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Allison Cummings

Illinois State University Student Teaching

874 Tallgrass Dr.
Bartlett, IL 60103
(630) 453-0624

Teacher Education Major

Endorsement Areas

Art Education

Special K-12 Art

Student Teaching Semester

Fall 2015

Clinical Experiences

Thomas Metcalf School: observed the art teacher and assisted students during the artmaking process.
University High School: observed and assisted CT, developed and taught a lesson, attended
extracurricular events.
Farragut High School: observed multiple teachers and drew observations about classroom
management and use of literacy strategies, presented images of personal studio work and
spoke about art-making processes.
Simeon Career Academy: observed two art teachers classroom management methods,
interacted with students.
Chiddix Junior High School: observed classroom management strategies from teachers of
various subjects, provided activities for art club.
Normal Community High School: observed, interviewed, and assisted CT; conducted a
survey to determine the needs of students, interacted with students, developed an art
lesson which incorporated literacy and technology, taught lesson.
Normal Community West High School: observed classroom management strategies from a
variety of teachers.
Ridgeview High School: observed CT, interacted with students, developed and taught a
digital photography lesson.
Illinois State Universitys Saturday Art Class: wrote and taught five different lesson plans,
prepared classroom environments, displayed student work, guided students through artmaking activities, wrote parent letters.
Zapata elementary school: wrote and taught a lesson to three different art classes.
Henry elementary school: observed art teachers classroom management methods,
interacted with students.

Background Information
President of Illinois State Universitys
Student Chapter for the National Art
Education Association (August 2014-May
Attending the NAEA National Conference
Coordinated LeRoy Fine Arts Festival and
taught a lesson for the event
Attended the IAEA State Conference
Artwork exhibited in ISUs Student
Annual (April)

Developed and taught a lesson at LeRoy

Fine Arts Festival (February)

Member of NAEA, IAEA, and the ISU
NAEA student chapter
Volunteered for College Mentors for Kids
art activity (October)
Volunteered for the University Galleries
education program at Normal
Community West High School

State winner of Young American Patriotic
Art contest (April 2010 and 2011)

Snowboard instructor at Villa Olivia
(winter of 2009 and 2010)

Educational Philosophy
My goal as an educator is to engage my students and encourage them to be confident and excited
about making art. To keep students engaged in discussions, art activities, and higher-level thinking,
it is important that my course material is relevant to my students lives. It is also important that I
include other subjects in my classroom. It is my job to ensure that my students are literate in art,
but I am also responsible for my students literacy in other subjects. I strive to demonstrate to my
students that no one subject is isolated in school.

Related Skills/Specializations

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Painting double major

Experience with Microsoft Office

programs such as Word, Excel, and

Wayne Beckner, MFA.
(309 310-1986)

Dr. Ed Stewart, B.F.A., MA, Ph.

D (309 826-8953)

Dr. Judith Briggs, BA, MFA, Ph.

D (309 438-7352)