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Vibrating Systems
Physical systems that vibrate will do so at one or more unique frequencies. In this
chapter you will learn about simple harmonic motion, vibrating systems, complex
vibrating systems, and you will be introduced to vibration in musical instruments.

To successfully complete this chapter you should...

Read chapter 2 in your text book (pages 19 - 32).
Carefully study the important concepts.
Be able to determine the frequency of vibration for simple harmonic motion
of different systems.
Be able to describe the motion of complex vibrating systems as harmonic or

Important Concepts

Simple harmonic motion
Mass-spring system
Spring of air
Helmholtz resonator
Multiple mass systems
Degrees of freedom
Vibrational modes
Vibrating bodies
Vibrating strings
Vibrating membrane
Vibrating bar
Vibrating plate
Air-filled pipe
Complex vibration


Mass-String (SWF)
Mass-Spring (SWF)
Pendulum (SWF)