd ee ee ee ee ° ° ° e . « Peco srecveceser cet ¢ Attach Post portion of bar snap here Ladies wallet Secret liner #1 round punch for pieture windows insert Cut one from ie *, 1-2 ox calfskin Ladies wallet Picture windows unit Cut one from 1-2 07 calfskin Attach bar snap in recess Peace teeceee Pee e eee aes ace sasareassee Cut one from 1-2 oz calfskin Ladies wallet #00 round punch Secret liner top