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Human Rights

in Australia
NGOs and the media

Non Government Organisations

There are numerous NGOs working in the human

rights area.
These organisations will play an important role in
researching & reporting on human rights issues,
making submissions to state & Cth. Parliaments &
law reform bodies.
Aust NGOs are important in protecting individuals
rights, shaping public opinion & exposing
violations of human rights.

Incorporation of Human Rights

into Domestic Law

Non Government Organisations

Vital role in researching and reporting on
human rights issues
Making submissions to State and Federal
Parliament/law reform bodies
Shaping public and political opinion
Exposing human rights violations by
governments and individuals (shaming)
Working with victims


As we know, NGOs work independently of the

government to promote human rights. NGOs play
an important role in researching and reporting
human rights issues. They also work closely with
state and federal governments in developing
In Australia, NGOs are important in the following:
protecting individual rights
Shaping public and political opinion
Exposing violations of human rights by
governments and individuals.

NGOs in Australia

Oxfam Australia
Indigenous Human Rights Network Australia (IHRNA)
Australian Council on the Ageing
Australian Multicultural Foundation
Australian Red Cross
Beyond Bullying - research and management of bully
ing behaviours
National Committee on Human Rights Education (Aust
NSW Council for Civil Liberties
Oxfam: Community Aid Abroad
Refugee Council of Australia


Indispensable role in naming and shaming

Exposes human rights abuses and helping to bring
about change
Significant influence on public opinion and in turn
government action
Art 19 of the UNDHR is not enshrined in Australian law
and in turn we have no recognised right for the media
to disseminate info or for the public to receive it.
Freedom of political communication is recognised but
no general right to free speech
Australia ranked one of the top countries for media
freedom with ABC and SBS as independent media
sources playing an important role in investigating and
reporting on human rights from a regional and
worldwide basis

The Media

Plays an important role in the naming & shamimg

human rights violators by exposing instances of human
rights abuse & helping to bring about change. It has a
significant influence on public opinion & gov. action.
The rights of Aust. Reporters to disseminate
information & the right of the public to receive
information are not enshrined in law. The freedom of
political communication is protected by the
constitution, but in Aust there is not yet any general
right to freedom of speech. Nevertheless, Aust is
ranked one of the top countries in the world for media

The media works to promote human rights
issues in Australia.
You must remember that the media has no
legal power and therefore cannot enforce
human rights in any way.
Whilst the media is effective in the
promotion of human rights, it must be noted
that the media is not always: